Registration of attendance of the site group

 Standard counter registers the attendance of that site, which
 address is registered.

 We have two ways of registration of summarized attendance of
 several sites (change "group"
 on the name of your site group, portal, holding):

 1) add all necessary domains in the
 list of site synonyms  on the page of changing of site

 advantages: you need just to add domain in the list and
 that’s all; it is not necessary to change the counter code on
 the pages.

 disadvantages: the quantity of domains is limited (250
 symbols on everything); all domains are evident to be added;
 statistics by pages will be incorrect: the real domain
 addresses will not be indicated, all links will begin with, as synonyms are
 assigned exactly for determination of different addresses of
 one and the same site; there will be no possibility to look
 separate statistics one of sites.

 2) registration of denominate
 counter. By default rating participants are identified by
 site address, and all participants are given absolutely
 identical counter code. However we have possibility to register
 denominate counters: like in the majority of other statistics
 systems an identifier and individual counter code are given to
 participant, which he can install on any of his sites, no
 matter what addresses they have. These addresses are to be
 registered in no way.

  advantages : it is not necessary to register all
 addresses. If you want to have a separate statistics on any
 site, you can just register it separately, at the same time it
 wouldn’t be necessary to change the individual counter code
 on the pages.

  disadvantages : you will have to replace on your sites
 installed standard counter code with unique counter code: for
 denominate counter don’t work some statistics reports
 (referrals on sites, determination of positions in search

 Registration of denominate counter is made on the address

 Indicate in the field “Name” , for example, group

 After registration you will get your own counter code, which
 you must install on your sites if in standard counter code
 image address looks like:  Then in
 denominate one an identifier is added:;group?

 If a standard counter code is already installed on a page, then
 it must be replaeced on a denominate one, there
 mustn’t be two counters on a page, otherwise hits statistics
 will be twice higher than the real one is.