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так выглядит вход в парккрасотень, вообщебеседкиа еще там на катамаранах народ катаетсямне показалось, что это самодеятельностьузкими дорожкамивот это уже явно самодеятельность, здорово! У нас такого не увидишь

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Создан: 02.03.2007
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25.01.07 Agra: Agra Fort


Среда, 07 Марта 2007 г. 10:43 + в цитатник
 (400x300, 40Kb)
В колонках играет - Himesh Reshammiya - Aamin

The third day I was in Agra fort. That time I refused to have a guide. And I had a good time in this place. It’s so peaceful there. I was walking there alone, making pictures. There was a fun situation. When I’d seen the big Indian tourist group making group snap (photo) there I made a snap of them too. Then they’d seen me… and my next two pictures were much more better! :) After some of them asked me to make a snap with me.

There also was a family I met later. They don’t speak English, but we tried to speak with gestures. They even gave me a paper with something written I don’t understand as a souvenir.

Suraj, that day we said goodbye to each other. Thank you for your help friend, it was really good time for me – my first days in India. You presented me your kindness, and I will remember you.

Before the train time we had a conversation with Suraj and his friend. They asked me not to talk to anybody I don’t know, to be careful, not to believe people. How could I do this – you know such way is not for me!
But I liked a proverb from Suraj: “Five fingers are not the same”.


24.01.07 Sad point: Agra


Понедельник, 05 Марта 2007 г. 13:28 + в цитатник
The second day I went to Agra. But not by tourist bus as expected. They said “no tourist bus today. You’ll go by the same taxi”. So I went with Suraj together again.

In Agra I found an expensive restaurant, a cold hotel (especially in nighttime), a lot of muslims (who could be dangerous for traveling alone girl like me) and a funny Internet café with only one computer in it.

This day I found I didn’t like guides at all, because there was a guide with me in Taj-Mahal. He knew exactly his purpose: to tell me everything he knew about it. But I wanted to feel, not to know facts. There was only one good thing about my guide: he made a picture of mine near Taj-Mahal. The truth is I didn’t really want to see Taj (before going to India I decided to go there only because Taj-Mahal is a kind of symbol of India). After this place I had a headache… :(

So in the end of this day I felt empty and sad. Suraj went to his brother in Agra, I stayed in hotel. He said of course “If you want to go somewhere just call me. I will go with u. Don’t go alone.” I was really happy to hear this, that I was not alone in this place I didn’t like. But I didn’t call Suraj, because I didn’t want go anywhere. I just felt sad, cold and lonely. Too cold. I put all my winter clothes on me but it was still cold. So what I did – I went out my cold room to the balcony of a hotel. And I was sitting there, it seemed to me in that place was a bit warmer. That time I really needed somebody close to talk with. And I called to my best friend in Russia. (That is how I spent almost all my money on the sim-card, that caused a lot of problems later). That conversation… I was complaining… can you imagine me, complaining? I was really close to cry that time. Cultural shock, maybe it was this? I felt better after this conversation, my dark sadness turned to light one, if you understand what I mean.

Then a guy near me appeared. He talked to me friendly, helped me (he even brought one more blanket to my room). That’s how a bad thing became a good one. That’s what I like in India.

 (533x400, 32Kb)


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