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Van_Kap (Автор -Капля_Иван)

IMusic Vol.1-6

Четверг, 28 Мая 2009 г. 22:16 (ссылка)

IMusic Vol.1-6

Volume One: your Soundtrack for Success :: iMusic Volume One will entrain your brain into peak performance mode for studying, learning, reading, memorizing and give you the focus and mental stamina to execute in a winning manner (Volume One disk 1 (Intellectual Endurance - Read - Learn - Cognition - Focus), disk 2 (Memorize - Study - Brain Power - Creativity), disk 3 (Think - Mental Stamina - Intelligence - Concentration - IQ).

Volume Two: your Soundtrack for Creative Success :: iMusic Volume Two will optimize your brain for peak creative performance for designing, working, brainstorming or engaging any creative or artistic endeavor :: Volume 2.1 (Read Fiction - Write Creatively - Imaginative Focus - Receptivity), Volume 2.2 (Idea Creation - Vision Generation - Artistic Revelation - Ingenious Breakthrough), Volume 2.3 (Artistic Execution - Design Development - Innovative Throught - Idea Synthesis).

Volume Three: your Soundtrack for Morning Success :: iMusic Volume Three will awaken sleepers in a high achievement oriented manner. Invigorating and enlivening, iMusic | Volume Three is a smart, comprehensive, physiological activation system that will not only wake you, but take you from pleasant dreams to a lively, hyped and sparkling state in a matter of minutes (Volume Three disk 1 (Accelerated Wakeup - AM Productivity - Morning Energy - Brain Training), disk 2 (Natural Wakeup - AM Revelry - Morning Enjoyment), disk 3 (Morning After Renewal - Neuro-Restoration - Brain Training - Celebral Therapy).

Volume Four: your Soundtrack for Energy and Success :: You now have a proven, powerful and easy to wield tool to produce energy, zest and drive. On demand. Giving you more control over your life. Volume 4.1 (Mentally Active), Volume 4.2 (Physically Active), Volume 4.3 (Hyper Active).

Volume Five: for Fitness Training Performance :: iMusic FTP triggers peak performance in all types of athletes and active people, from all walks of life at any age, training in a wide variety of ways with various fitness related challenges to overcome and training objectives they wish to accomplish (Volume Five disk 1 BodyZip (Mind Motivation - Energy Activation - Boddy Buzz - Inspire Action), disk 2 FlexTrain (Strenght Training - Body Building - Sport Training - Weight Loss - General Health - General Fitness), disk 3 CardioPump (Weight Loss - Cardiovascular Training - Endurance Training - General Health - General Fitness), disk 4 Recovery (Deep Rest - Muscle repair - Meditative relaxation - Physical restoration - Body recovery - Injury reduction).

brain (70x85, 5Kb)brain-2 (85x85, 6Kb)brain-3 (85x85, 4Kb)
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<imusic - Самое интересное в блогах

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