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Mirrors of Grotesque
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Memoire d'Ardente
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, 14 2007 . 16:33 +
If i could break this stone of cold
If could release thy senses
Just to feel again the taste of loving lips...

If i could take thee far from here
But in this place i'm just a seer
Condemned to worship of the sick nocturnal deeps...

 (400x400, 28Kb)

- dead'
- Memoire d'Ardente - Golem


Fall, Crimson Solitude

, 24 2007 . 13:34 +
 (640x640, 259Kb)





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To fill the void...

, 10 2007 . 02:14 +
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 (250x208, 17Kb)


Edge dancer Blade runner

, 30 2007 . 23:40 +
Thin stripe of senescence
Sharp blade of memory
Lance at the back I have to go ahead
Deal with the decadence
Forget the destiny
And care each step or blood will shed

Theres nothing on the banks
Of cutting stream which is the way
To somewhere, where I can live in peace just for one day

Without a support
Im dancing on the edge
Writhing in willingness to overwhelm the pain
Even if eyes are torn
Even if legs are worn
Even if gone I wouldnt cry its shame

Theres nothing on the banks
Of cutting stream which is the way
To somewhere, where I can live in peace just for one day

Amidst these fools and fooled
Wearing these bleeding wounds
I fear theres just some hours left for me
In cell where minds are ruled
Where our paths are doomed
And if I stop, beneath the cross theyll confine me


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: The Old Dead Tree



, 13 2007 . 18:09 +
 (458x504, 46Kb)

à tout jamais, tien

Dont say goodbye, forget this word
Well bury it in land where poets died
From overwhelming grief
They couldnt find the way
So many times they did

Dont kiss me farewell, let me pet thy lips
Never to forget their taste
Dont turn so soon, poison with thy smell
To make me ever breathe
Thy spell

Dont fall in blues, hard time shall pass
Beneath the azure sky of tenderness
Ill be waiting for thy wonderment
To tell and reveal
What letters do



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, 08 2006 . 00:07 +
 (700x523, 170Kb)
Ode to Nature

How many a nights will dissolve in glowering light?
How many a days will be dressed in shroud of dusk?
The facades of life depraved by humans I watch
Attempting to find the way through the dark with no torch

To savage beauty I compose my canto
The tunes of wind rustling with bewitched leaves
Animals abandon their shelters
To listen and dance beneath green cover of trees

They sense what my soul reveals in airs of music
My inner delight and infinite spring of inspiration
I worship of thee, oh, glamorous Nature!
Im vital until merge with elements of thy creation

To savage beauty I compose my canto
Im not forlorn in the woods of my desire
Hear the trees whisper to one another
Within my core calming the frenzy fire

How many a nights will dissolve in glowering light
How many a days will be dressed in shroud of dusk
The facades of life depraved by humans I watch
Attempting to find the way through the dark with no torch

To savage beauty I compose my canto
Shine for Aeon arrayed in the cloak of stars
All that you give birth to is gorgeous
Again I chant my rhymes to thy heart


Stanzas to the even weariness

, 30 2006 . 22:08 +
 (600x600, 135Kb)
From the early morn, when we wake up
In prostration and disruptive feeling
'bout the coming day, we fall in reeling
Down with pain and weaknesses of dark
Past, expressed in stones in our hearts,
Building rocks around the warming oven,
Thus from birth to present being grown
We succeed imprisoning our parts

To the even where weariness,
Brought from stress, those problems and emotions,
When no wizard to create a potion
To release at instant our press,
Boringly half sleeping we possess
Coming flow of tongue interpretation,
Dreaming of the only loved temptation:
To embrace the rest, off dirty dress...


L. de Llamorte


November, 23

, 23 2006 . 22:27 +
 (282x360, 44Kb)

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If fear not, come over here, my friend...

