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You can make a Turing machine inside a game of Magic: The Gathering

Понедельник, 24 Июня 2019 г. 21:16 (ссылка)

Magic: The Gathering is Turing complete. In a new scientific paper, researchers "present a methodology for embedding an arbitrary Turing machine into a game of Magic such that the first player is guaranteed to win the game if and only if the Turing machine halts." From Ars Technica:

Furthermore, (software engineer Alex Churchill) and his co-authors -- Stella Biderman of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Austin Herrick of the University of Pennsylvania -- have concluded that Magic might be as computationally complex as it's possible for any tabletop game to be. In other words, "This is the first result showing that there exists a real-world game [of Magic] for which determining the winning strategy is non-computable," the authors write...

A universal Turing machine is one capable of running any algorithm, while "Turing completeness" is a term "used to indicate that a system has a particular degree of complexity," said Churchill. "Any Turing-complete system is theoretically able to emulate any other." Being able to determine whether a given problem can be solved in principle is a key task in computer science. If Magic is Turing complete, then there should exist within the game a scenario where it's impossible to determine a winning strategy—equivalent to the famous "halting problem" in computer science.

One way to demonstrate that a system is Turing complete is to create a Turing machine within it, and that's just what Churchill et al. have done with their work

"It’s possible to build a Turing machine within Magic: The Gathering" (Ars Technica)

Read the rest


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Man-Eaters Volume Two: Fleshing out the world where girls turn into lethal werepanthers when they get their periods

Воскресенье, 23 Июня 2019 г. 18:01 (ссылка)

Volume One of Man-Eaters, Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk's scathing, hilarious, brilliant comic about girls who turn into man-eating werepanthers when they get their periods, is the best comic I read in 2019, and Volume Two, just published by Image comics, continues the brilliance with a set of design-fiction-y fake ads and other collateral that straddle the line between a serious piece of science fictional world-building and Switfian satire.

as with Volume One, much of Volume Two is taken up with "collateral" -- ads, games, school reports, Youtube comments -- from the imagined world of Man-Eaters; some early reviews complain that these don't "advance the plot" and that's true as far as it goes (very little happens with the main characters in the tale), but as with the best science fiction, one of the main characters here is the premise, not the people invented to illuminate the premise, and all this "ancillary" material goes a long way to fleshing out that premise.

This material is the kind of thing you might find in an immersive theater piece -- a Punchdrunk show, say, or Meowolf, or a particularly good escape room, or the best Disney Imagineering productions like The Adventurer's Club or Galaxy's Edge -- material that allows you to imagine yourself in the story, as opposed to tracking the trials and tribulations of the characters.

As such, it is superb, and it gives me hope for a very long run with this story, because jokey thought-experiments will only take you so far, while fully fleshing out things that start as gags often surfaces a serious substrate for playing out real, human stories (Pratchett's Discworld is Exhibit A here). Read the rest


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Wonderful profile of Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist games critic who made an army of shitty manbabies very, very upset

Четверг, 20 Июня 2019 г. 20:14 (ссылка)

Anita Sarkeesian (previously) is a brilliant media theorist and critic whose Feminist Frequency/Tropes vs. Women in Video Games projects revolutionized the way we talk about gender and games -- and also made her a target for a virulent misogynist hate-machine of harassing manbabies who threatened her life, doxed her, and did everything they could to intimidate her into silence.

Polygon's 9,000 word profile of Sarkeesian contains a lot of color about her personality and approach (which is great stuff -- Sarkeesian is a fun and interesting person in real life as well as on-screen), but where it gets really good is in describing how Sarkeesian led a massive change in the way that games companies approach games, with "great women characters" appearing in "The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Dragon Age: Inquisition,The Walking Dead, Battlefield 5, Dishonored 2, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Overwatch"

Sarkeesian's academic training is a combination of feminist theory and media studies, which made her the perfect person to bridge between the insidery, jargon-heavy world of gender studies and a popular, easily digested way of thinking through these issues for games practicioners; Polygon's Colin Campbell calls it "a toolkit that developers could use, to lever themselves out of the box they’d made for themselves."

This was literally and figuratively "game changing" -- Sarkeesian wields "criticism so sharp that it cut the past from the future," making a new world of games, at real personal cost.

That cost is also an important part of the story: Sarkeesian's harassers were unspeakably vile and vicious, and throughout, Sarkeesian made a point of never showing how it affected her, though it did (as it would anyone who was subjected to it). Read the rest


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Летняя распродажа в Стиме

Четверг, 20 Июня 2019 г. 17:51 (ссылка)

Где распродажа летняя в Стиме? Это информация сверхсекретна, я понимаю, но люди говорили про 20 июня.

20 июня есть, а распродажи нет. Где она?




UPD новая информация: 25 июня в 20:00 по МСК

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Final Fantasy XIV Online

Четверг, 20 Июня 2019 г. 06:29 (ссылка)

3111654_2ee62d2dbb0c4a33caa552ef806daebd (700x393, 175Kb)Дошли руки до ФФ. Никогда не играл ни в одну из игр этой серии. Узнал, что FF XIV Online (MMO) можно поиграть в триал версию какое-то время. Вот... скачиваю гигантский клиент. Из минусов что для меня:

1) это корейщина (аниме стиль);

2) нет поддержки русского языка.

Хотя на счёт второго это не совсем уж страшный минус, я очень хочу подтянуть свой английский, а самый верный способ это сделать - практика, практика, практика и ещё раз _ _ _ _ Т _ _ А.

Посмотрим как зайдёт, а то Torchlight Frontiers обещали (/ют) в 2019 году, но что-то никак не разродятся - ни даты релиза ни другой конкретики.


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