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asmr - Самое интересное в блогах

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A neuroscientist explains the "brain orgasm" response of ASMR videos

Пятница, 24 Мая 2019 г. 19:00 (ссылка)

Some people shiver with delight at whispers and certain kinds of soft sounds. A psychologist/neuroscientist at Manchester University named Nick Davis tells Wired about the science behind these "brain orgasms."

Image: Wired/YouTube Read the rest


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Люблю слушать тишину...

Суббота, 24 Февраля 2019 г. 03:17 (ссылка)

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Oddly satisfying tape dispenser unspooling video will make you go 'ahh'

Среда, 10 Октября 2018 г. 21:21 (ссылка)

“I got to work early today just to record this,” says IMGURian ZeusWaffle.

“This is the side of the tape that gets torn off by our tape dispensers at work.” 


I got to work early today just to record this.


Read the rest


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China announces crackdown on ASMR videos as pornographic

Среда, 21 Июня 2018 г. 02:50 (ссылка)

In the five years since I first wrote about "Autonomous sensory meridian response" (ASMR) a folk-neurological condition that describes the pleasant shivers some people experience when hearing certain soft noises, ASMR has gone mainstream -- my ten year old daughter describes the texture of the slime she makes as "really ASMR."


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АСМР: благодать бреда

Среда, 24 Января 2018 г. 21:37 (ссылка)

Картинки по запросу rainmeter aimpАСМР – название давно известного эффекта удовольствия, которое получает человек, когда кто-то производит манипуляции с его волосами, например, в парикмахерской или просто поглаживают по волосам и спинке ребёнка, чтобы он поскорее уснул. Успокаивающее, вводящее человека в истому... Не знаю, но и сейчас, уже будучи взрослой, испытываю это ощущение не только от стрижки в парикмахерской, но и от многих других действий: тихого пения, шуршания бумаги, поглаживания по спине, от голоса.

1 (150x38, 10Kb)
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Shredding gold slime looks (and sounds) fantastic

Пятница, 15 Сентября 2017 г. 21:20 (ссылка)

The sound reminds me of a David Cronenberg film.

And here's how to make your own gold slime:



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Panda eating bamboo is next-level ASMR

Среда, 06 Сентября 2017 г. 16:24 (ссылка)

The soothing crunch, the rhythmic chewing... is there anything better than the tingly sound of panda mastication? Watch this cutie make quick work of a large bamboo shoot.

Here's another one, but not that doors slam now and then, which might scare the heck out of you.


These guys are more my style.


Adorable Giant Panda Eating Bamboo Shoots (true ASMR video) (YouTube / Panpy Pie)


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Jenny Nicholson's "Top 10 Reasons I Won't Do ASMR" ASMR

Вторник, 28 Марта 2017 г. 07:03 (ссылка)

I get a huge kick out of the videos of the always-entertaining nerd whisperer Jenny Nicholson. If you haven't seen her channel, check it out and watch as she sits on her bed, surrounded by sci-fi plushies, and shares her quirky, sometimes labyrinthine, and often convincing theories and opinions on sci-fi and fantasy films, comic books, novels, and other nerd media fodder.

In her latest video, she answers many requests she's apparently had for doing ASMR videos by explaining ten reasons why her answer is no. But she delivers her ten reason AS an ASMR video, right down to tapping, scratching, and scrunching things as she talks. One of her ten reasons made me laugh out loud:

"I just don't know how I'm supposed to take myself seriously when I'm crinkling bags for an hour."

For those unfamiliar, ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is an intense tingling sensation some people claim they experience when they hear certain soft voices, pleasant repetitive sounds, or while watching someone doing a particularly mundane, repetitive activity.

I'm sure Jenny is going to get a lot of grief from ASMRtists for seemingly making fun of them, but I would hope they'd have a healthy sense of humor about it all. Several commenters who claim to experience ASMR said that they laughed at her reasons for not doing it. I do not have ASMR, but I do enjoy listening to some ASMR audio as I'm going to sleep and I'm fascinated by the whole phenomenon and the numerous, surreal, and just plain bizarre videos people are producing in the genre. An hour of nothing but crinkling bags? Andy Warhol would be so proud.


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Do not watch "Hi Stranger" while high

Вторник, 21 Марта 2017 г. 14:10 (ссылка)

A short film written and animated by Kirsten Lepore, starring Garrett Davis. It's part of the Strangers anthology from Late Night Work Club...

