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Jonas Brothers планируют выступить 19 мая в Лиме (Перу).

Jonas Brothers bring positive message to teens in Peru

Continuing the streak of international stars that have performed in Peru, Limeans will now receive The Jonas Brothers, a pop boy band that won the Breakthrough Artist Award at the American Music Awards in 2008.

The band, which gained their popularity from the Disney Channel and consists of three brothers; Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas, is scheduled to perform in Lima on May 19.

As Christian rock stars that have affirmed they are still virgins, the band has not only claimed the hearts of adolescents in the U.S. but also in Peru.

Aside from spreading the message that drugs and alcohol are dangerous substances they abstain from using, the Jonas brothers encourage the use of ‘purity rings’ - rings worn by each of them symbolizing they will not lose their virginity until they are married.

This ring is handed out in many U.S. churches and is now being given out to teens in Peru as well.

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