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Создан: 05.02.2011
Написано: 26

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My English Essey about Technologies


Пятница, 11 Февраля 2011 г. 21:34 + в цитатник
Our life is much different from the one centuries ago. Our technical progress has improved greatly, espesially in the last century. But what advantages and disadvantages can we get from it?
Our life has become easier and faster. A lot of new types of arts has appeared, like films, electronical music, computer programmes. People can get more information, they're much more educated than people from the previous centuries. The quality of daily life has improved greatly: nowadays we have a lot of useful home equipment like friges, washing machines, microwaves, even lights! The lenghth of people's life has risen in many countries because of medical discoveries. With the help of communications and transport we can reach any place of our planet. And not only it!
I can continue the list. But is it a perfect world, a paradise, which was a dream of people for many thousands of years? I suppose, no. Nowadays the price of technical progress is very high. Plants and factories pollute the water and the atmosphere, industry requires a huge number of resourses, which aren't endless. Computers, TV-sets and many other devices influens on our health in a bad way. Many people become crazy because of stressful situations and because of the Internet. And how can I forget about weapons, which can destroy at least everything? Modern types of weapon, like nuclear, biological and climatic, are really dangerous.
Of course, it isn't a paradise. But we're only at the beginning, we've just stepped on the long technological way. The first expearance is rather bad, but we've got endless oppotunities to develop our science further. We have opened a magic door to a wonderful world, and our jorney to the really new kind of life has started. It'll be a long way, many centures will pass, before we create a real paradise, and now we have to do everything to make this dream nearer.


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