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The Jonas Brothers postpone presentations Monterrey

Mexico City (Mexico). The U.S. banda The Jonas Brothers decided to postpone their scheduled presentations at Monterrey for May 17 due to health care persist throughout the country as a result of the outbreak of influenza A (H1N1).

The company hosts events Zignia Live issued a statement reported that the next July 31, at the same time, when the brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas give his followers the best of your Mexican repertoire.

The communique added that all tickets purchased for the May 17 concert will be valid for the new date in each of the presentations. Followers unable to attend may request your refund at the ticket desk of the Arena Monterrey from next Wednesday May 13.

The sale of tickets for the presentations of the Jonas Brothers caused a stir in the Sultana del Norte, which is the first time that the group would give a show in Aztec lands.


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