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Среда, 21 Августа 2019 г. 21:05 (ссылка)

Картины на кухню в стиле лофт стоимость в Краснодарском крае - https://vk.com/page-146924375_56317540

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Ramsey Lewis Trio plays "The 'In' Crowd"

Среда, 21 Августа 2019 г. 17:43 (ссылка)

Ramsey Lewis, Red Holt and Eldee Young recorded such amazing music. Read the rest


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Already regretting asking Charles Bukowski to review the new 'Cats'

Среда, 21 Августа 2019 г. 17:27 (ссылка)

somebody needs

to throw a god damn boot

at Mr. Mistoffelees


screw this jellical distraction

this is not quiet, small

nor should one anthropomorphize

a pissant cat

prancing about a stage

you don't know what theater is

I am telling the director, who is not there

fuck your memories!

there is no fire, it is a cop out, a fake

something to cry in a theater that needs emptying

as they escort me to the door

threatening legal action

I go to Charlie's and order a pint of rye

it tastes good Read the rest


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How to dispose of a bomb

Среда, 21 Августа 2019 г. 16:05 (ссылка)

As long ago as 1966, Batman knew how to correctly dispose of a explosive device without endangering the public or property. To think that all the shenanigans of the last two decades or so were completely unnecessary. Read the rest


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How they make the gross sound effects for Mortal Kombat games

Среда, 21 Августа 2019 г. 15:34 (ссылка)

When someone punches you so hard your brain flies out the orifices of your face, how exactly does that sound? Foley artists know how that sounds, and they use a variety of clever techniqes to generate the wet, crunchy, nasty noises required to gross out and entertain players.

If you twist a bell pepper in just the right way, it sounds like someone’s chest cavity being ripped open. A lot of non-gamers may not be aware that Mortal Kombat is still being produced. In the early 90s, the game was at the bleeding edge of realistic digitized violence, and the franchise was so controversial that Congress held hearings about it. Believe it or not, the series has only gotten more violent since then.

MK always had interesting sound design, right back to the original arcade game from 1992. Here's the sound test, reeling off all the samples like a string of low-fidelity sausages:

Read the rest


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The Miskatonic Papers - an experiential letterpress-printed book inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's work

Вторник, 21 Августа 2019 г. 03:55 (ссылка)

I'm a fan of Todd Thyberg's design work and when he told me he had a kickstarter for a project with a H.P. Lovecraft theme, I asked him to describe the project for Boing Boing. Here's what he wrote:

Are you a fan of horror, expeditionary adventures from the days of old, or the tactile sensation of letterpress printed goods? Then have I got a book for you! This one, live on Kickstarter right now, is Angel Bomb's largest and most ambitious project to date!

The Miskatonic Papers is an experiential book; you don’t just read it, you explore and experience the mystery assembling it from various pieces. It’s like breaking open a time capsule and then trying to figure out what happened over 100 years ago. Composed of 50 printed pieces including letters, telegrams, drawings, newspaper clippings, a broadside, burned tatters of found stationery, and a journal which was written by hand and printed by letterpress. All of these items, letterpress printed, hand stamped, aged and weathered, comprise this Stygian work of unnameable horrors. You'll even receive a cast resin fragment of the artifact that lies at the heart of the story; painted, aged and imbued with evil.

This is my fourth book, inspired by early 20th century author and creator of cosmic horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Growing up reading Lovecraft’s stories, I fell in love with his dark horror and esoteric language. His creepy New England settings and monsters from beyond the furthest reaches of space and time inspired this young teenager, eager for an escape from his small North Dakota town.

Read the rest


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This footage of New York in 1993 will make you miss New York in 1993

Вторник, 21 Августа 2019 г. 00:46 (ссылка)

Manhattan in the early nineties, captured on what must have at the time been an unusually high-def camera.

The uploader of this incredible archival B-roll footage said to be of New York in 1993 says they captured it off of “a D-Theater HD DVHS Demo Tape by techmoan.com.

It's pretty incredible.

I miss this NYC.

Read the rest


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Среда, 21 Августа 2019 г. 17:38 (ссылка)
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Tuesday Tunes: High, Wide & Handsome — Loudon Wainwright III

Вторник, 20 Августа 2019 г. 17:46 (ссылка)

I've been putting up with a heart murmur for a few decades now. It's never been a big deal. During my last physical, however, my doctor took a renewed interest in what's going on in my chest. I'll be going in for a stress test on my ticker, in a little under a month. Since I got the news, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head.

Honestly, there's worse ear worms to suffer. Read the rest


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Watch lightning bolt just miss striking man

Понедельник, 19 Августа 2019 г. 19:05 (ссылка)

"I saw light,” said Horry County, South Carolina resident Romulus McNeill said a few days ago after a lightning bolt just missed him. “I tried to get up out of there like the Roadrunner."

