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How to modify your Nintendo Switch game case to hold up to 24 games (cheap gamer tricks)

Понедельник, 09 Октября 2018 г. 00:17 (ссылка)

“I modified a standard Nintendo Switch game case to hold up to 24 games,” says IMGURian MrJspeed, who provides a killer step-by-step HOWTO for gamers who'd like to try this instead of buying a multi-game carrying case.

“There are similar products online, but they're very bulky and don't have the game density that this has. This is a great way for us to get to our games at the house by only grabbing one case.”

Here's the step-by-step.

Modify your Nintendo Switch game case to hold up to 24 games

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Review: Wasteland 2 for Nintendo Switch

Суббота, 15 Сентября 2018 г. 16:59 (ссылка)

I played Wasteland 2 when it made its debut, four years ago. Despite my Love for Brian Fargo's work on Fallout 1 and 2, I never did manage to finish it. There's something about working in front of a computer, seven days a week, that keeps me from wanting to sit in front of my laptop during my downtime.

However, in the weeks since I was given a review copy of it for the Nintendo Switch, I've been enjoying the holy hell out of it.

If you're not familiar with the franchise, its premise is pretty simple. You and your squad mates are new recruits to the Desert Rangers: the only real peacekeeping force in post-apocalyptic Arizona. It's your job to range out and aid the folks under your protection. You'll kill bandits, attempt to negotiate peace between warring factions and uncover insidious threats. The game lets you choose whether you want to start with a squad of four pre-made rangers, each with different skills and strengths, or role your own. This time around, I chose the latter. As I accidentally created a pretty strong team, it's worked out pretty well so far. That's all I'll say about the game, plot-wise. Wasteland 2 might not be new to many of us, but there are some first-timers that might be reading this. I don't want to blow the story for them.

I will however, talk about game play.

All of the interactions you'll have with NPCs are text-based. Given the small size of the Switch's display, the game's development team could have blown it by making the text too small for older eyes, like mine, to read. But nope: everything is legible. Your choices and any questions you may have to ask during the course of the game are committed with the push of a button. So too is Wasteland 2's turn-based combat. There are explosions, silly animations of bodies being torn in two when a critical shot is made. You will upgrade your gear, endlessly.

I remember being frustrated by how the game played using a trackpad. I'm pretty pleased with how the Switch's controls have performed with the game, though. Despite it being a port, it feels like it was made for mobile. I can't say the same for similar titles that I've played on the iPad. Planescape: Torment, for example, was a pain in the ass. I loved it, back in the day, but I could barely stand playing it with a touch interface. Some games demand physical controls. Given what a great experience playing Wasteland 2 has been, I've got a lot of hope for similar ports that'll be popping in the near future: Pillars of Eternity 2 and Diablo 3.

Fingers crossed.


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My daughter and I share a Nintendo Switch

Среда, 05 Сентября 2018 г. 19:10 (ссылка)

A few months back we bought a Nintendo Switch. The portable console gets shared between a 46 year-old dad and an 11 year-old daughter. The Switch sees a lot of playtime.



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Why games cost more for the Nintendo Switch than other platforms

Суббота, 25 Августа 2018 г. 16:00 (ссылка)

I own a Nintendo Switch. I deeply Enjoy my Nintendo Switch. I am not, however, thrilled to discover that I am paying more games for my Nintendo Switch than folks playing on other platforms are.

From Ars Technica:

The folks over at Switch blog Switcher decided to quantify how much that "Switch tax" costs while building their own database of Switch games. Their analysis found that, of 471 games being sold on both Steam and Switch, the downloadable Switch versions cost just over 10 percent more on average.
That average obscures a wide range of price discrepancies, of course, including some that end up in the Switch's favor. In fact, a majority of titles listed on both platforms (55.8 percent) sell for the exact same price on both, and an additional 8.9 percent are cheaper on Nintendo's eShop.

That said, the price discrepancy for the remainder of the Switch's PC ports can be quite large. Payday 2, for example, costs $50 on the Switch compared to just $10 on Steam. The 2016 Doom reboot runs $60 on Switch and $20 on Steam. Steam's frequent sales can exacerbate the differences, too: De Blob is currently $30 on Switch but just $6.59 on Steam—down from a PC list price of $20.

Not cool.

One theory, based on the data that Switcher came up with, is that the games cost more on Switch because, while they’re old news on other platforms, they’re still fresh to the console. As time goes on, Ars Technica’s thinking is that the Switch port of the games will drop down in price. I suppose it makes sense: If you’re throwing the time and resources at spinning an existing intellectual property off to work on a new platform, you’d want there to be a worthwhile return on the venture. As much as I love the idea of being able to pick up Doom for my Nintendo Switch for $20, the title’s developers have a good reason to wring a few more drops of blood out of this game playing stone.

Image via Wikipedia Commons


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