, 30 2006 . 23:31 +
 (400x400, 37Kb)

As flowers fall on graves, now be my guest in miracle of world
We still create in this delirium of perished brains, which slumber
Within sunshine rays: playing with chance they find vampire being
To burn him, to hear morbid screaming in the dusk inside his flesh
Undead and venomed by debonair mortal sentiments, while tearing skin
And writing secret name in wicked letters of comatose fiend,
That is the only to describe this mournful life in misty days
Of mirror where the miracle of world like fetish of some ancient
Indian tribe become just mystery, and never to be found the key
To lost garden where dead and live can comprehend each other without doubt,
And every single but sincerely deep heart can last forever

Even if you are just guest beneath the snow-buds as lilies fall from heaven
In this place tonight or maybe youre sophisticated spectre:
Come have some rest inside oblivion round, sit on the frozen ground,
If cold is strong ask one to give you shroud, and try to speak your passions
All aloud to hear some echoes from the graves below
Dying or living doesnt matter here at all for death and life are equal in this world

So, you are mad enough to listen up till end this insane lied of mine
And you are here, supposed to live and die
Beneath the lily sky here comes another feeling like or being spectre

 (300x406, 16Kb)


Gloomy Sense of Waning Autumn

, 17 2006 . 22:25 +
 (600x400, 56Kb)

Farther than life, closer than death
My soul is poisoned in thy heart
Inside my blood there's nothing left
But the addiction to thy art
As the autumn spreads her wings
Of weepin' leaves and howlin' winds
I see in grey lake of despair
Distorted vision of believes
And creepin' cold envelopes mind
Within the rainin' days and nights
Without thy warmth in anguish roll
Beneath the blankets of the fall...

Harder than pain, softer than touch
My soul is poisoned with thy love
I cannot tell why care so much
About thee, my precious dove
As the autumn brings decay
I face living slightly fey
Restin spirits in the box
With my melodies away
Sleepless think about thee
Paralyzed by memory
Of those ardent times of joy
That together we enjoyed

Now as the broken piano makes my senses
I watch the flames on tips of waving fingers
These little sparkles in the chamber of dark dreams
Where sun cannot be seen but moon is welcomed
In starlit ancient night with venom kisses
Of thou, whom I miss so deeply lone...

I wish the snow would never seize my soul...


, ...


In ugliness...

, 06 2006 . 23:15 +
Call me Autumn as I shed my tears
Naked tree amidst the fallen leaves
Sullen presage of undying fears
When decease is painful destination
All alone in agony frustration...
Falling into void without pant
Screaming out sense which can't repent
Only feel... This is my ever role -
Shadow in the tortures of the Fall...



, 30 2006 . 01:13 +
September Sun

In bleak September I farewell thy summer,
Go to the place where used to be alone:
There cold is bone and many things undone
Still lying patiently beneath the teasing sun,
Caressing waves with soft lesbian arm -
There I farewell o'r once blossoming summer.
And watch how desperately trees undress
From green to bare yellow and red,
How freezing earth gets sad with tears of autumn,
How leaf is writhing on my pale hand,
And wind is blowing misty seaside woesome,
Striking despondence into crying hearts of lonesome
Gulls flying over my beminded head
In season of delusion and regret...
When through the clouds I caught some tiny hope
(A bit of thy warmth in upcoming cold)
I threw away my old in masochistic willing
To sacrifice one more death for the kind of feeling
We had together... rose you've given (to) me
Dying forever in our agony...
Aye, it will last until the final thrilling
Where both we come to pleasures or the killing...

 (576x29, 2Kb)
moi, de Llamorte



, 04 2006 . 14:05 +
 (458x600, 146Kb)

Like a languid madame...

Like a languid madame under marmelade sky
In coquettish fatigue leaned against branchy tree,
Motley bubbles she's blowing and letting them fly,
While watching light-hearted how they burst in the high,
Touching archly her bonnet, fondled, giving (in) to bre'th -
Under marmelade sky reclining the nymph...

Hair ringlets in curling with the tangerine air
In dark rivulets flowing to her sensible bosom,
And in ravishment motionless of parlourmaid fair
Thousand eyens of wishful looking out from their lair,
Which invisible are in her violet blossom,
Ruby grass at her feet trembling catly in awesome...

As she's resting beneath the infinity sky
Like a languid madame leaned against spreading elm,
In the noon soft and mild she is wishing to fly
Like this bubbles which laugh in the rainbow high,
And together they burst, oh, so cravingly well
While she's finding herself in amorous realm...




, 25 2006 . 17:19 +
This time the emptiness continuing my torture
The wind in door-holes whispering regrets (516x650, 117Kb)
I wish to close my eyes and catch a breath of fortune
But now behind it's laughing at me...

The glasses which provides me darkest sight
The music which is sliding in my deeps
In trance I sense the willowing delight
O, how it drowns in everlasting sleep...

