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Вторник, 09 Марта 2010 г. 08:03 + в цитатник
Well fuck yeah i am i need a blog i need someone to tell my stuff to although its all going to be english..... Its just so much easier that way trust me.
So yeah
Lets start with the newest sunshine of my life
First time ever something is working out for me and im extremely happy about it. A guy 19 years old in the army just got back from Georgia.... Exremely gorgeous and down to earth. Fn to talk to and has incredibly kissaable lips. ;] But anyway. Sounds like he likes me and surprisingly i like him back, concidering what happened with paulo an dstuff, i mean, i doubted i d ever feel anything for a guy like that. I dont think its love and i dont see it be that way but its something incredible, nothing like him has ever happened. I know im only damn 17 and stuff.... But you know, those years are the only damn one that i will be ble to enjoy.
So yeah. I doubt anyone still cares and everything... but VAL IS HAPPY. Its so weird and unexpected but i love that feeling :]
Oh well
This is it.
I wont write about me changing alot or stuff like tht cause noone cares i know that XD
So yeah :]
Forever yours, Valery Samantha

P.S. THATS Levy haha aint i in heaven... haha
 (525x700, 89Kb)
Я счастлифф и мне больше ничего не надо =))


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