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In love with... Winter!!!


Четверг, 26 Января 2012 г. 21:08 + в цитатник
В колонках играет - гр. Фабрика - Белым снегом

Настроение сейчас - Отличное!

Никогда не думала, что зима – такое счастливое время года! Может быть в даааалеком детстве думала. Когда каталась на снегокате с папой или мамой или друзьями, лепила снеговиков с подружкой Женькой и другом Владиком и находила подарки под елкой.

2306730_winterwonderland_1_ (700x525, 164Kb)

Потом хорошее отношение к зиме куда-то улетучилось. Сменилось тяжелыми мыслями о том, что зима - она такая длинная, скучная, темнеет рано, светает поздно, вечно холодно и одеваться надо долго, много и тяжело.
Но все поменялось этой зимой! Не кардинально, конечно, но...

Этой зимой я встала на коньки!!! А коньки - это таакой ооогромный повод для радости! Зима для меня стала во много раз позитивнее, добрее и радостнее!

2306730_0178 (525x700, 245Kb)

А главное, что этой зимой рядом со мной есть тот, с кем можно поделиться этой радостью, с кем нестрашно кататься на оогромном ледовом катке, с кем можно весело поваляться в сугрубе, с кем можно в обнимку после дооолгих прогулок отогреваться горячим глинтвейном в уютном кафе и все это будет великолепным времяпрепровождением!

2306730_mi_s_a_1_ (228x348, 32Kb)

Как здорово!

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Maybe I should not post it...


Среда, 11 Мая 2011 г. 16:06 + в цитатник
В колонках играет - Band of horses - No one's gonna love you more than I do

Настроение сейчас - Puzzled

Now I'm having my final examinations - all my free time I spend with English grammar, English lexicology, English Phonetics, British Studies, only English-English-English....
I'm exhausted!
I adore this language, I really do, but...
Sometimes I think how totally right is Frederic Beigbeder when he says in his book "Love Lasts Three Years" that something you love -it is caviar for breakfast, lunch and dinner: you can be fed up of your favorite thing!


I'm fed up of English!

2306730_sessiya (391x259, 38Kb)

NOW I need something light, bright and full of happyness...

So, I want to raise my spirit right now, right here.

It's a real story from one of my friends, Tiffany. The story of her engagement. This story is so tender, so fabulous and so beautiful and I want to share it with my diary...

From Tiffany:

" Well, people have been asking so I thought I'd post a note about our story.

Jon and I met in October 2005 on a plane ride to a mutual conference. We immediately hit it off, but did not start any kind of relationship until a year later when we were both overseas living in different parts of the world. Jon wrote me an email and initiated our first real correspondence. From that point on we continuously emailed and then skyped (video calling through the internet). Over the next year we became very close and Jon came to Moscow twice to visit me. We fell in love but had to wait until we were off the field to do anything official.

I returned back to the states in March and began planning. (We KNEW we were going to get married, we just had to wait until Jon could return to make it official.) Jon returned at the end of May (finally!!).

He took me out to eat at the nicest restaurant I've ever been to. It was a steakhouse in the heart of Dallas called Dakotas. You can only access the restaurant by an elevator that's at street level and takes you down into the restaurant! It was a magical evening and we had a reserved area at an enclosed private table. After our amazing meal, Jon took me out to the patio area where there was a lit waterfall cascading down. It was beautiful. Little did I know the wait staff was preparing an area for us in the restaurant for Jon to propose. When we came back in the restaurant Jon took me into the private wine cellar where there was a chair sitting with a basin of water sitting in front of it. Jon asked me to sit in the chair and pulled out a bar of soap to wash my feet (Bible: John 13) . After he had washed my feet he pulled out the ring and asked me if I'd marry him. I of course said YES!

We sat in the wine cellar awhile and reminisced about our journey. How we both had gotten to a place in our lives where we were content on our own and completely able to live without each other. We were at the point where we could fully rely on God and that's when He presented each of us to each other. An unexpected gift! It's been a fun journey (over half of it long distance which was challenging), but we are finally together now and are planning on getting married on July 25th at a family ceremony in the mountains of Colorado!!

Exciting times ahead and God has richly blessed us! Thank you all for the heart felt congratulations! "


2306730_tiffani (395x591, 55Kb)

Real fairy tail! I'm so happy for this couple! 

Every time I read this story I become happier!

So, it was a minut - rest for me! 

It's time to return to my favorite English Studies!

2306730_73525818_001 (615x438, 463Kb)



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