This time the nakedness of mind is my religion
With book of epitaphes traversing crimson blaze
Could you believe in such a pungent feeling
Of death...
Could you find a heart for me?
In this everlasting craze!

It can happen, don't afraid, my loneliness
We've together got used to such days
When are forsaken
Wild roses fading in the moonlight bays...

Can touch the beauty, fail to seize her with my arms
She's like a morning smoke upon the dream
With afterglow I release this line and turn to stars
And they hide their shine from me...

The glasses which provides me darkest sight
The music which is sliding in my deeps
In trance I sense the willowing delight
O, how it drowns in everlasting sleep...

It can happen, don't afraid, my loneliness
We've together got used to such days
When are forsaken
Wild roses fading in the moonlight bays...
We feed upon this emptiness
We feed upon this emptiness
We feed upon this empty vagueness...


The night is white... (a poem)

, 17 2006 . 04:37 +
 (300x226, 12Kb)

I wouldnt say its holding me
The man of stone empathy,
The monument of raving clouds,
Paradoxical misery,
Where night is weirdly undark;
And day is obscure beast of bark

While its already deeply nighttime
And oh, the most early morn,
I see the pale twilight roaming
Behind the curtains from the mall,
And sky is dirty flesh indigo,
Blurred by the brush of shades vertigo,
Rolling from ceiling to the floor
The fundament for gravely passion
Like playing skulls in jugglers weird expression
In foreign lights envenoming the heart
O, here is one of most stranded nights!
And it is white
Even if grey
It doesnt matter how they say

I have another view of things
Well, like a cat who jumps and swings
Upon the moon with trembling mews,
I hang and rocking by the wind
Somewhere on island of distress,
Where willow tree confess my mess
With stretching out helping hand
The rope around my throat is set
My feet are closer to the ground,
Where carnage feast consumes the sound,
And through the mucus on my eyes
I cast the image of grotesque
And move it to my lips in trance,
Trying to hear some rebound
From outer mind
Before I die
O, in this kind of faked light,
Who steals the color of the night,
And now its white,
And rather grey
It doesnt matter how they say

Enormous pressure strikes my brain
Dont eer get used to ugly pain!
Or if you need a penetration
Call to the place of exploration
And make them sick of all your thoughts,
Until theyre furous with your words

Its sleeping time my soul denial
Some dear friends baptized exiles,
Some closer even far from here,
Where agony and evil veil compassion
Exhume if can find
My psyche on the other side
Just to return to flesh and bones,
To smell of roses in my dreams,
To violent intoxication
With erotic obsessive wills,
To ebony of night religion!
Far and away its my addiction,
When I cant run without feeling
The touch of innocent goodbye,
The image of unknown beauty,
Which makes me cry in hatred and devotion
Tonight I drink the potion to relieve
Of something weird that clouded my heartbeat,
While making last one kiss into the air,
Into the night
Well, it is white,
More likely grey
It doesnt really matter how they say

 (536x63, 2Kb)


Together part in Pain

, 08 2006 . 21:25 +
 (699x505, 62Kb)




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 (320x395, 53Kb)


Crimson Clouds

, 03 2006 . 23:25 +
Youre just like me
Looking through the glass
How city clouds blush with crimson
For all the sins which people miserably do
Even if sin is something good and tender
The clouds are passing the dividing line
Great pipe like a respiratory tube coming from the ground core
And some kind of vortex is blinking in its high
Shaking as the earth is shaking too
While the city clouds of crimson guard
Can be watched trespassing the earths breath
Vanishing in the vortex, flying its trip from another side

Youre just like me
A singer of weird orphanity
Which no one couldve understood ever
Since the time you feel like me
Since the time you had fallen from one of the crimson clouds
When jumping from one to another
Escaping the vortex of sinister breath

Dont you remember?
We used to be together
The keepers of the crimson clouds
We used to look down at earth
And the golden domes stroke shine into our eyes
We talked to angels, motionless
Confined within the bronze
We used to scrub the crosses of humanity

Now we look far, and see the sky
Someone another is there instead of us
Jumping from cloud to cloud and keeping secretly lies
Which is just blush, the crimson blush
And you know it
You feel it
Just like me

 (600x450, 296Kb)
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: The Doors - You're lost little girl


Needing... just old one to be heard...

, 28 2006 . 01:26 +
 (290x450, 28Kb)

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