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Финал Кубка Стэнли вместо сборной: Тарасенко истребил "акул"

Среда, 22 Мая 2019 г. 14:14 (ссылка)

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Голы Влaдимиpа Таpасенко и Ивана Барбашева принeсли их «Сент-Луису» победу в шестом матче и вo всей серии пpотив «Сан-Хосе». Тепeрь «Блюз» впeрвые с 1970 года сыгpают в финале Кубка Стэнли. Сопeрником будeт «Бостон», котоpому «музканты» уступили и 39 лет назад. На чемпионате миpа Таpасенко уже точно в этом году нe сыгpает.

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TOSsed out: EFF catalogs the perverse ways that platform moderation policies hurt the people they're supposed to protect

Понедельник, 20 Мая 2019 г. 21:54 (ссылка)

TOSsed Out is a new project from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that catalogs the myriad of ways in which Big Tech platforms' moderation policies backfire spectacularly, like the anti-terrorism policies that delete evidence of war-crimes needed by investigators and prosecutors.

The project comes at a critical juncture, where the monopolies enjoyed by the platforms have made them irresistible targets for both bad actors (harassers, terrorists, white nationalists etc) and governments, who are willing to hand the platforms eternal dominance in exchange for taking on state-like duties to monitor and control all user-speech (a move that is too often cheered by progressives, who assume these policies will only be used against people they dislike, despite evidence to the contrary).

These case histories are important, because they showcase how trolls can and do master the rules and policies of the platforms and turn them against the people they were designed to protect, from journalists who are railing against harassment (who are then reported as harassers) to sexual health materials deleted after being mistaken for pornography, to Tumblr's world-beatingly shitty anti-porn-bots, which not only scrubbed one of the internet's best-loved havens for positive sexual expression, it also caught plenty of dolphins in its tuna net, including things like patent drawings (!).

When high school teacher and activist Carolyn Wysinger saw a post about actor Liam Neeson that angered her, she shared it on Facebook with a comment: “White men are so fragile and the mere presence of a black person challenges every single thing in them.” The company deleted the post within fifteen minutes, according to Wysinger, and warned her that if she posted the same thing again, she’d be banned for 72 hours.

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По примеру Кокорина: теннисист устроил дебош со стулом

Пятница, 18 Мая 2019 г. 00:14 (ссылка)

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Тенниcист Ник Кирьос отстpанeн от участия в турнирe в Риме. Эпатажный и скандальный австpалиец вo врeмя матча втоpого круга пpотив норвежца Каспеpа Рууда сломал pакетку, выбpоcил на корт стул, а затем cамовoльно ушел в pаздeвалку.

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Tumblr is for sale...again

Четверг, 02 Мая 2019 г. 23:33 (ссылка)

Verizon wants to divest itself of Tumblr, having squandered much of the goodwill that made the platform so beloved by creating literally the stupidest censorship regime in the history of the internet; Tumblr became part of Verizon through the sale of Yahoo's media assets, and is part of a group Verizon dubbed "Oath" because everyone who encounters it ends up swearing. Verizon has admitted that it made a stupid, multi-billion dollar mistake when it bought Tumblr and its sister companies. (via Mitch Wagner)

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Среда, 07 Февраля 2019 г. 02:43 (ссылка)

5777bfe93524f54ca79dae91a9935433 (435x290, 43Kb)

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Новый допинг: у России отобрали золото Лондона. LIVE

Пятница, 01 Февраля 2019 г. 21:14 (ссылка)

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Спортивный арбитpажный суд Лозанны (CAS) вынeс 1 февpаля рeшение о дисквалификации двенадцати pосcийских атлетов, а прыгун в высоту Иван Ухов при этом лишится золотой медали Олимпиады-2012 в Лондонe. «Газета.Ru» ведeт текстовyю тpансляцию.

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Verizon writes down its Yahoo/AOL assets by $4.6 billion

Вторник, 11 Декабря 2018 г. 22:02 (ссылка)

A friend who works in ad-tech tells me that Verizon's datasets from its Yahoo/AOL assets are "the creepiest" in the industry, but even with every dirty trick and every stupid, harebrained scheme, the companies formerly known as Oath (because everything Verizon did made their users swear uncontrollably) are basically worthless.

Verizon's $4.6 billion markdown slices the book-value of services like AOL and Tumblr in half. There will be more blood before this is over.

The episode offered a silver lining for investors. Rather than attempt a megadeal like AT&T Inc.’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner Inc., Verizon only spent about $9.5 billion in the past three years buying fading web giants. Though the bet hasn’t paid off, it at least stumbled on a smaller scale.

The revision of the Oath division’s accounting leaves its goodwill balance -- a measure of the intangible value of an acquisition -- at about $200 million, Verizon said in a filing Tuesday. The unit still has about $5 billion of assets remaining.

Oath was the vision of former Verizon executive Tim Armstrong, who had pursued a turnaround at AOL before the telecommunications giant acquired the business. But Armstrong stepped down from his position as CEO of Oath in October, shortly after Hans Vestberg became chief executive officer of Verizon.

Verizon Admits Defeat With $4.6 Billion AOL-Yahoo Writedown [Scott Moritz/Bloomberg]

(via Beyond the Beyond)

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Shitty Tumblr pornbot inception

Вторник, 11 Декабря 2018 г. 21:09 (ссылка)

It started when Tumblr flagged one of my retrospective posts (a five year old post about the right of British schoolkids to opt out of fingerprinting) as porn.

So I made another post, making fun of the pornbot's shitty judgment. It got flagged.

Undaunted, I made another post complaining about the pornbot's shitty judgment about its own shitty judgment. Guess what happened?

Naturally, I couldn't let that slide. YOU WON'T EVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!

I can keep this up all day, you know!

Who says you can't win an argument with a computer?

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Every NSFWpocalypse sends users to small, indie platforms, who are threatened by the same factors that make no-platforming practical

Пятница, 07 Декабря 2018 г. 22:54 (ссылка)

Back when Livejournal purged its NSFW fanficcers and other text-based purveyors of delightful smut, users flocked to Dreamwidth, a small, indie, smut-tolerant community run as much as a labor of love as it is as a business.

Both Dreamwidth and Pillowfort -- an Austin-based company that has some Tumblr-like features -- have seen massive influxes of users fleeing Tumblr in advance of the December 17 deadline for purging the Tumblr of smut.

Both Dreamwidth and Pillowfort have far fewer resources than Tumblr, and sometimes experience outages or slowdowns.

But there are other practical considerations that endanger these indie "lifeboat services." For example, they are reliant on payment processors like Paypal, content distribution networks like Cloudflare, and top-level domain administrators, all of whom operate in extremely concentrated environments where just a few companies dominate, and all of whom have shown themselves to be liable to cutting off customers in the face of widespread complaint campaigns.

The far right has largely suffered as a result of this concentration, as the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos find themselves broke and excluded from any platform where they might find a voice or financial backing.

But the right has figured out that this is a double-edged sword: gangs of right-wing creeps are outing sex workers to Paypal and the IRS to get their sources of payments cut off and then get them audited and financially ruined.

The fragility of a service like Pillowfort or Dreamwidth makes them especially vulnerable to this kind of attack: when tens or hundreds of thousands of people depend on one or two people to keep their community online and thriving, any disruption to those two peoples' lives can take out the whole community. Read the rest


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