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First Things First...Where Should you Start?


Четверг, 22 Июня 2017 г. 17:14 + в цитатник
Because I have been working from home for years, I constantly am asked what I do, where I find work, and how I got started. In essence, that is the entire point of this blog...sharing all those things with all of you. 
It honestly took me a year or so to find ways to make "real" money online...to weed through all the B.S. that is out there, and get to the places that pay. If you read the rest of this article, you can take some shortcuts and get started right away!
This type of work offers lots of perks--you are your own boss and can work when and where you want. If you are a night owl, you can sleep in and spend your evenings working. You can also work from anywhere around the world-- all it takes is a computer and a good internet connection. Mothers can do great with online writing, if they plan their time well and take advantage of those quiet times that are few and far between.
There are some negatives as well-- if you are disorganized, or a procrastinator, or are unfocused...you may be setting yourself up for lots of stress as you try to get started.
What NOT to do
Don't waste your time filling out surveys that take you half a hour-- and pay 50 cents. You can make much better use of your time. 
Don't accept jobs that pay $1, or $2, or $3 for an article or blog post--no matter how much more work they promise you. Do you really want more work for peanut pay?  You can make much more than that writing for a content mill instead.
Don't just put up a website and expect work to come to you--it won't. 
Do not use Craigslist as your only source of finding work...there are a lot of scams listed there. 
Do not expect that landing one article or blog post order will pay your mortgage. Writing for the web is plentiful...but there are a lot of people interested in the freedom and flexibility this type of work offers. 
Do not pay someone for a list of places to find work. That information is available for free...on blogs like this one and the other links you will find below. 
What you SHOULD do
Start a blog--really! It can be about anything you are interested in, and gives you a place to showcase your writing. Blogs can also bring in some income, though it takes time to build them to that point.
Set up a profile on cuttings.me. This online portfolio site allows you to post sample articles for review by potential clients.
Sign up with a few content sites. Sites like textbroker and MediaPiston. You will not make a fortune writing for them, but you will be paid like clockwork every Friday. They are good for filling your time between better-paying client jobs.
Sign up with freelance marketing sites. These sites bring together freelancers and people who need work done, also known as potential clients! Check out Guru and ODesk if you don't think there is work out there! You will quickly find out how in-demand writing services are getmyessay
Learn all you can about SEO and social media. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and basically is how websites get Google and other search engines to notice them and drive people to their sites. Social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest, among literally hundreds of others, also send traffic to blogs and websites. Can you see how there is a demand for these types of work to be done? 
That is enough to think about for one post. I realize it may all seem overwhelming right now, but it all becomes second nature after awhile. I will start taking apart these points one at a time-- next post will likely be "how to" start a blog. 
How about you? Have you had any successes with online writing? Tell us a little about it-- success breeds more success, and you might be helping someone else gain the confidence they need to go for it! 


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