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Real estate license

Вторник, 23 Сентября 2008 г. 02:31 + в цитатник

Because of the complexity in purchasing and selling a home or property, people typically seek help of real estate brokers and agents. Often, the situation can be that sales workers or agents provide services to a licensed real estate broker on a contractual basis and the broker pays the agent a portion of the commission earned from the sale of the property.

Brokers are independent business people who engage in the sale of a real estate owned by others. Other functions are also renting and managing properties for a fee, arranging meetings between the buyer and the seller to discuss the transactions..

In order to have a successful career in the real estate business, you have to acquire a valid license. The license is the key to a lucrative real estate career, a broker's powerful tool in the property business. Since real estate will always be a dominant market everywhere and homes are continually be bought and sold throughout, this gives the licensed broker the opportunity to be part of the industry..

Since the real estate industry is an upsurge, some open up offices and work in public, some become appraisers, and those with skills in operating and maintaining rental properties can be property managers. Others want to be in control of their time; while others are simply have interest in buying real estate to them and take advantage of the best deals..

Real estate license is mandatory. It is important to know that the license is not solely about taking the real estate examination. Processes may differ in every state for the purpose of protecting the consumer. Every state requires that applicants complete a form for a pre-licensing course and submitting it before they're allowed to take the final exam for licensing.

A real estate license often requires continuing education courses, as well as the retaking of the test as per the local and state regulations..

Real estate : Real estate license

Budgeting models

Суббота, 20 Сентября 2008 г. 07:32 + в цитатник

Budgeting models are essentially a mathematical formula used to regulate the money in and money out for persons, businesses and communities. The basis for a budgeting model is to provide a specific guide of money earned versus money spent to the end result of a profit.

There are several types of budgeting models that can be utilized..

The participatory budgeting model is a model most commonly used in government. The participatory model is a process of democratic deliberation and decision-making. The people making the decisions are ordinary residents of the town or city and they use their vote to determine how to allocate funds that are part of a municipal or public budget.

There are several features to this model such as: implementation of local direct-impact community project, deliberate and vote on spending priorities, identification of spending priorities by community members, and election of budget delegates to represent different communities. This type of public budgeting model lets the people who live and work in the community decide how and where money in the local budget is allocated so that the projects and issues important to the citizens are addressed..

Some studies suggest that this budgeting model does not result in higher quality of life, increased satisfaction of basic needs, or greater government accountability, but this framework can be a base for a new type of public budgeting model called the performance based budgeting model.

The performance based budgeting models build upon the participatory budgeting model by using goals objectives, and mission statements to explain how and why the money is being spent. This puts the result of the spending as the bottom line to justify the choices of the government that is spending the money.

What performance based budgeting is concerned with is the result, the strategy, and the activity or outputs what is being done to achieve the final outcome. This framework for a budget makes community projects more feasible when the money is in the budget..

Budgeting and forecasting : Budgeting models

Electronic commerce

Суббота, 20 Сентября 2008 г. 02:34 + в цитатник

Electronic commerce is the buying or selling of products or services over the Internet or other computer related manners. This is quickly becoming a very common method of purchasing products and is enhanced by websites such as Ebay.com and Overstock.com.

Amazon.com is also another large facilitator of electronic commerce. This commerce style is often known as eCommerce or e-commerce..

The buying or selling of products or services is well known to be the manner in which all companies live. These products can be purchased in a showroom, over the phone, or in modern times, over the Internet or other computer related methods. Electronic commerce methods are quick, effective, and secure therefore making them ideal manners to purchase product.

When business needs to be done at the speed of light, it is little wonder that so many businesses are turning to eCommerce to get their product and service to the public while using eCommerce to purchase their supplies. Another benefit of eCommerce is that the world is then able to get the product rather than just the local people.

This can make the business more profitable..

Many businesses are designed to only use electronic commerce as a method of conducting business. Businesses such as Ebay.com and Overstock.com only have Internet check out points. The products of these businesses can only be reached via the Internet, and without the Internet, these products must be purchased elsewhere.

Amazon.com offers the best of the eCommerce world and the catalog and call center world. This is to mean that while people still cannot enter an Amazon store, there are other ways to purchase the products offline..

With the advent of cell phones with Internet connections, electronic commerce has now moved into the mobile market. Consumers have the ability to buy and sell products from the palm of their hands.

