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wirineya: The Stream (зачитано мною по-английски)


Воскресенье, 25 Апреля 2010 г. 09:14 + в цитатник
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 (347x346, 114Kb)
Красивый рассказ-притча от ПЧ wirineya. Решил попробовать себя в английском.


The spring

Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman. They lived in a small house near the forest. The man and the woman were very old. Their lives were going to the end and nothing made them happy anymore. The old man got tired of his life and one gray morning he woke up early, put a piece of bread into his pocket , glanced at his wife at the last time and left his house forever.
It was hard for him to walk and walk and walk the long way. His legs got tired and trembled at the knees, every step brought him pain, but the old man walked slowly farther and farther from his home.
He made a decision for himself. He decided to go far to the forest and quietly die there in the darkness of the tree’s shadow. The old man didn’t want to bring any problems to his old wife. Least of all he wanted her to cry over his body. He still loved her.
It was hot in the forest. The sun was high in the sky. The old man sat under a big oak tree and had been about to eat the piece of bread he took from his home, but… He looked at the bread and thought that if he was ready to die, there was no reason for him to eat it. The man was sitting on the grass, crumbling the bread for the birds and recalling all his life. He thought he had had a happy life when he was young. He had been a forceful and handsome man. He had loved to work and could work all day long. His arms had been powerful and all the girls around had been crazy about him. The smile blossomed on his face: he had been loved by the most beautiful girl ever, and later on she had become his wife. They had loved each other. Deep in thoughts, the old man didn’t notice how he fell asleep.
By the time, the old man woke up. The sun was getting down and the old man had realized in surprise that he was still alive. He was alive and thirsty. Probably, he was thirsty more than alive. The old man got up from the grass and went to the forest, looking for a brook. Between three roots and the rocks he found the spring with fresh and cool water. Water in the spring was almost still and when the old man knelled over it, he saw an old man was looking at him from the water. His hair was gray and messy and the marks of his long life were on his face.
The old man took a handful of water and drank some of it. Water was cold and delicious. The old man took another handful and started to drink. At the moment when the surface of water became still from the water drops, the old man noticed that his reflection had changed. He grabbed the third handful of water and got felt that all his body started to change. His stoop shoulders became straight, the fire ran into his veins and brought force to his muscles, and his gray hair started to become dark.
The man was stunned. He looked at his hands and could not believe it. He touched his face and started laughing, full of happiness.
The man ran fast. He ran through the forest. He enjoyed the speed and force and thought “I’m running my dear, I’m going back!” He rushed home. He wanted to see his wife as soon as possible.
The man took a deep breath and opened the door. The old woman looked at him. Sadness was on her face. She was so close and her eyes were watery. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” asked the old woman. The man looked so familiar, but he was so young. “It’s me, baby,” said the man. “Me. I know, I look … kind of different now.” The woman looked at the man and could not believe her eyes. He smiled. Little sparks were inside his eyes. “My dear,” said the man, “look at me. It’s me, your husband. I’ve found a magic spring in the forest. It’s not so far from here, by the big oak tree. I’ve just got some water and… you see what has happened.” The old woman smiled back at her husband. She didn’t say a word, took her cane and went to the forest.
The man had been waiting and waiting and waiting for her until the night came. Then he lit a big lamp and went to the forest to meet his wife. The man ran through the night all the way, back to the big oak tree. He needed to find his wife. Suddenly, he heard crying somewhere ahead, and he went there.
A little girl was standing near the spring and crying loudly. She was so scared to be alone in the dark forest. The man hugged the girl, kissed wet cheek, and whispered “Oh, woman… you wanted to be younger. I guess you had drank too much water.”
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