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Пятница, 09 Декабря 2005 г. 01:08 + в цитатник
 (390x370, 12Kb)
Если ты любишь что-нибудь - дай ему свободу.
Если оно вернется - оно будет твоим навеки.
Если оно не вернется - значит, оно никогда не принадлежало тебе.
Если оно просто сидит в твоей комнате, смотрит твой телевизор, приводит в беспорядок твои вещи, ест твою еду, говорит по твоему телефону, забирает у тебя деньги и совершенно не подозревает, что ты-то давным-давно подарил ему свободу - значит, ты либо женат на этом, либо родил это.


Понедельник, 05 Декабря 2005 г. 22:44 + в цитатник
3572197_739121_00000038.jpg (700x525, 45Kb)

"In the shadows"...Обожаю эту песню!!!

я жду каникул!!!

Понедельник, 05 Декабря 2005 г. 22:39 + в цитатник

Как дела???...Ну и денек был у меня сегодня!Понедельник день тяжелый для всех всегда...Впереди еще целая длинная неделя,но будем надеятся что она незаметно пролетит!

Сегодня была в школе...(8.30 до 4.10)...Время так медленно проходило сегоднябпросто как черепаха ползло по минуте...

Как же я жду каникул!!!Скорей бы уже поехать в Альпы и поноситься по черным трасам на лыжах или на snowboard!...что-то я замечталась...Мне с сожалению пор, a то завтра снова рабочий день и надо быть в форме.


Deep Gaze

Вторник, 29 Ноября 2005 г. 20:20 + в цитатник
Who is this,you know?...Of coarse you know!
7561777_5889580_Bezimeni1 (700x525, 142Kb)


Вторник, 29 Ноября 2005 г. 20:03 + в цитатник
Это музей в Wales(Cardiff)...Eto otdel Poezii.Ya sfotografirovala etot otsek,t.k poeziya ochenj mnogo dlja menja znachit..ya prosto OBOJAYU poetry,t.e poeziyu!!!
CIMG1149.JPG (700x525, 207Kb)

Снова дела

Вторник, 29 Ноября 2005 г. 19:57 + в цитатник
 (144x114, 3Kb)
Сегодня приехала из Лондона!Была там вместе с классом на театральном фестивале.Было клево!...Cегодня снова пошла в школу...снова за работу!

CIMG1178.JPG (525x700, 83Kb)

Mysterious woman

Вторник, 22 Ноября 2005 г. 19:09 + в цитатник
I am a quite complicated person inside my soul,but I am an open person in public...I am a mystery!...Get to know me and try to figure my heart and soul out...I'll be glad to get your little help...

 (370x500, 56Kb)

I live in the music of tomorrow!!!

Вторник, 22 Ноября 2005 г. 19:03 + в цитатник
Upon conception a dancer was formed. When she was born, her first dance was to her father’s cadence. All through life, while music played she twirled to the melody at hand, always pleasing the source and stepping to the expected beat. Looking around she heard beautiful tunes and watched as others toed their own lines and spun out of sight. She did not know how to find her own song, so she continued to pirouette for audiences of one. In the summer of her life, she heard lyrics to a beautiful song, and she followed it like a hypnotized child. She could see over the gate all that awaited her, but the gate was so high and the road appeared too long. She turned away and went toward the familiar songs, and could only long for what existed beyond the gate.
You ask where she lives. Tonight she will pad silently across the hardwood floors and climb the stairs that lead to the balcony. On her way, she selects music of her choice, the songs that remind her of the path not taken. Out on the balcony beneath a canopy of stars, in the palest moonlight she will wait for the notes to resound through the open windows and spill into the evening air. Wearing only her faded cotton gown, and a smile likened to a new crescent moon, her eyes shimmer like a bay in the mid-day sun as she begins her dance. Feet that barely touch the wood flooring and fingertips that paint the horizon with her dreams, she dances alone. Tonight it is her song, her dance and she is content. Deep in her heart she smiles, knowing that what lay beyond the gate will always be there. She lives in the music of what she knows, and what could have been. Give her five minutes and she will dance for you.