Commerce : Electronic commerce

Organizational leadership

Суббота, 20 Сентября 2008 г. 02:33 + в цитатник

Leadership comes out if one contrives to receive complaisance from other entities, for example followers. Organizational leadership is done by putting a distinct authority at the top of an organization to manage the self-directing leadership that is naturally within it.

This is what we perceive it to be and leadership is a misunderstood word for everybody. That authority at the top is not leadership; it is a command, giving legitimate expression to a superior role of management over the inferior function of leadership..

Organizational leadership is an essential constituent or characteristic of the very nature of an organization that arise from exceptional relationships among people joined together in a collaborative effort. It has an identity of its own that exists in these relationships than just merely in the individuals who enter into them.

It is both influenced and influenced by those people and communicates their organizational opinions and needs of the organization..

Leadership is not a haphazardly operating process, but a propelled force that is given motion by purpose and a joint effort to accomplish it. It is managementРўs role to assure that the organizational leadership has a substantive and meaningful core around which to form itself, give it grip to advance the organization to its postulated ends..

Organization leadership provides the functions of leadership to beneficial degree and far more centered on the ability of the organization to accomplish its own purposes and sustainability. The concept is not entirely new, more or less to design and direct the organizationРўs own affairs are the natural tendency of business.

Organizational leadership is the most essential part of a successful business. The importance of organizational leadership only grows as the company or business grows over time..

Organizational behavior : Organizational leadership

Budgeting software

Пятница, 19 Сентября 2008 г. 10:31 + в цитатник

Budgeting software is a computer program that creates a profit or loss plan from data entered into the software. Some of the data to be entered may include earnings and expenditures.

There are many different types of budgeting software. Budgeting software is helpful in constructing and maintaining a personal or business budget.

Any sort of budgeting software can be used to keep track of a personal budget, but the software is only as good as the individual who is using it. To keep accurate records the budget must be updated with accurate data. If the budget is not updated on the software, it is of little use to the individual.

Computer generated budgets are commonly used because the replace the need to recalculate the budget when there is a change..

There are many different ways to keep a budget. There is the old fashioned method of a pencil and paper, but that has been virtually wiped out in the technology age. The next most common (and simplest) type of budgeting software is a spreadsheet program. With a spreadsheet program one have arrange their budget and perform calculations with rudimentary formulas.

Spreadsheets are simple to use, but don't offer features like date-shifting..

Money management software is some of the most comprehensive software on the market today. Products such as Quicken and Microsoft Money will keep track of individual account information with various types of accounts such as checking, savings, and investments. These programs can also track credit card spending and alert you when you have overspent on your monthly budget.

Programs like these can also connect to online bank accounts..

There is also spending management software that tracks the budget and gives the individual user information on how much money is left to spend during the current month.

Budgeting and forecasting : Budgeting software

Разработан сверхбыстрый твердотельный накопитель

Четверг, 18 Сентября 2008 г. 06:32 + в цитатник

Корпорация Micron Technology разработала две модели сверхбыстрых твердотельных накопителей, один из которых, RealSSD P200, будет применяться в корпоративных решениях может считывать и записывать до 250 мегабайт данных в секунду, говорится в пресс-релизе компании.

Вторым накопителем, RealSSD C200, будут оснащаться ноутбуки. Скорость считывания у C200 также может достигать 250 мегабайт в секунду, однако записывать он может лишь до 100 мегабайт в секунду.

Накопитель P200, по утверждению компании, примерно в 10 раз быстрее обращается к данным, чем обычные жесткие диски. Время, необходимое для доступа к информации, у него составляет менее миллисекунды. У жестких дисков этот параметр составляет около 8 миллисекунд. У P200 также в несколько раз ниже энергопотребление. Емкость P200 варьируется от 16 до 128 гигабайт.

Емкость С200 в форм-факторе 2,5 дюйма будет достигать 256 гигабайт, а в форм-факторе 1,8 дюйма - 128 гигабайт.

Новые накопители поступят в серийное производство в четвертом квартале 2008 года. Стоимость устройств неизвестна. Ожидается, что она будет соответствовать производительности накопителей.

