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Ben and Jerry's has a Flavor Graveyard for the 'dearly de-pinted'

Суббота, 13 Октября 2018 г. 16:30 (ссылка)

There's a plot of land in Vermont where ice cream flavors go when they die. Located next to the Waterbury home of Ben & Jerry's plant and headquarters, the Flavor Graveyard is the final resting place for the company's discontinued flavors such as Wavy Gravy, White Russian, and (32) more.

Travel + Leisure:

“Ben & Jerry’s is known for outrageous, chunky, funky flavors,” said Flavor Guru Eric Fredette in a company press release. “But experimentation comes with risk, and not everybody likes our edgier ideas. Like everything else, ice cream flavors have a beginning and an end.”

This year, visitors who take a Ben & Jerry's factory tour, along with a visit to the Flavor Graveyard, between Oct. 29 and 31 will be treated to a sample of a limited edition pumpkin pie ice cream available only in Waterbury.

You can also visit their virtual burial ground and, if you wish, submit a request to "resurrect" any of the dead flavors. Zombie Schweddy Balls, anyone?

Read the rest


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WestJet Airlines says no to drugs as Canada prepares to decriminalize cannabis

Среда, 11 Октября 2018 г. 01:32 (ссылка)

Last month, the Canadian Armed Forces announced its strict but reasonable policy surrounding the use of cannabis by service personnel. With Canada's decriminalization of cannabis nearly upon us, a lot of companies and organizations that deal with dangerous tasks or complicated hardware are following suit. Earlier this week, one of Canada's most popular air carriers, WestJet released its policy for when their employees will be allowed to use cannabis.

The short version of the rules: If you're a WestJet employee doing anything other than riding a phone for the company's customer service line or working at an airport check-in counter, chances are that you won't be allowed near the stuff.

From the CBC:

Spokesperson Morgan Bell said employees were notified of the changes on Tuesday morning.

She said cannabis is being treated differently than alcohol, which is banned for certain staff members within 12 hours of coming on duty.

Bell said WestJet's list of affected positions would be similar to Air Canada's, which includes flight and cabin crew members, flight dispatchers, aircraft maintenance engineers and station attendants.

The new WestJet policy also includes a prohibition on possession or distribution of cannabis on company property while on duty or attending a company social function.

Air Canada, Canada's flag carrier, has pretty much the same policy on dope, which makes me happy. In almost all instances, 12 hours is long enough for the blood alcohol level of most drinkers to dip back down to safe levels. Despite all the criminal bullshit that we've laden cannabis down with over the years, we still know comparatively little about what it does to a user's reflexes or how long it may continue to have an effect on judgement. Read the rest


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"Штат пеликанов" - Луизиана

Понедельник, 08 Октября 2018 г. 16:10 (ссылка)

Это цитата сообщения ulakisa Оригинальное сообщение

"Штат пеликанов" - Луизиана


Луизиана (Louisiana, площадь 134,3 тыс. кв. км) - штат на юге США, на побережье Мексиканского залива.

Название штата Луизиана пришло в английский язык из французского. Именно французский покоритель Северной Америки Рене де Ла Саль, первым из европейцев исследовавший земли бассейна реки Миссисипи, дал им имя.

Он назвал эту территорию La Louisiane, "Земля Луи", в честь правившего тогда Францией Людовика XIV.

Но первоначально Луизианой называлось совсем не то место, где сейчас стоит 18-й штат США. Так именовалась большая территория у побережья Мексиканского залива.

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