... a loose, rotating collective of indie animators. That is, animators who do independent, non-commercial work. It’s an excuse to bring a whole bunch of us together and make something great, and also to promote the work of the artists involved. Some of the best, most personal, experimental and vital animation going right now is happening on the internet. It’s being made late at night when other people have gone to sleep and on weekends when everyone else is out. It’s being made by students, freelancers, full-timers and folks with unrelated day jobs. It means something to us. It’s our scene.

It's hard to describe; it makes me think Salad Fingers in Arcadia.


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This ASMR of vegetables defrosting may make you shudder with delight

Пятница, 20 Января 2017 г. 18:00 (ссылка)

Break out the headphones for this tingly and satisfying sound design of macro timelapse thawing of fruits and vegetables. The visuals are quote appetizing and lovely, but the sounds are what really make it amazing. (more…)


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Roll your own ASMR soundscape

Четверг, 19 Января 2017 г. 16:30 (ссылка)

ASMRion generates relaxing "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" soundscapes for you. There are ten sigils with sliders underneath them, each representing a particular sonic ingredient—"leaves rustling in the wind," "barbershop haircut," "whispering psychopath," etc—that allegedly trigger the vaunted ASMR response. Previously.


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Aluminum cans slowly shredded to produce an "ASMR effect"

Пятница, 06 Января 2017 г. 18:49 (ссылка)


In this video, a hand-cranked shredder is used to slowly mangle aluminum cans, thereby producing a tingle-inducing crinkling noise that allegedly counts as ASMR. At the end, there is a bonus shredding: a styrofoam box. [via] (more…)


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ASMR: whispering chinface

Вторник, 03 Января 2017 г. 18:52 (ссылка)

I'm still not sure about this whole whispery Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response thing, but it's nice to see Robert Blake still getting work.


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LED flashlight review in abandoned mine ends ends on unsettling note

Четверг, 01 Декабря 2016 г. 18:33 (ссылка)


A flashlight review that begins with the promise "I'm about to hike through a remote canyon to an abandoned mine, and I gotta tell you there's a storm raging outside" should end on an interesting note, and this one does. [via]

Disturbing, strange sounds. That's exactly what I caught on video while filming and documenting the abandoned Waldeck Mine using the ThruNite TN12 flashlight. The Waldeck Mine is an abandoned gold mine located deep in a forested canyon in the high country. I went there on a stormy night in order to document the mine while reviewing and demonstrating ThruNite's excellent TN12 handheld flashlight. The abandoned mine itself is over 150 years old and still has a lot of awesome yet dangerous timbering in its furthest reaches. There are upper levels in the Waldeck Mine, but I only explored and documented the main haulage tunnel.

The ghostly AMSR action starts about 12:15 in.

Witchgadget.com is available!


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“1 Hour of Binaural Nut Sack ASMR,” by Ephemeral Rift

Пятница, 04 Сентября 2015 г. 23:37 (ссылка)

It's actually very fun to listen to, ball jokes aside. Read the rest


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Inside the sensual world of ASMRotica

Понедельник, 17 Августа 2015 г. 21:28 (ссылка)

We've written about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) on Boing Boing several times in the past couple of years. (See "The brain-tingling world of ASMR collides with science fiction" and "The whispery world of ASMR enters virtual reality").

Read the rest


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The whispery world of ASMR enters virtual reality

Среда, 27 Мая 2015 г. 16:54 (ссылка)

For the first time, ASMR experiences are pioneering beyond simple soft talk. Read the rest


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Что такое АСМР (ASMR)?

Среда, 30 Июля 2014 г. 20:23 (ссылка)

"Аббревиатура ASMR расшифровывается как "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" — «автономная сенсорная меридианная реакция». Если выражаться простым русским языком, это когда ваше тело отвечает физиологической реакцией на определенный звук, зрелище, запах, воспоминание."

АСМР не имеет ничего общего с сексуальными девиациями. Это скорее свойство нервной системы. Такая физическая реакция на определённый видеоряд или  звук, или на то и другое вместе. Такая реакция далека от эротизма, чаще всего она связана с какими-то приятными впечатлениями и тактильными ощущениями из детства, давно позабытыми, но продолжающими воскрешать  прежние ощущения, расслабляя психику и даруя человеку ощущение безопасности и, как следствие расслабленности. Звук, движение, негромкий голос, а под час и шёпот, погружают некоторых людей в отрешённое состояние, похожее на медитативный транс.

Найдя в сети видео, отмеченные Аббревиатурой АСМР (ASMR) я заинтересовалась непонятными мне буковками и поспешила узнать о непонятном, но чарующем явлении, которое привлекло моё внимание. Не все видео оказывают на меня похожее действие. Некоторые видеозаписи меня пугали и даже раздражали, но нашлись и те, что "специально для меня", потому  и посвятила АСМР видео этот пост.



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