Скорость чтения у накопителей в несколько раз превышает привычную. Так, аналогичные накопители Samsung могут считывать данные лишь со скоростью 90 мегабайт в секунду, а разработанный компанией Mtron "самый быстрый" SSD-накопитель считывает и записывает информацию со скоростью 130 и 120 мегабайт соответственно.

Ссылки по теме - Корейцы создали самый быстрый SSD - Lenta.ru, 16.05.2008- Выпущен первый в мире ноутбук со 128-гигабайтным SSD-диском - Lenta.ru, 18.03.2008

Сайты по теме - Micron

Разработан сверхбыстрый твердотельный накопитель

Apple выпустила iPod classic 120 ГБ

Четверг, 18 Сентября 2008 г. 00:30 + в цитатник

Девятого сентября во время мероприятия Let's Rock глава компании Apple Стив Джобс представил новые плееры iPod.

Корпус iPod Nano четвертого поколения вытянут в длину, а внешне плеер напоминает Nano второго поколения. Диагональ экрана нового Nano равна двум дюймам. Плееры предлагаются в модификациях с 8 и 16 гигабайтами памяти по цене 169 и 199 долларов соответственно. Батареи новых Nano хватит на 24 часа прослушивания музыки и на 4 часа просмотра видео.

Кроме того, Джобс показал второе поколение iPod Touch, оснащенное акселерометром. Внешне плеер практически не изменился - он стал лишь немного компактнее. Изменилась цена плееров. iPod Touch второго поколения с 8 гигабайтами памяти стоит 229 долларов, с 16 - 299 долларов. Также был представлен 32-гигабайтный Touch, который будет продаваться за 399 долларов.

В плеере iPod Classic изменений не произошло. В ходе Let's Rock была показана лишь новая модель со 120 гигабайтами памяти, которая стоит 249 долларов.

Ссылки по теме - Стали известны размеры новых плееров Apple iPod - Lenta.ru, 04.09.2008- Apple представит новые продукты 9 сентября - Lenta.ru, 03.09.2008- Издание Fudzilla узнало о готовящемся выходе iPod Touch с GPS - Lenta.ru, 28.08.2008- Apple представит овальный iPod Nano в сентябре - Lenta.ru, 25.08.2008- Аналитики предсказали появление нового iPod Touch в сентябре - Lenta.ru, 12.08.2008

Сайты по теме - Apple

Apple выпустила iPod classic 120 ГБ

Marketing newsletter

Среда, 17 Сентября 2008 г. 00:32 + в цитатник

A market newsletter is a form of marketing for the information age. Email marketing is a vital form of marketing for businesses to reach a wider consumer base, especially businesses which deal exclusively online. Email marketing is a direct form of marketing that utilizes email as a means of communicating to the consumer audience.

The marketing is used to communicate commercial or fundraising messages to these consumers. In a broad sense, every consumer that receives the marketing email for particular business is a potential customer. Current customers are also targeted to keep the lines of communication open between the consumer and the business..

Marketing newsletters are not only utilized by businesses. Non profit organizations also use marketing newsletters to reach a larger base of potential people willing to donate to a cause.

In conjunction with email and phone marketing, marketing newsletters are a viable way to pull customers into your business..

The purpose of email market is to send emails that try to enhance the relationship of the consumer and the business. The emails seek out new potential customers as well as keeping a continuing relationship with existing customers to promote customer loyalty. Some marketing goes as far as targeting a message to existing customer in order to persuade them to buy something immediately because of a sale or limited quantity.

Email marketing also sometimes utilizes advertisements of other companies within the emails to boost revenue for the company. In 2006, email marketing was used at an estimated cost of $400 million dollars..

There are many advantages to email marketing. There is a low cost to this type of marketing, which means that companies can reach a lot of customers with an email mailing list cheaper than any other form of advertisements. It is also less expensive because the return of the investment can also easily be tracked..

Marketing : Marketing newsletter

Government lawyers

Вторник, 16 Сентября 2008 г. 08:33 + в цитатник

Nearly every aspect of society is affected by the legal system. Lawyers are the nuts and bolts of the legal system and bridge the gap from that system to society. Lawyers help us with our traffic tickets, divorces, real estate transactions, business contracts, and pursuits of justice, just to name a few..

They represent their clients by arguing the evidence, and they counsel clients about their legal rights and obligations, while suggesting appropriate courses of action. About a quarter of all lawyers is self employed, working with partners in a law firm or in solo practices. The requirements for becoming a lawyer generally include a four year college degree, three years of law school and a passing score on the bar exam, although these qualifications may vary by state.

