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Tips on Sewing Sweater with Perfection

If you are attempting a sweater for the first time then you may need to have some tips which can help you in preparing the project at the professional level. Most of the sewers give priority to the sweaters to prepare the sweater and cardigans. They can be in several varieties like cotton, wool, thick material, or acrylic. It depends on you what you actually want to choose and what you like to wear.

If you are stuck and thinking about what is a good sewing machine for beginners then learn more here to get the complete guide about sewing machines. The knit is different from the Jersey fabric because the yarn is wide and loose as well. Let’s go through some of the tips which can help you with sewing the sweater with much perfection.


Of course, to prepare the sweater, you need to first go through the cutting session. This cutting time can be crucial when you are working for the first time and you have no command over the knits cutting. If you are an absolute beginner then you need to make sure that the tools are sharp enough and you will not damage the fiber of the fabric.

Cut knit fabric with regular fabric scissors, or a rotary cutter will give you an even more accurate result

As knit is stretchy in nature so it may happen that the fabric is going to distort at the time of cutting. I prefer to use the weights and rotary cutter to save the fabric from damage. This cutting way is going to help you in eliminating the risk of damage and you will get the command over cutting in no time. You can mark the notches as well to enhance the cutting experience.


If we compare handwashing and washing by machine then both methods can differently affect your fabric. Like if you are washing knits by machine then the possibility of damage will be more. If you are going to wash the knits by hand then they will be saved from the damage and will be used for the long term. Washing can be a critical subject when you are attempting knits for the first time.

At the time of washing the knits, another thing which you need to consider is to avoid bleach and highly effective chemical detergents. Use the cold water with the mild soap which can clean the knits as well as save the fabric. Never hang the knits after washing instead lay them down on the solid surface and let them dry. Hanging is going to disturb the shape of the knits.


If you are an absolute beginner and you are thinking about the ways of sewing the knits in an easy way then first have a walking foot. It will simplify the work in no time and also prevents the fabric from stretching which can damage the look. In case, the walking foot is not available in your sewing area then you can also lower the tension of the presser foot.

Use the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes for great results and visit our website for complete guidance about the sewing machine.

When you will lower the tension then the fabric will slip easily into the machine. You can just slide the fabric into the machine without putting too much pressure on it or stretching it. Make sure that the fabric from both sides is going to move at the same speed because the difference in sides is going to uneven the stitches.

Seam Pressing:

At the time of preparing the sweater then you can press the seam as you do normally in the other projects. This rule applies to the knit which is normal and not too complicated. If you are sewing the knit which is spongy and textured then you need to put the extra effort in terms of pressing the seam. Let’s talk about the ironing now.

If you are giving too much steam and heat to the knits then they can completely flatten but you need to be careful to save them from the burning. You don’t have to iron the whole sweater but only the seams. If you will apply the iron to the whole sweater then it will be ruined and the fabric will be distorted. If you will stretch the fabric to iron then it will be stretched out throughout the project and the shape will be changed.

Cleaning and Buttons:

At the time of applying buttons to the cardigan or sweater, make sure that you are not damaging the whole sweater just to make small holes. Create small holes for the button and measure before you start cutting the specific area. Knit fabric is quite sensitive in nature and if you will stretch it at the time of applying buttons then the beauty of the project will be ruined. Do as less stretching as you can.

Clean and to Oil sewing machine

When you are sewing with the knits then one thing which should always be in your mind is it’s not easy to sew with the thick yarn clothing because it can add tons of lint to the sewing machine as well. Once you are done with the whole sewing thing, now it’s time to clean the sewing machine from the debris because it’s going to lower the performance and efficiency of the sewing machine.

Clean the machine with the help of small brushes and once you have taken out all the lint from the machine, apply a small amount of oil to the parts. Attach all the parts back to the sewing machine and you are done with the sewing.


I hope the above tips are going to help you with sewing the amazing and perfect cardigan. If you will keep practicing on the same fabric then you will be a pro in no time and you will learn several other ways to deal with the fabric in a technical way. If you have the best rated sewing machines for beginners then you can sew the perfect sweater in no time.


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