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How a "lost" Marx Brothers musical found its way back to the stage

Среда, 02 Июня 2016 г. 00:23 (ссылка)


Noah Diamond is a Groucho Marx impersonator, actor and singer whose obsession with the Marx Brothers led him, along with his wife, the director Amanda Sisk, to research "I'll Say She Is," a Marx Brothers stage musical that ran to rave reviews in 1924/5 and has not been mounted since.


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Watch Louis C.K. play Jeopardy!

Четверг, 19 Мая 2016 г. 20:01 (ссылка)

Who won $50,000 for charity on Jeopardy! last night?


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Louis CK announces 2016 comedy standup tour dates in US, Europe

Понедельник, 16 Мая 2016 г. 20:08 (ссылка)


Comedy genius Louis CK just emailed his fan list (I'm sure as hell on it) the summer and early fall dates of his 2016 tour.

Go here to buy tickets. In LA, he's playing Inglewood! The hood! Holy shit, I'm going to THAT show.



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“FOUND: Lost Photos in Zimbabwe.” A real life viral mystery video by Joe Sabia.

Среда, 21 Апреля 2016 г. 02:53 (ссылка)

maxresdefault (3)

“i found an SD card in the middle of zimbabwe. now I am trying to find the card's owner.”



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Comedians describe the tricky balance between the road and home

Среда, 24 Марта 2016 г. 03:24 (ссылка)


The crowning paradox of the touring comic's life may be this: You have to leave home to make a name, but without the grounding and security of home you may not have anything to say. This week on HOME: Stories From L.A., three experienced comedians on striking the tricky balance between the road and home.

HOME is a member of the Boing Boing Podcast Network. If you like what you hear, please consider leaving the show a rating and/or review at the iTunes Store. 

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Thanks to Cathy Ladman, whose one-woman show, "Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?", opens soon; Brad Upton, whose upcoming tour schedule is available here; and Jackie Kashian, who can be heard on The Dork Forest and The Jackie and Laurie Show.


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Sir P.G. Wodehouse - Blandings Castle [ Humour, comedy. Audioperformance ]

Понедельник, 07 Марта 2016 г. 17:55 (ссылка)

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Sir P.G. Wodehouse - Blandings Castle [ Humour, comedy. Audioperformance ]

П. Г. Вудхаус - Замок Бландингс [ Юмор, комедия. Аудиоспектакль ]

The author's surname: Wodehouse
The author's name: Pelham Grenville
Performer: Richard Vernon & cast
Language: British English
Publishing house: Not published on physical media. BBC Auditions / Audioperformance

Genre: Humour & comedy

Playing time: 03:09:52


Blandings Castle is a recurring fictional location in the stories of British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, being the seat of Lord Emsworth (Clarence Threepwood, 9th Earl of Emsworth), home to many of his family and the setting for numerous tales and adventures. The stories were written between 1915 and 1975.

The series of stories taking place at the castle, in its environs and involving its denizens have come to be known as the "Blandings books", or indeed, in a phrase used by Wodehouse in his preface to the 1969 reprint of the first book, "the Blandings Castle Saga".[1]

In a radio broadcast on 15 July 1961, Evelyn Waugh said: "The gardens of Blandings Castle are that original garden from which we are all exiled.

Content / Episode:

1. The custody of the pumpkin

2. Lord Emsworth grows a beard [ 27:13 ]

3. Pig-hoo-o-o-o-ey [ 54:24 ]

4. Company for Gertrude [ 01:22:26 ]

5. Lord Emsworth and the girlfriend [ 01:49:25 ]

6. The Crime wave at Blandings (in two parts) [ 02:16:28 ]

Краткое содержание:

Очередное чудесное лето в Замке Бландингс, где его обитатели занимаются привычными для себя делами – лорд Эмсворс выращивает гигантскую выставочную тыкву, радуется своим грядкам и клумбам, заботится об Императрице замка Бландингс – призовой свинье невероятных размеров. Однако спокойной жизни, конечно же, не получается – лорда «достают» многочисленные племянницы и племянники, его сестра леди Констанция Кибл, собственный сын Фредди и друзья сына. То садовник уволился, то свинарь попал в тюрьму, то объявился однажды уже уволенный Руперт Бакстер…

Roles performed:

(in brackets - the episode number):

Lord Emsworth - Richard Vernon
Beach - Lockwood West
Lady Constance - Margot Boyd
The Hon Frederick Threepwood - Steve Hodson
Narrator - Nigel Anthony
Aggie Threepwood - Fiona Mathieson (2)
Angela - Diana Martin (3)
George - Elizabeth Proud (6)
Gertrude - Wendy Murray (4)
Gladys - Susanna Dawson (5)
James Belford - Edward Duke (3)
Jane - Helen Atkinson Wood (6)
Jane Yorke - Valerie Colgan (2)
Lady Marshall - Sheila Keith (4)
Lord Heackam - Nigel Anthony (3)
Magistrate - Peter Tuddenham (3)
McAllister - Henry Stamper (1)
Mr Donaldson - Michael Golide (1)
Mrs Tremlow - Phillada Sewell (2)
The Rev Rupert (Beefy)Bingham - Nlcholas Courtney (4)
Mr Baxter - Michael McClain (6)

Auditions BBC about Blandings Castle:

Something Fresh
Leave it to Psmith
Summer lightning
Heavy weather

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