The intense competition for law school and job openings is a first step toward the intensity of their career..

Lawyers may specialize in many areas. Bankruptcy, probate, international, elder, and environmental law are among the most common. Legal aid lawyers work for no profit organizations to serve disadvantage people. The largest group of lawyers specializes in government law.

The young government lawyer has hopes and plans for the world and the future, just as any other lawyer, but the rules imposed upon them make their crusades a little more challenging. Whether in terms of conflict of interest or the use of government supplies for pro bono cases, the government lawyer has a bit less freedom.

Government employment comes at many levels. At the State level, they are prosecutors and public defenders in criminal courts. At the Federal level, cases are investigated for the Department of Justice and other agencies. Government lawyers also help develop programs, draft and interpret laws, and argue civil and criminal cases on behalf of the government..

Government : Government lawyers

Nasdaq stock quotes

Воскресенье, 14 Сентября 2008 г. 20:30 + в цитатник

To fully understand what NASDAQ stock quotes are, you must first individually understand what the NASDAQ is and what a stock quote is. The NASDAQ is a composition of different stock options or companies. NASDAQ itself stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System.

In short, this means that most technology companies are part of the NASDAQ..

So, companies such as Dell, Microsoft and Apple are all part of the NASDAQ. Stock options in the NASDAQ have four letters, such as DELL and MSFT. NASDAQ stock quotes are stock quotes that are for companies that belong in this category of technology based companies.

So, if you think that technology is advancing at a good pace, you should invest in the NASDAQ..

A stock quote is the selling, or buying price for a certain stock. You can obtain this price from your broker or from your online stock-selling agency. So when you join these two terms, NASDAQ stock quotes, simply mean the price that a company in the NASDAQ system is being sold for.

So if youРўre looking to sell or buy in the technology industry, you should look into researching NASDAQ stock quotes..

As for when you can trade in the NASDAQ, it closes and opens at the same times as all other stock options. Also, when considering NASDAQ stock quotes, you can either buy a preset package from your broker which will include the stocks he/she thinks are most promising, or you can choose the companies yourself that you think have the most potential..

The price of NASDAQ stock quotes will vary based upon many factors in the business and the country. Quarterly profit announcements, changes in business leaders and the financial status of the country can all affect the price of NASDAQ stock quotes.

Investment : NASDAQ stock quotes


Воскресенье, 14 Сентября 2008 г. 04:30 + в цитатник

Колиэнтероколит (colienterocolitis), или кишечная коли-инфекция, представляет собой острое инфекционное заболевание с преимущественным поражением кишок, особенно тонких.

Возбудителями этого заболевания являются энтеропатогенные кишечные палочкиЭПКП..

Колиэнтероколитом болеют дети, как правило, грудного и раннего возраста. Колиэнтероколит часто возникает на фоне других заболеваний, особенно на фоне острых вирусных респираторных инфекций.

Длительность инкубационного периода неопределенна. Клинические проявления болезни продолжаются несколько дней и недель. Колиэнтероколит наблюдается в виде спорадических случаев или групповых заболеваний. При своевременном и правильном лечении антибактериальными препаратами и диетой смертельные случаи от кишечной коли-инфекции встречаются очень редко..

Размножение попавших в организм человека ЭПКП происходит, как правило, в просвете подвздошной и тощей кишок, где они могут значительно преобладать над непатогенными кишечными палочками. Размножение этих микробов в эпителии или в лимфатическом аппарате кишечника не удается выявить.

Под воздействием всасывающихся из просвета кишки токсинов ЭПКП возникают дистрофические изменения эпителия. В дальнейшем возможно его отслоение. В сохранившихся клетках эпителия видно много реактивных митозов. Наряду с этим в стенке пораженной кишки возникают очаговые сосудистые расстройства в виде умеренной гиперемии, стазов и мелких кровоизлияний.

В строме слизистой оболочки местами видны небольшие скопления лейкоцитов и увеличенное количество плазматических клеток и лимфоцитов. Часть этих клеток некротизируется. В других участках слизистой оболочки нередко выявляется повышенное слизеобразование. В лимфатическом аппарате происходит распад ретикулярных клеток и лимфоцитов.