(WSOC-TV) Read the rest


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Video of Prince Andrew lurking in Epstein's mansion after financier's 2008 conviction

Понедельник, 19 Августа 2019 г. 18:16 (ссылка)

UK media moderated its coverage of the country's post-Savile sex abuse scandal, perhaps to maintain cosy establishment relationships and certainly due to Britain's menacing libel laws. American media has few such interests or impediments, and US coverage has sometimes made the difference in exposing a British problem to British audiences. But the delicious and seemingly well-deserved ruin of Prince Andrew needs no foreign encouragement. The Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Andrew is pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's lb63million mansion of depravity nine years ago... so how did he miss signs of the billionaire's sexual deviance?

" Duke was spotted peering around the door of the billionaire's Manhattan home on December 6, 2010
" The footage of the Duke was taken less than an hour after Epstein left the house with a young blonde woman
" Epstein's alleged 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts claims she had sex with the Prince at financier's New York home
" Buckingham Palace has denied any wrongdoing on Duke's part and the Queen has showed him her support

The video above is CBS News' coverage of the release. Read the rest


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Urban Dance Squad's 'Deeper Shade of Soul' video is much fun

Воскресенье, 18 Августа 2019 г. 19:28 (ссылка)

I particularly like the Flaco Jim'enez tee.

This song has been in my rotation since MP3s made it easy for there to be such a thing. Read the rest


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Ah, well...who wants to live forever??

Воскресенье, 18 Августа 2019 г. 19:22 (ссылка)

Virtual Vultan, Prince of the Hawkmen is less popular but no less awesome than the Jack Burton-bot. Read the rest


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Арно Хидирбегишвили: ПРИНЦИП ДЗЮДО, или Почему Иванишвили и Зеленский должны договориться с Путиным

Воскресенье, 18 Августа 2019 г. 20:16 (ссылка)

     В 1882 году молодой японский ученый Дзигоро Кано открыл в Токио спортшколу «Кодокан», что в переводе с японского означает
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Музон в тачку (2019) Mp3 » SoftLabirint.Ru: Скачать бесплатно и без регистрации - Самые Популярные Новости Интернета

Суббота, 17 Августа 2019 г. 18:46 (ссылка)

