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renewed on the 24 of October at 1:41

<< 23 Oct. Saturday, 24 of October  

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  Saturday, 24 of October Friday, 23 of October at the average
on Saturday
at the average
for 7 days
1,013,596 883,901 1,023,913
18,007 393,637 341,831 404,293
300,532 265,755 310,658
15,006 250,585 216,720 259,129
86 3,017 2,562 2,557
2,953 4,711 4,091 4,823
1,101 1,742 1,501 1,746
2.5 2.2 2.2 2.2
2.8 3.4 3.3 3.3
For the last 15 minutes there were were 2,155 visitors on the site, 808 reviewed more than one page.
For the last 24 hours there were were 301,148 visitors on the site.

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In the report the total indices of site attendance per 24 hours are presented.

Pageviews: quantity of loadings of site pages. On displaying statistics for the current day it is shown the difference with the quantity of yesterday pageviews at the same time.

Visitors: quantity of unique site visitors (more precisely, quantity of browsers). Identification takes place with the help of cookies. On displaying statistics for the current day it is shown the difference with the quantity of yesterday visitors at the same time

Session series of several pageviews from one visitor, between adjacent reviews there must be not more than 15 minutes.

Hosts: quantity of unique IP-аaddresses, from which the site pages were requested. Several computers on one proxy-server are considered to be one host.

Reloads: repeated loadings of one page by the same visitor during 1 second. Notwithstanding the fact that this parameter is segregated into a separate string, reloads are included into “pageviews”. Large quantity of reloads (more than 10% of total quantity of pageviews) indicate the fact, that two copies of counter code are installed on the site pages.

Pageviews without cookies: quantity of pageviews by browsers, not supporting method of cookies. As well as reloads, pageviews without cookies are included in the total amount of pageviews. Usually it amounts about 2-5% of total amount of pageviews.

Average online: average daily quantity of visitors per 15 minutes

Average active online: average daily quantity of visitors per 15 minutes, who reviewed more than one page per session.

Average duration: average duration of sessions in minutes. Session duration: a time interval between the first and the last session pageview. Session duration from one pageview equals zero.

Pageviews on a visitor: average quantity of pageviews made by one visitor. It is calculated as a difference of total quantity of pageviews and pageviews without cookies, divided on quantity of unique visitors.

We draw your attention to the fact that counter takes stock of attendance only of those pages, on which it is installed. For more detailed statistics we recommend you to insert counter html-code in all pages of the site.

The counter takes stock of attendance only of that site, for which it is registered. If your site has additional addresses (mirrors, aliases), they must be indicated in the field “synonyms” on registration or on the page of description change.

If you want to take stock of summarized attendance of several different sites, then read page about attendance of group of.

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