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Наяда (Naiade)
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Autumn Rain
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Tim Burton's "Vincent"
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Brother Wolf


Воскресенье, 17 Мая 2009 г. 00:12 + в цитатник
Tell me, brother Wolf, how many times shall pass
Until we fall, surrendering, defeated…
Tell me if our drugs are out of date…
If it is too late to turn back for another doze...
If we’ll end our life in blood and snow dope…
Tell me if it’s time to tie the rope…

Tell me, brother Wolf, why are we going?
Show me the sense of striding through the wastelands
In search for dream based on some wicked instinct
When will you burn that band, that covered eyes
With shadow veil of beautiful disguise?
Tell me, do you believe in paradise?

Tell me, could you trade everything you had
For single but refreshing breath of air?
However, I do know what you shall say…
You are the beast following his prey…
These amber eyes – my vision… my reflection…
You are the violent creation of perfection…

Back on our way… don’t tell me, brother Wolf…
That’s only madness, just desire for some words
Some rigid sounds in the land of silence
Where our exciting moon-howl song belongs…
You wouldn’t tell, my Wolf, my friend, myself…
All answers shall be known when it’s death…

Still there is time to live… we’re heading on
Towards the dream, the paradise… unknown…


Песня на лирику здесь: Слушать Brother Wolf
Увы, это лучший звук, что я смог вытянуть на нынешней аппаратуре, так как нет возможности пока использовать проф аудио-карту... Но, уверен, это временно... В ближайшее время поделюсь ещё чем-нибудь...
Композиция полуимпровизированная, но очень близкая и родная... лично мне... а может и кому-то из вас... волки...
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