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How to Write a Book Report


Понедельник, 20 Апреля 2015 г. 12:30 + в цитатник
“Read not to contradict and confuse, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh, and consider.”  
Sir Francis Bacon 
How to write a book report is a nagging question for nearly every student. 
No matter how annoying you feel about writing book reports, your teacher will assign you to write another one, which will definitely involve searching for interesting book report ideas, finding appropriate book report forms and organizing format for writing a book report clearly. 
What you should know is that teachers assign you to write book reports so often, because this writing assignment helps you to…
- Develop your abilities to summarize, compare, and contrast.
- Express your thoughts clearly and coherently.
Nevertheless, for many students this task seems disconnected from their studying routine. They pay little attention to reading and thinking over a book. Hence, many students have a rough idea on how to write a book report properly, where to find stunning book report ideas, and what types of book report forms are.
If you want to cope with writing book reports successfully, follow these instructions and write an award-winning book report.

Writing an Eye-Catching Introduction

Now let us get down to writing an eye-catching introduction, which is the opening part of your book report and has a tremendous impact on the readers. Therefore, you should try to do your best to get the readers involved in reading your book report. 

In a word, you should create an impressive, attention-grabbing, and concise introduction. 
Sophisticated vocabulary, abundance of epithets and complicated word combinations will be out of place in the introduction. Remember that an impressive introduction should engage the readers in your book report rather than load them with unnecessary staff. That’s why begin your book report with…
  • An anecdote;
  • A rhetorical question;
  • A quote from the book;
  • An appropriate joke.
There are some points that should be included in the introduction.
1. The title/author of the book;
2. The genre of the given book;
3. Reasons behind choosing this book to read.

Composing a Well-Organized Body

The body of your book report must be a smooth continuation of the introduction and have the same rhythm, pace, and tone. 
It is better to start the body with the description of the book and end it with your opinion about the book you have read.
The description of the book must include the following aspects, which will help you arrange the paragraphs in a natural and logical order. 
  • The theme of the book is the main idea that runs throughout the book. Always keep the book at hand while writing a book report, so that you can refer to its content if necessary.
  • The setting of the book is the information on the geographical position of the main characters;
  • The plot summary in which you should provide information on the flow of events in the book. Do not get into the endless loop of insignificant events; pick only the most important ones.
  • The characters description, where you should explore their physical and personal traits. Pay special attention to the protagonist, namely the main character. Identify whether other characters help or hinder the protagonist.
  • The conflict that takes place in the book. Remember that there are three types of conflicts: man versus man, man versus nature, man versus himself. 
  • The climax, namely the point where the story reaches its most dramatic or exciting moment. 
  • The falling action, where the conflict is already resolved. 
Once you have composed the body paragraphs, you can turn to composing a well-organized conclusion. 

Writing a Thought-Provoking Conclusion

Conclusion is the final stage of writing book reports in which you sum up your book report ideas. 
In the conclusion you should…
- Briefly conclude the book report by pulling your thoughts together. 
- Say what your impression of the book is.
- Emphasize what you want your readers to know about it. 
While writing the conclusion, be careful not to overstep the limits and move into the wilderness of the book review. Bear in mind that your conclusion should be intriguing, thought-provoking, and impressive.

Making Final Steps

The good news is that your book report is almost ready. Though, before submitting it for approval, you ought to proofread and edit it accurately.  
It is advised to read your book report aloud to ensure that the flow of ideas is smooth. Do not forget to check your book report for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. 
Once you have done these final steps, you can breathe with relief, because your book report is right and ready. 
You may follow all these steps at your own Risk OR You may entrust your assignment to professional paper writing service and leave the headache for another time ;-) 


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