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maybe it is love?


Среда, 14 Сентября 2011 г. 21:49 + в цитатник
Настроение сейчас - влюбленно-тоскливое

[19:50:12] N: :*

[19:50:41] P: ciao

[19:50:59] N: hello..

[19:51:41] P: how are you?

[19:52:37] N: I'm fine! and you? tomorrow you going?

[19:54:10] N: How's your day, dear?

[19:54:34] P: I found a plane on Monday, later I'll get a ticket, reluctantly

[19:55:27] P: full of indecision,  yours?

[19:55:29] N: Why reluctant?

[19:56:24] N: I did not understand the question ...

[19:56:44] P: This is my land, I've already lost you, and even my land, too

[19:57:13] P: and your day how is?

[19:58:08] N: I thought you chose to go to Germany, no?

[19:59:43] P: to have a future, here is little work

[19:59:45] N: I worked, tired, mindless evening ..:)

[20:00:25] N: You've got a job at a pizzeria

[20:02:05] P: but here it is difficult, I am not well paid

[20:02:50] N: I can understand you..

[20:04:24] N: have you seen J.?

[20:06:06] P: arrive Saturday

[20:07:19] P: but it is not to be so thrilled, I am the basis only of a friend doing a favor

[20:07:45] N: so I do not understand you correctly, I thought she was leaving 17

[20:08:03] N: :*

[20:08:34] N: I am very pleased, true!

[20:09:46] N: you went swimming to the sea?

[20:11:04] P: Saturday arrived, and they stay here for 10 days

[20:11:14] P: maybe tomorrow

[20:11:56] P: I am many things correctly filling before departure

[20:12:44] N: oh! yes, it is necessary

[20:24:37] P: I was trying to translate that beautiful sentence you wrote on your profile, I can not

[20:24:47] N: it seems we are confused

[20:25:04] P: yes

[20:26:20] P: go missing, unfortunately a few words, translations and therefore we do not understand anything

[20:27:55] N: I tried to write what I feel

[20:28:39] N: in profile

[20:29:43] P: who has been given, if you can tell

[20:31:01] N: I do not understand, dear

[20:31:52] P: to those who have dedicated, that phrase

[20:32:18] N: you:)

[20:32:51] P: really

[20:32:57] P: ?

[20:33:18] N: yes

[20:34:45] P: the next time we meet, stay with me, will not let you go away

[20:36:32] N: ok

[20:37:13] P: are you serious?

[20:38:36] N: If I come, maybe I'll be ready for this .. I think so

[20:39:23] P: maybe over time, change your feelings for me

[20:41:31] N: you'll still in my heart, and I think my life is not exposed to changes in this drab day in which little happens

[20:42:00] P: I am truly honored to have known you, I've never been wrong about the person that you are exceptional, and you give me every day, the confirmation

[20:43:40] N: :*I embrace you, babe

[20:44:27] P: There will also be the sunny day in your city?

[20:45:30] N: :)) Now begins the autumn, and sunny days will be very little, then winter is long and cold

[20:45:50] P: maybe meet a good man from your areas, and you forget me

[20:47:25] N: do not pay attention, I'm probably not now in a better mood, a little depressed because I miss you, and on warm days, and holiday

[20:48:05] N: I do not know, darling, you too can forget me, will see..

[20:49:12] N: this is a good man would love me less than you

[20:50:09] N: not less

[20:51:19] N: :) love you, dear, not paying attention to my nonsense

[20:54:10] P: you said it to me, at last

[20:55:58] P: repeat it

[20:57:51] N: I love you

[20:58:29] *** ЗвонокабонентаP отклонен. ***

[20:59:11] N: I can not,  sit and cry

[20:59:23] N: I'm sorry

[20:59:37] P: don't cry

[20:59:52] N: try

[21:01:18] P: I also dropped a few tears, but to me there is nothing wrong

[21:02:14] N: Boys Do not Cry:)

[21:03:26] N: Of course I'm kidding

[21:03:58] N: anyone excite tears

[21:04:36] N: let our lives be only tears of joy

[21:06:00] P: it is not only emotions, you do not feel the burning heart

[21:06:27] P: ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo

[21:07:05] N: I already know some words in Italian

[21:08:36] N: :) Although these words do not require translation. Thank you, dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:10:47] P: I'll wait, until you're ready

[21:12:01] P: now I have to go get the ticket, before it closes

[21:12:33] N: You should not deprive yourself of the life of me, nobody knows how to turn life, and you should not regret anything

[21:12:53] N: Yes, of course, darling, go!

[21:13:17] N: Be careful, I kiss you, and I think about you constantly

[21:13:48] P: i know

[21:13:57] P: me too

[21:14:00] N: (inlove)

[21:14:07] N: go

[21:14:46] P: I recommend it to tomorrow

[21:15:13] P: always in my heart,remember!!!!

[21:15:24] N: I see

[21:16:15] P: bye

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