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: "The song /One of these days/ included, unusually, a bass solo as well as one of my rare vocal performances, and an example of one experiment that did make it out of the lab. The line was recorded at double-tape speed using a falsetto voice; the tape was then replayed at slow speed. There arc times when it really does seem necessary to do things in the most complicated way possible."
"Finally there was 'Seamus'. In a rather embarrassed way I can only describe this as a nov-elty track. Dave was looking after a dog, the Seamus in question, for Steve Marriott of the Small Faces. Steve had trained Seamus to howl whenever music was played. It was extraordinary, so we set up a couple of guitars and recorded the piece in an afternoon. Curiously we did it all over again when we made the Live At Pompeii film, this time using another dog, called Mademoi-selle Nobs. On the positive side, even when hard pressed, at least we resisted the temptation to construct an entire album of barking dogs, and to audition a clutch of session dogs desperate to make it in the music business."
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We still treasure in group lore the night Steve O'Rourke sat down to dinner with us and announced that he was in such a good mood that nothing could upset him. Within seven minutes he had left in a fury to have dinner on his own in his room. Roger, aided and abetted by the rest of us, had with very little difficulty found the trigger that would infuriate and finally drive Steve to distraction, simply by suggesting we should discuss a reduction in Steve's commission. On another occasion, at a breakfast in the City Squire in New York, Roger announced that it was possible to tell truly creative people because their heads were always tilted slightly to the right. Conversely, the non-creative tilted to the left. Peter Barnes remembers looking round the table. Eve-ryone's heads, he noticed, were leaning to the right, all - that is - except Steve's.

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- Roger Waters - Pigs


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