 (62x136, 8Kb)916248_861854 (43x131, 8Kb) (500x699, 53Kb) (43x131, 8Kb) (62x136, 8Kb)


Вторник, 22 Ноября 2005 г. 18:22 + в цитатник
Oscar Wilde's Quotes

Love: Oscar Wilde Quote
Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a man's last romance.

Seeing: Oscar Wilde Quote
One does not see anything until one sees its beauty.

Wealth: Oscar Wilde Quote
Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.

Happiness: Oscar Wilde Quote
Pleasure is the only thing to live for. Nothing ages like happiness.

Happiness: Oscar Wilde Quote
Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

Seeing: Oscar Wilde Quote
The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.

Integrity: Oscar Wilde Quote
The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is.

Life: Oscar Wilde Quote
The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

An essay that I made up today!!!

Понедельник, 14 Ноября 2005 г. 20:41 + в цитатник
980345_1183991 (115x115, 24Kb)
“O Romeo, Romeo,/Wherefore art thou Romeo?/Deny thy father and refuse thy name,/Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,/And I’ll no longer be a Capulet” (II.i.74–78).

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet concerns lovers whose love and life are destroyed by their parents’ hatred for each other. Throughout the play, Juliet is a naive child who contemplates the consequences of the Montague and the Capulet’s fighting, unlike her parents. Juliet is aware of the danger, although she doesn’t do anything about it to reconcile the families, because she knows that it would be pointless to even try. Romeo is not as aware of the danger of the feuds of the two families as Juliet is, and as a young man he gets angry easier and he is more passionate about things and he only thinks about the consequences later on. Juliet is the youngest characters in the play, who is still an innocent child at times, but who has great willpower and who contemplates the danger of the consequences of the family feuds.
Juliet is at her adolescent age and she is exactly on the border of being an innocent child and becoming a woman. At that time, in Verona, it was a custom for the girls at that age to get married. Lady and Lord Capulet were very much concerned about Juliet’s marriage and her life. As a result, Juliet is being forced to marry a man whom she promises to: “…look to like, if looking liking move”(1, 4, 103), and try to love him.
In the play, Juliet shows her self-confidence, maturity and courage. Juliet has strong willpower and she tries to obey her parents, saying that she will try to like Paris. Juliet shows strong willpower inside of her from the way she deals with the serious situation. Juliet’s dutiful agreement and her obedience looks like a refusal to her parents through a passive attitude. Juliet accepts Lady Capulet’s wishes, but she does not fall in love with Paris. Throughout the play, Juliet is a child and a confident mature woman at the same time.
When Juliet first meets her love, at the Capulet’s party, she shows her first steps away from childhood and towards adulthood. After she sees Romeo for the first time in her life and when she falls in love with him from the first sight, she is very upset to find out that, “[her] only love sprung from [her] only hate! / Too early seen unknown, and known too late! Prodigious love it is to [her]/ That [she] must love a loathed enemy” (1, 5,152-155). Although, Juliet is in love with Romeo, she disapproves Romeo’s fast decisions and his way of romanticizing things and she doesn’t fear to lose her love. She is able to see the events logically and to say the truth, no matter how bitter it is for her. Though her love is irresistible, it is not blind at all after the fact that Romeo kills Tybalt. Juliet’s heart is overwhelming with anger after she hears the news of Romeo’s banishment and Tybalt’s death and she even tells her mother: “…from the reach of [her] hands./Would none but [she] might venge [her] cousin’s death”(3, 5, 90). Although, she is young, her actions prove her internal maturity. Juliet drastically changes throughout the play and she is ready to leave her past life in Verona and to follow the one she loves. Even in the last moment, when the lovers meet at the tomb, Juliet shows more courage than Romeo, because she stabs herself through the heart with a dagger, which is harder to do than to just swallow poison.
