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Создан: 10.05.2016
Написано: 115

Teflon PTFE Virgin Sheet, 1/16" - .062" x 12" x 12" White


Вторник, 13 Декабря 2016 г. 09:10 + в цитатник

Teflon PTFE Virgin Sheet,  1/16" - .062" x 12" x 12" White,Thickness Tolerance ±0.005".

PTFE Virgin Sheet

PTFE, also known under the brand name Teflon, is a soft fluoropolymer mechanical plastic with exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, corrosion and stress cracking.

PTFE features impressive heat, mechanical toughness, electrical and low friction properties, making it the material of choice for many high heat and low friction applications.

PTFE plastic is available in FDA approved, electrical, mechanical, glass-filled and bearing grades.


Various Teflon PTFE products


Вторник, 21 Июня 2016 г. 08:47 + в цитатник



Various Teflon PTFE Products
PTFE is an amazing material. Its wide range of properties include outstanding chemical resistance, a continuous working temperature range of -26 deg C to +260 deg C, a low coefficient of friction and to-tal UV resistance. It has excellent insulation properties and is suitable for use with food . Used for seals,gaskets,o-rings, valve seats and linings (chemical). The addition of fillers such as glass,car-bon and bronze can further enhance the properties of PTFE. 1.Very low co-efficient of friction 2.Excellent chemical properties 3.Temperature range-260 to +260℃ 4.Excellent chemical resistance 5.Suitable for contact with food 6.Fillers can be added to improve properties PTFE Rod One key important advantage of PTFE Rod is its operating temperature range, it can easily out perform other engineering plastics by being able to perform continuously at -250°C, right up to an amazing 250°C. Another important advantage of PTFE Rod is its outstanding co-efficient of friction, PTFE is inthe record books as having one of the lowest friction values known to man. PTFE also has excellent acid and chemical resistance. Another feature of PTFE is its ability to set by or due to compression. PTFE has excellent electrical resistance. PTFE is also water repellent and is often used in the manufacture of modern high performing, water repellent and breathable clothing. PTFE Sheet Skived PTFE Sheet, Molded PTFE Plate, Filled PTFE Sheets and Expanded PTFE Sheet common type PTFE plates, Etched PTFE Sheet. Use Skived and Molded sheets can bemade in any thickness from 0.1mm up to 100mm. Skived ptfe sheet thickness from 0.1mm to 10mm. Molded ptfe sheet from 3mm to 100mm. Filled ptfe sheet ( Filled Graphite, Filled Fiber Glass,Filled Bronze, Filled Carbon ). thickness from1mm to 100mm. Skived and Molded PTFE sheet is ideal as a slide surface, is ideal for cutting into blanks for machining into smaller parts. PTFE Film Skived Teflon (PTFE) film sheets are manufactured from virgin Teflon (PTFE)resins which are molded, sintered, and skived to the appropriate thickness . Both Teflon (PTFE) sheets and film are widely used in a number of industries due to the material’s outstanding characteristics, including heat and chemical resistance , dielectric strength and anti-stick properties. Both sheets and filmmay also be chemically etched on one or both sides for bondability. PTFE Tube PTFE Tube by Extruded, Molded and Filled. Extruded ptfe tubing OD from 1mm to 300mm. Molded ptfe tubing from 30mm to 600mm. Filled ptfe tubing ( Filled graphite, Filled Fiber glass, Filled Bronze, Filled Carbon ), Size OD from 30mm to 600mm. PTFE Gasket PTFE Gasket by Cut and Molding. Cut ptfe gasket size OD. from 10mm to 2500mm. Molding ptfe gasketsize OD from 10mm to 1200mm. Filled ptfe gasket ( Filled graphite, Filled fiberglass,Filled bronze, Filled carbon and Filled steel )Size OD from 10mm to 2500mm.



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