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I AM GHOST concert - review )) READ! *eng*


Суббота, 14 Марта 2009 г. 12:45 + в цитатник

Ok so
ONe of the best nights in my life
WHen we got there people were just sitin around or walkin
Well everyone was dressed up Bloody Prom Night DUH lol
Me and my friends got some ass kichin places right near the stage ao we wouldnt get hit in the pit and get sweat and spit *and maybe blood and tears* from I AM GHOST
THe first opening band rocked. "Oh sweet ransom". If you havent heard them-go check it out on their myspace, theyre VERY good and have a really cute drummer XD. lol when he was walkin on the stage his friend pulled his pants off so he played drums in blue boxers XD
I swear they rocked it really got me in the mood )
The second band just sucked. I didnt even bother to memorize the name. Just typical screamo with kinda suckish drumming
i loved the guitars tho but it still was too... Easy? I dk i donth think they were on a really good level.
The third band, I didnt really get the name but i think it was something liikeArms like yours
or whatever i dont remember XD
Screamo but really GOOD screamo )
i was impressed hahaha
I was already like crazy at that time so i dont remember the details sory )
The fourth and the last was Big City Kids. I have no idea what they were playin but they were GOOD!!
ANd then people started coming up. I actually had a though ab leavin because i was literally squished into a guy in front of me. I dont think he minded so it was good.
Ron got on stage... HAve yu ever had a feeling that u r gonna cum in ur pants rite there rite now? XD
He looked even better then usual i swear i like was amazed )
Justin and Chad just started warming up. Damn it hahaha the concert havent even started and i already was out of air XD
Next thing that happened put me in trans. Steve walked on the stage. I thionk i fainted 4 a second. Not cuz i love him that much. JUst because i was smashed by the crowd and couldnt breather. The big guy in front of me saved ma ass *life* ahain cuz i literally like lied down on him XD
Then.... It began. I was blinded by lights and all i could do is scream with the music and just rock it XD I thought ma arms and head were gonna fall off. when Steve just kinda sat down and just grabbed some of our hands-dayum that was like WOW hahaha. I remember hettin to his legs and hands all the time. I remember gettin to Tim's knee cuz he was wearin like ripped jeans. I remember when some of us got to put our fingers through steve's hair. Next thin i know-theyre sprayin us with fake blood. I was one of the first ones to get some. DUH haha. It was funny because Ronny just started spittin out that blood and he like licked sum of the fingers. YES i did wash it, im sorry, but i still ll remember this awkward act forever XD
Steve took his juacked off and valery finally got to his arms haha. I love how he looks like now more then when they started XD So yeah. I kind of spaced out for a long ass time. In the end Justin threw his drumsticks in the crowd. I didnt get any. BUT!. Then he took off his tie. And guess who caught it? ^^ Well technically it was me and the pillow guy in front of me. But.... You know mw and you know that im pretty stubborn XD And i was all bloody, sweaty and angry with some kind of sex hair. And i was wearin ma contacts. So yeah i think i scared him cuz he just let it go and i gave him a hug XD. I was so fuckin happy it was all wet from Justin's sweat lol
yeah amazing
and then we went to kick it with Justin and chad cuz they were just out there takin pix so yeah haha i got a pic with justin and chad, and chad also signed my phone and its so worth it so we just had a convo and it was funny cuz my mom called to check up on me and he answered the phone and he was like "Srry she s a little busy right now you should call later".... She never called back XD But yeah he was amazing but Chad, personally, i like your hair short )
And then we took few pix with the drummer from Oh sweet ransom XD He was pretty chill ab stuff haha we just talked ab the concert n shit and i guess we were like the only people wanting to be there with them lol. His friend flashed him again XD that was funny cuz that was right when i hugged him XD
Then we left home)

THe best concert theyve had. The best event i ve ever been to. bought an I am ghost hoodie.
GOt my ear a little bit ripped. BLood doesnt wash off XD. Got punched in the stomach on the pit so i dk if i ll ever have kids hahhaa.
WAS SO WORTH IT XDE I got the tie  from justin and my glove that i ll never wash because it was touched by steves sweat hand legs and hair hahaha

and YES i know im creepy and ima just fall asleep rite now and if i go to the art class tomorro-im goin the way i am rite now and im NOT takin a shower and i DONT care ab peoples DNA on me cuz im fuckin crazy ab this shit and just sayin-i LOVED it people you DONT KNOW wha you ve missed ((

<3 you TAF


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