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If people really knew.


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But the longer she looked, the more she began to see another kind of motion. Underlying the random drifting was a deeper, slower, universal movement, out from the land toward the sea. She and the golden monkey were crouching inside the cave mouth, watching and listening, as the light from the zeppelins swung from side to side above the treetops and the engines roared, and shouts, male voices warning or calling orders, made it clear that they should move fast, very fast. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. But there is nothing to be afraid of. She is my daughter, and she is under a spell that made her fall asleep. Come and see her, if you like. No noise, not even a whisper. They think that a great crisis will come before very long, and that the fate of everything will depend on how she behaves at that point. Beyond this point, he explained, there would be not enough depth below the keel, even with the massive flood from the north. She looked at him, struck by the idea. At once the creatures moved away, and some of them brought cushions and rugs from the nearest house and laid them on the firm soil under a tree nearby, whose dense leaves and lowhanging branches gave a cool and fragrant shade. Have you told the ghosts what we were planning? The harpy was watching, the ghosts behind were crowding close. Lyra could see their faint faces in the dimness. He cut a little hollow space in the rock of another world, put all the tiny golden hairs into it, and replaced the rock before closing the window. Iorek told her how to place them, and where, and showed her exactly the kind of draft she should get moving, with a leafy branch, to make sure the gas flowed evenly over the work piece. Yes, she had thought that. She had never seen soldiers, but people did talk about strange and frightening men, or they might be ghosts, seen on the mountainsides at night. But there had always been ghosts in the mountains, everyone knew that. So they might not have anything to do with the woman. Ama looked at the figure in the sleeping bag. Her lips were pressed tightly together, and she was deeply asleep, there was no doubt about that, for her daemon lay coiled and unconscious at her throat. He had the form of some creature like a mongoose, but redgold in color and smaller. She was taken away from me and brought up by strangers. Perhaps that made it hard for her to trust me. They will not let her live.


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