Музон в тачку (2019) Mp3

Исполнитель: VA

Название: Музон в тачку

Год: 2019

Жанр: Club, D&B, Dance, Dubstep, Hip-hop, House, Pop, Rap, Rock

Количество треков: 100

Качество: mp3 | 320 kbps

Время звучания: 04:59:00

Размер: 629 Мб


01. Alex Clare — Too Close

02. Alyonka — Tima_belorusskih

03. Anitta — Make it hot

04. Anitta Pabllo vittar — sua_cara_feat_anitta__pabllo_vittar

05. Anna boronina — zhiga-zazhigalka

06. Architechs ft nana — body groove

07. Arnny Montana — Nasi Goreng Official Video

08. Arsenium feat mianna heren — bon_ami

09. Artur pirozhkov — zacepila

10. Ateens — super trouper

11. Babek mamedrzaev — princessa

12. Balalayka — ST feat. Leningrad

13. Basement Jaxx — Where's Your Head At ( Official Video ) Rooty

14. Bbillie eilish — bad-guy-rakurs-dj-igor-dunaev-remix

15. Bebe rexha — last hurrah_david_guetta_remix

16. Bedgels — Netantsy

17. Benny blanco selena_gomez_feat_j_balvin__tainy — i cant_get_enough

18. Bezopasnij seks — nagora

19. Black caviar — el camino

20. Blackpink — kill this_love

21. Calinda and shocking murray — downtown

22. Candy — Calabria (Mac Grey Remix Edit)

23. Carolina Marquez — That's Amore (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

24. Cbool — catch you

25. Chto mne sneg — Hitoboi

26. Cris Cab feat. J Balvin — Just Wanna Love You (Spanish Version)

27. DANEV — Leila (Extended Mix)

28. Day kuma — Izhyts?kyy

29. Dilemma — vorushis

30. DJ DimixeR & Greenjelin feat. Cali Fornia — Lost In The Night (Rich-Max Remix)

31. DJ FARTA — Kariby

32. DJ Goja — Cause I'm Crazy

33. DJ Hitretz — Portofino club_rmx)

34. DJ Vadim — soldier feat_5nizza__big_red

35. DJ Vatolin — manekeni radio_remix

36. DVBBS — GOMF feat. BRIDGE (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

37. Ebashu kak v poslednij raz — lord pnevmoslon

38. Eiffel 65 — move your_body

39. Faithless — mass destruction_single_version

40. Frizzo feat. Charly Black & Dean — For The Weekend

41. Ian Carey & Michelle Shellers — Keep On Rising

42. IM OK — LITTLE BIG (official music video)

43. Imperia ssc — s dobrim utrom__ljubimaja

44. Juan magan — claro que_si_jose_am__li4m_remix

45. Junior jack — samba

46. Kiddo x gashi — coming down

47. Kold — Klaud

48. Krypto ft d3mstreet — woah

49. Kukla (Remix) — Ivanushki International


51. lx24 — devil_dance

52. Manifest — Tarabarova

53. Medicine (Steve Aoki from the Block Remix) — Jennifer Lopez

54. Meek mill drake — going_bad_feat_drake

55. Merk kremont — lui lui__remix

56. Michelle andrade — cimbali

57. Mohombi — se fue radio_edit_se_fue_radio_edit

58. motivo — panjabi remix

59. My Birthday — Will.i.am

60. NERD — Lemon

61. Nicole cherry — si_me_quieres

62. Nils van zandt — hey radio_edit

63. Nirvana — Smells Like Teen Spirit (Grand Letter F Smells Like Shit Remix)

64. No cry — luxor feat_ljusja_chebotina

65. Nsync — bye_bye_bye

66. Nurminskij — ujdu s misljami

67. Pabllo vittar — buzina

68. Parov stelar — all night extended_club_version

69. Party favor feat keno — wiggle_wop

70. Patrick Sebastien — La Wash

71. Pinkfong — baby shark_jauz_remix

72. Planka — Na odnoy noge stoyu

73. Poyutshie Trusy — Sportivnyy Interes

74. Psy — Gangnam Style (Tim Ismag Remix)

75. Purebeat dikanda — ederlezi

76. Quinn lewis — how youve-been-black-caviar-remix

77. Rayelle — Get Dat (MIJAST Remix)

78. Reina williams — stripper_pole

79. Reznikov & Denis First ft. Portnov Booty — Lets Get it Started

80. Riya — poljusi

81. Rsac nba — rakurs ramirez-remix

82. Sacre coeur — paris jadore

83. Saint jhn — roses imanbek_remix

84. Schaste vdrug — via volga-volga

85. Sean finn feat dia — dirty moves_cj_stone__milonl_remix

86. Sevenn — loco papi

87. Shainy El Brillante & DJ Combo — Mueve Tu Cuerpo (Radio Edit)

88. Showtek feat leon sherman — listen to_your_momma_a-trak_remix

89. Simply bass — ibiza nights_(club_mix)

90. Sofi tukke pabllo vittar — energia parte_2

91. Studio 12 — pussyrocker original_extended_mix_sitirmeubb_

92. Sub urban — cradles

93. Subbota — dym bombim

94. Tove Lo Feat Hippie Sabotage — Stay High

95. Tradelove — Whoomp!

96. Triplo max — shadow

97. Wuqoo — Sofia Reyes feat. Rita Ora, Anitta( Remix)

98. Zavjazhite mne glaza — artem loik

99. Zivert — Sharik(Lavrushkin & Max Roven Remix)

100. Zomb feat kravc — ona hochet_na_rejv

DOWNLOAD LINKS: Музон в тачку (2019) Mp3

Download | TurboBit.net


Download | HitFile.net


Download | Turbo.to


Download | Hil.to




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Камерата и Канцона. Концерт "Мелодии весны". Дом учёных. Томск. 10.03.2019

Суббота, 17 Августа 2019 г. 12:11 (ссылка)

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Check out these amazing sf movies made by Nigerian teens

Пятница, 16 Августа 2019 г. 23:54 (ссылка)

The Critics Company is a collective of Nigerian teen afrofuturist filmmakers who make incredible looking, smart science fiction movies with camerawork courtesy of old, busted mobile phones and VFX generated in Blender.

Their showpiece is Z: The Beginning, a ten-minute short that took the collective 7 months to shoot and edit: "Z is a short film set in a post apocalyptic era in Nigeria around the 2050's which reveals a developed Nigeria undergoing invasions.
The word Z centers around a scientifical project (PROJECT Z) created by a Company called 'The Triangle'."

Their channel also includes some behind the scenes mini-docs showing how they accomplish so much with very little.

(via Kottke)

Read the rest


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Penetration tester releases proof-of-concept code for hijacking smart buttplugs

Пятница, 16 Августа 2019 г. 22:46 (ссылка)

Last week at Defcon, a security researcher named Smea presented their findings on vulnerabilities in the Lovesense Hush, an internet-of-things buttplug that has already been shown to have critical privacy vulnerabilities.

Smea's attack starts by compromising the Hush's Bluetooth dongle, then using that to send malicious commands or upload malicious code to the insertable sex-toy component. The compromise attacks Lovesense's implementation of the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, and the vulnerability may also be present in other devices (the chips haven't been manufactured since 2017, and its manufacturer, Nordic Semiconductor, has published a security advisory based on Smea's findings).