In the beginning of the play, Shakespeare portraits Juliet as an innocent child, but throughout the play he makes her change into a self-confident woman. Juliet speaks these lines, “O Romeo, Romeo,/Wherefore art thou Romeo?/Deny thy father and refuse thy name,/Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,/And I’ll no longer be a Capulet” (II.i.74–78), that are the most famous lines in the entire play. While Juliet is standing on her balcony, not knowing that Romeo is in the garden, she asks why Romeo must be who he is, why does he has to be a Montague- her enemy. Juliet is tired of all the Montague and Capulet feuds and she wants Romeo to deny his family name for her love.
Juliet understands the reason of the family feuds, but she doesn’t want it to affect her love for Romeo. Juliet thinks that real love comes only from a person’s inner soul. The product of the family feuds is the outer identity, which is based just on names. The love for Romeo overtakes Juliet’s family’s hatred for the Montagues. “What’s in a name?” she asks. “That which we call a rose /By any other word would smell as sweet” (2, 1, 85–86).
The murder of her beloved cousin with Romeo’s hands is too much for Juliet to take. Juliet questions: “Can heaven can be so envious?” (3, 2, 45), when she believes that Romeo is banished. In Juliet’s inner soul she can not approve this terrific deed by Romeo and at the same time she can not but weep over the death of her beloved cousin. When Juliet finds out that her dear cousin, Tybalt, is dead, she is angry. She claims that Romeo's evil is "hid with a flow’ring face" (3, 2, 79). Her reaction is not surprising, though, because for all Juliet is aware of, this might be true. Despite the fact that "Romeo's hand shed Tybalt's blood" (3, 2, 77), Juliet remains a faithful wife to her husband and more than that she wants rather “….ten thousand slain Tybalts” (3, 2, 124-125) than one banished Romeo. Juliet is the youngest character in the play who seems to understand the situation and who seems to think about the consequences of the family fights and hatred. When Romeo is banished, she understands that “…to speak that word/ Is father, mother, Tybalt, Romeo, Juliet,/ All slain, all dead ”(3, 2, 133-135).
Juliet’s parents do not understand their daughter at all and when Juliet tells her mother that she will marry “ Romeo, whom [they] know [she] hates/ Rather than Paris”(3, 5, 127-128) Lord Capulet gets out of rage and he calls his daughter the worst names such as: “green-sickness carrion!...baggage!....tallow face...young baggage, disobedient wretch!” (3, 5,161-166).When Juliet asks her mother to delay the wedding with Paris “for a month, a week,/Or if [they] do not, [the parents can] make the bridal bed/ In that dim monument where Tybalt lies”(3, 5, 211-213).
Juliet is the last victim of the feud of the two families and what she had said before came true: her “…wedding bed/ And death, not Romeo, [took] her maidenhead” (3, 3, 145-150). The Capulets and the Montagues misunderstand the feelings of their children towards each other, and eventually they have to make big sacrifices for their feud. Romeo and Juliet kill themselves for their love for each other and because of the long-lasting hatred of their families. Both of the families are so much into their feuds that they let their most precious children die because of their hate and only when it is too late after their death the parents realize what they have lost and what they did wrong. The love that struck both lovers like a bolt of lightning became a poor sacrifice for the two struggling families and: “…never was a story of more woe/Than this of Juliet and her Romeo”(5, 3, 320-321).

