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Создан: 14.12.2008
Записей: 5
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Среда, 17 Декабря 2008 г. 09:16 + в цитатник

 I was always an intense friend... but never appreciated friends for real... I did two mistakes already: always and never.... have to start all over again!

I am a good friend, a friend that puts heart in all related to her friends, even if sometimes I'm not fair to people I love... and I prefer to take the side of some unknown person, it doesn't mean I'm careless is just that I'm always greedy to make new friends, a lots of them I keep in touch only for a while, but the experience of knowing people in a very intense way, even if for a short while it's valuable to me. I always thought of my self as not knowing to communicate, without understanding that communication means not words, but spiritual exchange, which my friendships are full of... my friends, my old ones, my new ones, the ones who sticked around for ever... they all care about me, it's interesting how people with which I stop communicating ... call me sometimes, 'cause they've found something I wrote or they remembered a silly situation that we've been through together ... Ohh.... I'm so full of myself  sometimes cruel... no, not talking bad about me...  I am just the way I should be, just the way everyone around wants me to be, I feel harmony, and what I wanted to say is that I love my friends, I have to appreciate them more, I got only good people in my life, I'm so very lucky and even if none of my friends, beside one(Vee) is not going to read this, I still wanted to say: I love you all with all my heart, you're the greatest people for me and whatever changes I'm grateful I learned so much from you, about the world, about myself, THANK YOU!


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