В просвете кишечника наряду с микробами содержится жидкость с небольшой примесью белков, слизи, клеток спущенного эпителия, единичных лейкоцитов и иногда эритроцитов. Поражения сходного характера обычно наблюдаются и в толстых кишках, однако в них они выражены слабее..

Макроскопические изменения кишечника незначительны. Они заключаются в весьма умеренном очаговом полнокровии и набухании слизистой оболочки, преимущественно вокруг лимфатических фолликулов и пейеровых бляшек, наличии водянистого содержимого в просвете кишечника с небольшой примесью комочков зеленого цвета слизи и изредка прожилок крови.

Описанные изменения позволяют говорить окат аральном энтерите или энтроколите..

У некоторых детей развиваются неглубокие одиночные, реже множественные изъязвления, обычно округлой формы. Они располагаются по брыжеечному краю или на противоположной стороне и связаны с нарушением кровообращения в стенке пораженной кишки, делаются более редкими инфильтраты в стенке пораженной кишки, а в их составе вместо лимфоцитов и плазматических клеток начинают преобладать гистиоциты и фибробласты..

Диссеминации ЭПКП гематогенным или лимфогенным путями обычно не наблюдается. Несколько чаще она происходит интраканаликулярно в верхние отделы пищеварительного тракта и далее подыхательным путям в легкие. При этом у ребенка иногда возникает очаговая пневмония, вызванная ЗГЩП, обычно в сочетании с нормальной кишечной микрофлорой..

Местные осложнения те же, что и при дизентерии. Они заключаются в возможности наслоения вторичной инфекции.

Часто вследствие токсикоза, а также изменения обмена веществ и нарушения процессов всасывания из кишечника наблюдается развитие дистрофических изменений внутренних органов. Наиболее типична резко выраженная жировая дистрофия печени. При длительном течении болезни вследствие нарушения питания может развиться истощение..

Здоровье : Колиэнтероколит

Banking account

Воскресенье, 14 Сентября 2008 г. 02:31 + в цитатник

A banking account is an account held at a banking institution where finances of the customer are held. The bank records the financial transactions between the customer and the bank. The customer deposits money into the bank and then has access to remove it whenever the customer needs it.

This is done in a variety of ways, such as using an ATM, checks, or electronic transfers. Bank accounts keep solid records to inform the customer whether they have a credit balance or a debit balance in their accounts. If they have a credit balance, the credit they have is available to be withdrawn from their account.

If the customer has a debit balance, the customer owes money to the bank..

Once money is deposited into a banking account there may be limits to the amount of monies that are available for withdrawal on a daily basis via certain methods. ATM transactions and bank card transactions are the two most common fund sourcing methods that carry limits for daily use..

There are many different types of bank accounts and not all of them function as a deposit-withdraw account. Some are meant to hold money for long periods of time. Some of the different types of account held at a financial institution are: savings accounts, transactional accounts, numbered bank account, money market account, tax-exempt savings account, transaction deposit, low-cost account, and nostro and vostro accounts.

Banks hold all of these accounts for customer so that while the customer has this money in the bank, the bank can then use this money to pay out on other accounts, guaranteeing that when the customers wants to withdraw their money, it will be available. Some bank accounts also have to do with borrowing money.

Customers can hold a loan account at a bank if they are borrowed a large sum of money from that bank for a new home or car..

Banking : Banking account

На заводе "ИжАвто" начнут полномасштабную сборку KIA Sorento

Суббота, 13 Сентября 2008 г. 11:31 + в цитатник

ОАО "Ижевский автомобильный завод" (входит в группу "СОК") в конце июля 2008 г. начнет полномасштабное производство внедорожника Kia Sorento, который с марта 2007 г. собирается на предприятии методом крупноузловой сборки. Как сообщает пресс-служба группы, сегодня начинается монтаж оборудования для CKD-производства Kia Sorento, включающего сварку и окраску кузова автомобиля.

На первом этапе будет осуществлена установка оборудования в цехе сварки автомобилей Kia. Кузова Sorento будут свариваться на специальном участке, расположенном рядом со сваркой Kia Spectra. В настоящее время на участке сварки Sorento возведены металлоконструкции, начинается монтаж сварочного оборудования.