 (400x316, 26Kb)

Good Evening!

Воскресенье, 13 Ноября 2005 г. 23:11 + в цитатник
Hey,sweet friend! How are you? Today I woke up at 12:00 and went together with my parents to see our new house.Later we met with my uncle and with another friend of my parents and all of us went together to see a play in the theater next to our house.The theatre is called "Teatr na maloj Bronnoj". I really like dthe play"Jidi goroda Pitera ili neveselie besedi pri svechah".I would certainly recomend you all to go see this play in the center of Moscow.There are really good actors playing in that theatre and especially in this play.One of the actors is Lev Durov, whoi plays FANTASTIC! GO SEE THAT PLAY WHEN YOU HAVE TIME!

 (437x412, 34Kb)

Без заголовка

Воскресенье, 13 Ноября 2005 г. 02:09 + в цитатник
 (100x100, 7Kb)
My idol and an idol for many people since a very long time and until today is our dear Meryline Monroe!
Marilyn-Monroe-15.jpg (638x820, 117Kb)


Воскресенье, 13 Ноября 2005 г. 01:30 + в цитатник
 (113x107, 62Kb)
One of my favorite movies is "The Matrix"...I think that they really ruined all of the movie by making two more movies after the first one because the two other movies don't really make any sense and they are just plane dumb and stupid...well...anyway...if I was a producer or a film director, I would change the two movies or I would not even have the two at all and leave the first one as good as it is with an open ending...
matrix-1024.jpg (699x525, 95Kb)

~*Another new poem of mine*~

Воскресенье, 13 Ноября 2005 г. 01:15 + в цитатник
 (201x256, 23Kb)
“The Wiener Walzer”

One, two, three
One, two three
Turn and spin
Left and right
With the music of the Wiener Walzer
He sways you back and forth
Like a feather,
Holds you tightly but gently
With his high proud posture,
One, two, three
One, two, three
Sounds of footsteps
Ticking of heals,
Your dress twirls around
Playfully shining
In the dim ballroom light,
Blue, red, yellow, gold, silver, purple, pink…
Spinning, twisting, turning, whirling…
Champaign, wine, roses…
One, two, three
One, two, three
Graceful playing the violins and the violas
The smell of sweet charming perfume
The sound of gay music and laughter
A gentleman kissing a lady’s hand,
The Wiener Walzer
Spins everyone around
In a friendly atmosphere
Like a fountain of joy, laughter, music, love, Champaign, and fireworks.

Без заголовка

Понедельник, 07 Ноября 2005 г. 02:20 + в цитатник
5372943_babochkablest (247x221, 17Kb)

How gracefully you float in the air
Your wings full of life gently flapping
Like two gaseous clouds!
The wind rushes by
Takes you with him on the way…
You land quietly on a yellow flower
Rest a while after your flight,
The wind picks you up
And brings you to me
You spin around in the air
On a sunny fresh morning
Bringing joy and happiness
To kids who run chasing you
With laughter,
So curious and lively
You land on my shoulder
And slowly open your transparent silky
Weightlessly trembling wings
Sprinkling silver pollen
On my shoulder
With those opaque light blue laces
You give me hope
Remind me I am still alive
And give me memories of my innocent
Worriless and joyful childhood,
You make me want to fly!
I wish I were as lighthearted and free
As a light graceful spinning lively butterfly!

Smoking kills

Понедельник, 07 Ноября 2005 г. 01:06 + в цитатник
I really hate it when people smoke!It just calls rejection from my side when I see a person smoking...
nosmoke_heart_pink.jpg (288x262, 10Kb)

"The phantom of the opera"

Воскресенье, 06 Ноября 2005 г. 15:58 + в цитатник
This is one of my favorite musicals that I take part in since I am 6years old.I used to play the role of Christine in this musical maybe it's because I am somewhat like her,my voice fits and my name is Kristina. I really can watch and listen to the phantom of the opera a million times.

 (198x175, 9Kb)

Who wants an angel's kiss???

Воскресенье, 06 Ноября 2005 г. 00:52 + в цитатник
Catch this kiss I've blown to you
As it flutters from my fingertips
Reach out and gently cradle it
As it dances to your lips.
Hear this wish I've made for us
In the stillness of my heart
Listen to the plea it makes...
That we would never part.
Feel the warmth within my heart
The comfort I've come to know.
Safe...secure...wrapped in your love
Don't ever let me go.
Catch this kiss I've blown to you...

 (382x330, 105Kb)

Без заголовка

Воскресенье, 06 Ноября 2005 г. 00:47 + в цитатник
I am BACK!!!YAY!!!well,actually I don't know if it's good or not that I returned to Vienna where the weather is all foggy and rainy and seems so cold and uncomfortable because it's surely not like in Spain on the Canary islands!This change of climate is weird,but I hope to get used to it...In Moscow it's even colder...:(..I miss Fuerteventura already and all it's warm sun and blue ocean!I am really looking 4ward to my next vacation and hoping that we will go to Hawwaii..Well,to dream is never bad!;)

 (700x525, 72Kb)


Понедельник, 31 Октября 2005 г. 02:03 + в цитатник
Hey!My name is Kristina!Nice to meet you all here!Hope we will all become friends and will find a common language with eachother.

 (114x143, 4Kb)

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