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Swom Connected!!!

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Swom, ?

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Kate_Th (Product_Forever_Living)

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Benefit #1 - Earn up to 70% in commissions!

Only Gold members may take part in our revolutionary Viral Referral Program, where you can make significant full-time income that would be the envy of your doctor and banker! With time and dedication, it is possible to earn a 4, 5 or even SIX FIGURE INCOME every month just by working from home!


Benefit #2 - $15 Instant Referral Bonuses

As a Gold member, you get paid an instant $15 bonus every time you refer someone who becomes a Gold member! It doesn't matter when they upgrade - even if they join as a free member and upgrade 6 months later, you still get paid!


Benefit #3 - Unlimited traffic and referrals!

Gold members can view as many member profiles as they wish 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Meet new like-minded people and add them as friends. Remember these are like-minded, targeted individuals who are actively looking for online opportunities. This is a gold mine of new referrals for opportunities and programs you are promoting - only available to GOLD members!


Benefit #4 - FREE Advertising!

Gold members receive FREE advertising of their SWOM profiles on the SWOM website. That's right! Gold members have their member profiles featured for FREE on our home page -- with a huge number of visitors every day to the SWOM website, this is a great way to make new friends. Remember, you get paid for each friend that is a Gold member - the more friends you have that have upgraded, the more you get paid! Can you afford NOT to upgrade?


Benefit #5 - FREE company sponsored referrals!

As if free advertising was not enough, Gold members also qualify for receiving FREE referrals! SWOM! runs company advertising campaigns periodically, which often result in huge amounts of members joining SWOM without any referrer. What do we do with them? They are randomly assigned to Gold members of course! Better still, they are assigned as personal referrals so you even get the $15 Instant Referral Bonus! Can it get any better...? YES...!


Benefit #6 - Swom Group Invitations

Having a Swom Group is a powerful way to reach Swom members. You can increase your own profile and find new prospects for your businesses. As a Gold member, you can be the owner of 5 groups and send up to 500 invitations every day - this appears on your contact's dashboard as soon as they log in, making sure you have their full attention. Targeted marketing doesn't get any better than this! This is even more reason why you can't afford NOT to upgrade!


Benefit #7 - Revolutionary Communication Tools

Only Gold members have access to the advanced features of the members area.Know your contacts, get detailed reports and income breakdown -- you can even contact and email your contacts through Swom! Send them welcome messages, reward those who are actively referring, and BUILD YOUR TEAM!


Benefit #8 - Priority Support

PRIORITY support and advice for your make money opportunities.


AT LAST! An opportunity so lucrative that the decision is easy to make; revolutionary downline management using social networking, and a generous money making opportunity... even just one of those is reason enough to upgrade, but one thing is clear with our revolutionary viral referral program -- It is impossible NOT to earn!

  • Crystal
    Crystal Pennington, USA
    I joined SWOM 2 days ago and my network is already rockin' - I love it, can't wait to see what's to come! Definitely two thumbs up! Excellent job here. Smiles

Summary of GOLD Benefits

Here is a summary of the many benefits you will receive as a GOLD member:

Benefits Gold Member
Qualify for Revolutionary Viral Referral Program Tick
Qualify for $15 Instant Referral Bonus Tick
UNLIMITED Viewing of Member Profiles Tick
UNLIMITED Source of Traffic and Referrals Tick
FREE Advertising Tick
FREE Company Sponsored Referrals Tick
500 Swom Group Invitations Per Day Tick
Revolutionary Communication Tools Tick
UNLIMITED access to Swom Open University Tick
Support and Advice (also group boards) Tick

Why SWOM! will not cost you a dime!

You can give yourself a super, unfair advantage over free members by becoming a SWOM Gold member straight away! For the low, low monthly fee of $24.95, you get all the features above plus much more that we couldn't fit onto this page!

And it doesn't even have to cost you a dime - as the Viral Referral Program can quickly become self-funding and make you a profit! With all the Gold benefits you get referrals even if you are hopeless at advertising.

Enjoy social networking with friends, state-of-the-art communication tools and a stunning, revolutionary Viral Referral Program with free advertising and free referrals -- you could get a 4, 5 or even 6 figure income... EVERY MONTH! Wait till you see this program in action. I can honestly say that there is no better affiliate program with this type of amazing return! Enough said.

Enjoy the unfair advantage and become a Gold member!


Member Testimonials

  • Raymond
    Raymond Conduit - West Wiltshire, UK
    I think its about time I thank you for letting me know about SWOM. I see from all the stats that SWOM is really taking off. My personal downline now stands at 11 but some of those 11 are really pushing the boat out to get their own downlines built. Again thanks for inviting me to Swom!
  • Frazer
    Frazer Lazell
    First of all let me say i love what i have seen so far. I joined yesterday and upgraded to gold straight away
  • Georgina
    Georgina Kordosis, Greece
    Swom came as a breeze of fresh air in my networking life. What I love about it is the positive energy it emits. This might seem strange to you now but you will realize what I mean when you join. You will feel it too.People who have joined are all enthused with it, literally fallen in love with it and you can just sense this 'special something' in the way they participate and interact with each other. I am in Facebook, Twitter and a dozen more networking markets and social networks but SWOM beats them all. Besides the huge earning potential it offers me as a Gold member it has also given me the chance to meet like-minded people from all over the world and I have even formed three real friendships not to mention lucrative business partnerships. Swom has not just met my needs and expectations...It has exceeded them! :-) A happy and Grateful Gold Swom Member,



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Kate_Th (Product_Forever_Living)

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Sworn rewards you with both commissions and community recognition!
Have fun!


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