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Popstar! Interviews Greg Garbowsky

GREG GARBOWSKY:Kevin is really caring. He can make people feel really, really welcome, he can make a total stranger feel like they’re party of his family.

Joe is hilarious, obviously. He’s really, really quick. You can just throw a situation at him and he can make it really funny. But at the same time, Joe & I have had some deep talks as well. He has a serious side to him that maybe you don’t always see because he’s always ‘funny Joe,’ but there’s definitely a lot of sides to him.

Nick is the thinker. You’ll say something to him and he’ll take a minute and just state at you while he processes it, and you’re like, ‘All right, what’s going through his head?’ That’s why when he talks, you know it’s something he really wants to say.”


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