Smea's attack was successful in part because Lovesense's control app was built with the Electron Javascript framework, which has many known security defects that expose many browser apps to attacks, including Slack, Whatsapp, and Skype.

Smea's proof of concept code is live on Github, with the injunction "don't be a dick, please don't actually try to use any of this."

In an interview with Gizmodo's Dell Cameron, Smea speculates on whether hijacking a sex-toy should be considered sexual assault and concludes, "Personally, I don’t know if that’s the case or not. I know it would be a really shitty thing to do either way, so people should not do it."

smea: The idea is that from the dongle you can actually compromise the app that’s running on a computer. IoT developers have all these newer technologies, like javascript-based applications, working together with these super-low level microcontrollers. They don’t necessarily understand the implications of, for example, dumping raw input from the dongle to HTML.

Read the rest


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A new drug that may help lots of people will apparently be more expensive than it should

Пятница, 16 Августа 2019 г. 22:33 (ссылка)

Pretomanid, developed by the non-profit TB Alliance, offers a new, safer and more effective treatment for tuberculosis. The non-profit is organized to improve access and affordability of life-saving treatments, but has currently only allowed one drug manufacturer to produce pretomanid. Doctors without Borders fears high prices will limit availability.


"In all of the lower-income countries, we will be encouraging other manufacturers, generic manufacturers, to get into the market — to get competition to drive down the price as well," he says.

But Lynch of Doctors Without Borders thinks there is a better way to keep these drugs affordable: baking a low-price requirement into the TB Alliance's licensing agreement with Mylan, which the organizations have not disclosed.

"What works even better than competition — which, by the way, will take a while — is you set the price reasonably low to begin with," she says.

Read the rest


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This BMW R90S has run 240k miles

Пятница, 16 Августа 2019 г. 21:53 (ссылка)

Moon stuff notwithstanding, this particular bike is just beautiful at nearly a quarter-million miles. This bike is clearly well-loved, and her owner seems chill, like an Airhead should be.

Mine has 50,078.

Here is yours. Read the rest


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The saddest song: setting the "Amazon Ambassador" borg-tweets to music

Пятница, 16 Августа 2019 г. 21:06 (ссылка)

Jonathan Mann (previously) writes, "Like many people, I've been disturbed by the borg-like tweets coming out of the Amazon Ambassador program. I took a few of the bleakest ones and set them to music. It turned into an incredibly sad song."
Read the rest


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Listen: John Coltrane track from previously unheard 1964 sessions

Пятница, 16 Августа 2019 г. 19:51 (ссылка)

Next month, Impulse! Records will release Blue World, previously unheard recordings that legendary jazz pioneer John Coltrane recorded with his quartet in 1964. Most of the tunes are different versions of known Coltrane songs with the exception of the title track that you can hear above. From Spin:

...Coltrane recorded Blue World between the sessions for his landmark albums Crescent and a Love Supreme, at Van Gelder studio in New Jersey, where he cut many of his albums, including the aforementioned two. He had been approached by a Quebecois filmmaker named Gilles Groulx, who knew Coltrane’s bassist Jimmy Garrison, and asked Coltrane if he would record music for use in an upcoming film called Le chat dans le sac. Coltrane obliged, but Groulx only ended up using 10 minutes of the 37-minute session in the film.

Read the rest


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Documentary about the 1980s SoCal underground art happenings with Sonic Youth, Einst"urzende Neubauten, etc.

Пятница, 16 Августа 2019 г. 19:33 (ссылка)

In the 1980s, Stuart Swezey was at the epicenter of Southern California's underground culture. The co-founder of Amok Books, Swezey was also known for organizing extreme industrial and avant-garde outdoor happenings in remote locations like the Mojave Desert that featured performances by Sonic Youth, Einst"urzende Neubauten, Survival Research Laboratories, Minutemen, and many other experimental and transgressive artists. Now, Swezey has made a documentary about those extreme experiences. Above is the trailer for Desolation Center.

Read the rest


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Artist builds delightful, impractical Rube Goldberg machines for popping balloons

Пятница, 16 Августа 2019 г. 19:05 (ссылка)

Jan Hakon Erichsen is a Norwegian artist whose Destruction Diaries series chronicles his creation of a series of bizarre, whimsical and delightful machines for popping balloons and undertaking other acts of minor mayhem.

The performances often culminate in the destructive contact between balloons and steak knives, usually after some kind of agonizing wait while the two inch towards each other; sometimes there are one or more steak knives strapped to some part of Erichsen; sometimes, it's one or more balloons on Erichsen and the knives are strapped to an apparatus.

Erichsen posts performances through the week to his Instagram accounts but they are available to Zuckervegans like me through a weekly anthology that he posts to Youtube (14 and counting!).

(via Colossal)

Read the rest


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