Монтаж оборудования для сборки Sorento запланирован на последнюю неделю июня. Действующий в настоящее время участок крупноузловой сборки будет переоборудован в полномасштабное сборочное производство. На данном участке дополнительно появятся заправочная станция, оборудование для заправки гидроусилителя руля, подсборки панели приборов и рамы и т. д. Кроме того, на участке подсборки рамы будет установлена система электронных гайковертов, позволяющая контролировать качество проведения критических операций.

По словам главного инженера Ижевского автозавода Александра Рыбакова, уже проведены подготовительные работы в цехе окраски "ИжАвто" – туннели и камеры адаптированы под габариты Sorento, изменено программное обеспечение роботизированных линий.

На заводе "ИжАвто" начнут полномасштабную сборку KIA Sorento

Business incorporation

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Business incorporation is the process of identifying the business as its own identity under law. This makes it so that what happens to the business does not necessarily happen to the owners and vice versa.

There are many different laws regarding the incorporation of a business and the amount of liability the owners and managers of that business are entitled to. The incorporation of a business also has the benefit of lowering the tax basis of the business and therefore freeing more money for investments and growth..

The process of singling out a business in the eyes of the law is rather complicated and should be done by a lawyer to ensure that the business is completely legal. Although there are companies and websites that offer to provide the paperwork at no cost, these should be avoided as the proper research is difficult to do and the proper assembly and completion of this paperwork can make a big difference in the success or failure of the incorporation effort.

With something as important as incorporation, cutting costs is not recommended. The incorporation of a business designates that business' belongings from that of the business owners. This means that if something happens to the business, the owner does not lose everything. It is also a major benefit when preparing taxes, for incorporated businesses tend to be taxed less than personal businesses and the public.

This in turn frees up more money for the company to reinvest into itself, allowing it to grow and succeed as a business..

All applications for the incorporation of a business must go through a government review and approval process. This process can take weeks or months to complete. Once a business is incorporated, all transactions performed by the business need to be recorded separately from personal transactions by the owner..

Business : Business incorporation

Franchising opportunities

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People from all walks of life dream of one day being their own boss. We've grown tired of the eight, ten, and twelve hour days of working hard, while often being treated badly in the process. Many people have original and innovative ideas that are practical enough to build upon, but what if you are stumped? What if you just know you need to make a change and you are ready to venture out but you can't come up with an idea to save you life? Why not benefit from someone else's idea? Look into the many available franchise opportunities..

Franchising is a way of obtaining permission from an already established and successful business, and selling that product or opening that establishment in the specific region in which you have been given permission. There is usually a contract and a pretty large price tag involved. You probably would make your money back relatively quickly, but you still have to have the up front money or financing available to you buy the franchise.

This is what deters a lot of would be entrepreneurs from becoming franchisees..

A very popular franchising opportunity is McDonalds, one of the first franchises ever to have emerged. HereТs a snapshot of what it takes to buy a McDonalds franchisee.

$45,000 initial fee paid to McDonalds. Equipment and pre-opening costs are roughly $700,000 to $1,504,000.00. $250,000.00 NON BORROWED down payment. PLUS service fees and rent. WOW! It sure is a lot of money but the risk is definitely low and the pay off outstanding. If you have the money and a good location, it is a good franchising opportunity..

McDonalds is one of the highest examples of franchising opportunities, so don't be scared off by the expensive nature. At the opposite end of the price spectrum is vending machines which are much more affordable to the average guy. There is a lot of information on the web about buying a franchise. Do some research and find the one that fits your budget and interests.

Aren't you tired of making someone else rich?.

Franchising : Franchising opportunities

Money factoring

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Money factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing (in Europe), is a financial transaction where a business decides to sell its accounts receivable (also known as invoices) at a discount. Factoring is a different entity from a bank loan in three ways. The first way is that the emphasis is not on the firmРўs credit worthiness, but rather on the value of the firmРўs receivables.

Second, factoring is not considered a loan. Factoring is the purchase of an asset. Lastly, a bank loan is an exchange between two separate parties while factoring is a transaction between three different parties..

The three parties involved in the transaction are the seller, debtor, and the factor. The seller is the part that is owed a certain amount of money, usually for works performed or good sold. The second party, the debtor, is the one who owes money to the first party, the seller. To correct the situation and create a balance, the debtor will sell on or more of its invoices at a discount to the third part, the factor.

