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The Jonas Brothers Love British Shops!

The Jonas Brothers say they love their British fans and clothes shops. Asked what their favorite thing about the UK is, middle brother Joe, 19, said: “I would definitely say the fans. It is amazing to always meet them and see them here, and we have a couple of favorite restaurants and things like that we come to.

And the clothing is good. We did all our favourites - All Saints, Topshop and we went to Harrods too.” The siblings are in the UK to promote their film, The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, but the eldest brother Kevin, 21, said he would probably be working in a cafe if he wasn’t in the band. 

He said, “Probably working in a cafe somewhere trying to pay for school. But you know, I think music has always been in our blood and especially now acting I think as well.” The teenage heartthrobs are returning to the UK later in the year as part of their worldwide tour. During their stage show, they ride above the crowds on individual podiums while playing their guitars and youngest brother Nick admitted it can be a little bit scary. 

The 16-year-old said, “Any little movement just makes the whole thing shake.” Kevin added: “It’s amazing coming back here all the time and seeing all the fans we don’t get to see that often, so when we are here we try to take as much time with them we can. It’s really been incredible, the response is amazing,” he told GMTV


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