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Создан: 17.10.2009
Написано: 7

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loneliness love любовь
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Среда, 25 Ноября 2009 г. 21:55 + в цитатник
You know, sometimes, when I’m solitude at all, I can make great miracles…
I thank you for my achievements, for my high-water marks, for my loneliness...
You made me more inaccessible, more perfect and more rational that I was before…So, thank you…
I try to do everything you went clean out of my mind…but between whiles, it seems to me, my head can’t to stand it any longer. And slowly I forget it and remind “Don’t let me go…” And all it begins over and over again..
So it hurts me, I break down and despair…
Your page was deleted by my hand now and again in hope to forget you…

He pays no attention, you are no sense for him - this is not only one truth that you don’t want to take… And you really begin to understand that someday, somehow everything will be all right…Yes, everything will be all right but when???

“Let’s dress the same T-shirts, let’s drink from the funny cups”,-you want he whispers these words on your ear, you want to realize it in your life, but can’t because now it is desperately dream, only dream…
I’m in the pink of condition! Really! I’m stronger than you can ever imagine! I will forget you … Yes, he is my vain dream, my castle in the air, the donkey's carrot…. He… is love & his reverse smile in the end… (: (it reminds me him too)
He films the clouds…

What I’ve done? In short – ily…


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