The factor is a specialized financial organization. It buys the invoices and the debtor obtains cash to pay the factor the full value of the invoice..

At the heart of money factoring is the accounts receivable department of a business. If a business invoices a customer, there is normally a waiting period between the receipt of the invoice by the customer and the receipt of payment by business. Money factoring allows the business to be paid nearly immediately while a third party handles the accounts receivable portion of the bill..

The reason that this works is because for a company to sell invoices at a discount, it is more profitable for them to use funds that support their sales growth. Sellers will make more money from investing in their own growth than from supporting a customerРўs business by extending credit to them.

Money : Money factoring

"Вымпелком" официально сообщил о подписании соглашения с Apple

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Компания "Вымпелком", действующая под маркой "Билайн", подписала соглашение с корпорацией Apple о продажах смартфонов iPhone 3G в России, передает "Интерфакс" со ссылкой на официальное заявление самой компании. Условия соглашения, в том числе сроки начала продаж и цены на смартфон, не раскрываются. По данным источника "Интерфакса", контракт с Apple был подписан еще 13 августа.

В двадцатых числах августа появились неофициальные сообщения о том, что договоры с Apple подписали все операторы "Большой тройки". По данным "Ведомостей", МТС обязалась продать миллион iPhone за три года, а "Мегафон" и "Вымпелком" - по полтора за два года. По неофициальным данным аналитиков, стоимость аппарата составит от 24 до 26 тысяч рублей.

iPhone 3G был представлен Apple 9 июня 2008 года. 11 июля начались продажи телефона более чем в 20 странах мира. До конца года телефон будет продаваться более чем в 70 странах. Обычно смартфоны Apple, оснащенные GPS-модулем и умеющие подключаться к сетям связи третьего поколения, продаются залоченными на определенных операторов. Будут ли в России продаваться залоченные телефоны, неизвестно.

Ссылки по теме - Российские сотовые операторы пообещали продавать iPhone миллионами - Lenta.ru, 22.08.2008- iPhone станут официально продавать в России - Lenta.ru, 21.08.2008

Сайты по теме - МТС- Билайн- Мегафон

"Вымпелком" официально сообщил о подписании соглашения с Apple

Job interview techniques

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Most people are nervous when they are interviewing for a new job. There are several things one can do to prepare for this nerve wracking process. Simply being prepared will decrease the stress associated with the interview and help you make a better impression. Becoming proficient using the following job interview techniques will help you prepare for a job interview..

Preparation is the most important job interview technique. This process begins well before you meet the interviewer face to face. Having a properly formatted resume, all of your personal and financial information (in case you are hired on the spot) and turning off your cell phone before the interview are three of the most common areas of stumble.

Once you are ready for the job interview, the in interview techniques can begin..

The first job interview technique you must master is how you present yourself. You must make a favorable impression that goes beyond your credentials. Your future employer can read and was impressed enough by those credentials to give you the interview in the first place.

Go in to the interview with a positive attitude and a passion for the company. Invest in an outfit that makes you look like the professional you want to be..

The second job interview technique you need to perfect is making a personal connection with the person interviewing you. Make eye contact and smile as if you are already friends. Attempt to mirror their behaviors from handshake to posture. You want to make them comfortable with you before they ever ask the first question so they will want to listen to you.

Once those questions begin be sure to give sincere answers..

At the end of the interview it is important to review the important points you want your future employer to remember. First, remind them why you are the person they should hire by reiterating your best two attributes. Finally, let them know you want the job!

Human resources : Job interview techniques

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Suunto t4 Coach Black Volcano Training Watch - FREE FEDEX 2 DAY S...

Печенье с орехами и шоколадом

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Мука — 200 г, сахар — 400 г, яйца— 9 шт., шоколад — 100 г, орехи — 100 г, ромовая эссенция — 2 г.

Желтки отделить от белков, взбить с сахаром (100 г), всыпать муку, измельченные орехи, протертый шоколад, влить эссенцию, слегка перемешать. Добавить взбитые с оставшимся сахаром белки, все вымешать до образования однородной массы. Замешанное тесто выложить в кондитерский мешок с нарезной трубочкой.

На лист, слегка смазанный жиром, отсадить печенья в виде небольших лепешек. Выпечь при температуре 160 — 180°С..

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