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Создан: 04.04.2016
Написано: 8

Agario | Agario Play | Agario Private Server | Agario Server 2016


Понедельник, 06 Июня 2016 г. 19:32 + в цитатник

Agario is the latest trend; do you want to play and follow this trend? You can play this game via Agario private server here! This game looks simple but it is not actually. Control your mass by using mouse cursor and try to eat other blobs and non-moving things. Other blobs must be smaller than your blob to eat; otherwise you will be the bait. This server is the best and fastest! You will not face with any freezing problems. Just enter a username and start playing. Some users prefer using skins for their blob. You will see the Select Skin on the play button. If you want to have skin click here; all skins will be listed! Choose the one you like. You have so many options here in this Agario private server! You can open or close Chat box. Users use chat box for their teams mostly. You can join a theme by using chat box. Team mode is good; you can help other people in your team and feed each other against other blobs. You will not understand how time passes while you are playing this game. This game is really addictive, you can start playing this game here! Agario play


Agario Pvp Самые популярные Advanced Server - Agario Pvp Most Popular Advanced Server


Суббота, 09 Апреля 2016 г. 12:36 + в цитатник
Agario Clan agario most advanced servers are built for PvP play. The biggest Agario PvP game servers are providing private server service in different modes. Most popular Agario private server Agario Клан agario самые современные серверы построены для PvP игры. Самые большие игровые серверы Agario PvP предоставляют частные службы сервера в различных режимах. Самые популярныечастные сервера Agario Agario (700x280, 104Kb)


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