Address (URL), where your site is, this can be a server or a server directory. Must be indicated the very server, on which pages would be placed a counter code. It is desirable to install counter (for more complete statistics) on all pages of the site. The counter will register all hits from the pages, which addresses begin from the indicated address.

If a counter is installed on pages of other servers, then these hits on these pages won’t be registered. If your site is available by several different names (aliases), you can enter them in the field “synonyms”.

It is possible to register the whole server and its single directories. For example, you can register, and At the same time on all pages of the server must be installed only one copy of counter html-code, on impression of the page from on of these directories, hit will get both to the directory statistics and to the statistics of the whole server. Each directory and the whole server will have separate statistics and will separately take part in rating

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