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Суббота, 05 Апреля 2008 г. 17:11 + в цитатник
Постучалось какое-то чудо в мсн..
Sam 14:58:41

asquante 14:58:51

Sam 14:59:27
what are you up to?

asquante 14:59:52
working with some php code, updating my system and compiling xfce..

Sam 15:00:22
you are a coder too?

asquante 15:00:34

Sam 15:00:37
thats what i do for a living!

asquante 15:00:55
well, then i guess we're colleagues..

Sam 15:01:29
which database do you use? mysql?

asquante 15:02:03
mysql, mssql, postgres.. whatever is used in the environment i'm working in or what's better for the project..

Sam 15:02:18
is it a uni project?

asquante 15:02:37
i work on different projects :)

Sam 15:03:11
are you single!!!!!
it is hard to find pretty geeks
Ну и какого хрена?%) Весна, блин%)
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