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Dark Swords - russian online games


Пятница, 27 Июня 2008 г. 22:32 + в цитатник
 dark swords


Dark Swords

Description games

Dark Swords - is excellent multiplayer online game. Virtual World which, surprising and real!

Dark Swords - multiuser
role-playing game (free mmorpg) new generation of action
which occurs in not unique analogies with the universe.
Dark Swords combines system from the traditional role innovative approach to the implementation playing process, the development of character and social dimension.

The game is free !

Join players from all the country can be right now!

games Review: Client games

Basic steps

 C System<br />
<br />
Governing buttons and menus
Management actions in character Dark Swords carried out through the system Governing buttons and menus. The panel management actions and panel movements around the world are at the bottom of the main screen browser game .

All actions and commands correspond to certain movements keyboard keys (more about them atsection
"Hot keys"
On-line game , where control buttons and button movement may become inactive if they can not be applied in one way or another situation, in this case buttons Management no longer available atsummarizing the mouse pointer to them, and Button movement and does away with screen if a way out of this location direction impossible.

Dark Swords - Navigating the world

 Primer<br />
<br />
 Primer<br />
<br />

Navigating the world in splendid

online game Dark

Swords by means of panel

movements in the lower left corner

screen heroes online games . Those or other

Buttons movement may be present or missing in the bar at Depending on the availability of exits in current location.

Pressing the button

will force the character to go in direction, which indicates button. Buttons
 button up and

button down
icon on the movement used to movement " Top " and" Down ". All buttons movement identified "hot keys" - the arrow on the keyboard to navigate through parties of light and Page Up ,
Page Down to move" Top " and " Down "respectively.

Dark Swords - Choosing an object action

 Selecting the facility action
Most action (attack, the use of magic, collection and transfer subjects inspection characters,entry into groups, etc.) in Dark Swords produced indicating characters and objects - objects Action. Choosing an object action implemented allocation goals mouse pointer on the panels,displaying the surrounding characters and objects in the location. Object actions frame allocated to the green information panels. Inhabitants and the characters other players with whom currently leads the battle personage, highlighted by red frame Information on the panels. Recall that check the name of the character, or monster name of subject can be found, bringing mouse pointer to his picture onpanel.


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