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: 27.11.2006
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Freedom Junkie

, 15 2016 . 14:03 +
You say that you love me, baby,
But sometimes it's all too much
I no longer want to spend my time with you
And do not long for your touch
You say you want me to be happy
You say that you're ready to change
But I'm a freedom junkie
And you want me in a cage

I'm a freedom junkie
I need to roam, free and alone
I'm a freedom junkie
I'm here and next moment I'm gone
I'm a freedom junkie
I'll never stay in one place long enough
I'll never grow roots in the solid ground
I'll never be worth to be loved

I've tried to be how you wanted me to
And God knows I did my best
But now I am sure that it does not work out
And I only want some rest
It's crazy, the way that I run away
And return to you every time
We better get this over with, baby:
I'm not yours and you're now not mine




My addiction

, 15 2014 . 17:27 +
I'm so heavily into you, baby
That it feels like my heart burns inside
I am longing so much to reach you
And god knows that I have tried
I'm crying out into the darkness
How I miss your touch and your lips
I'd cross half the world just to be with you
But you wouldn't want it from me

You are my wicked obsession
And one thing I know is true:
I'd rather be addicted to heroin
Than being addicted to you

I'm haunted by this desire
To hold my arms around you
And I never know if I get a new dose
Or if I'm gonna drown in this blues
I know for sure that you don't need me
So why don't you just let me go?
I'm missing you every minute
And to you I'm just a toy


My misery is never ending
And nothing distracts me from it
With whiskey and drugs and women
I still feel somehow incomplete
There's only one wish in my head now
I need to have you by my side
Please, help me escape this agony
Make my world shiny and bright

. 14.12.2014



, 11 2011 . 15:37 +
Do you think that living just ain't worth the time?
Do you think that living feels worse than dying?
Do you want to find a little hideaway?
Do you think there's nothing's left for you to say?

Do you think the hardest thing is to breathe on?
Do you think that there's no use in going on?
Do you think that it's too late for you to try?
Do you think that it is time to say 'goodbye'?

Do you think that all your friends are here no more?
Do you think that everyone has shut their doors?
Do you think that 'family' is just a word?
Do you think that you may shout, but won't be heard?

Well, then there is one thing to know for you:
If it's true, that, at the least, it makes us two
I know just how hard it is to deal with it
I know just how sick one gets of all this shit

I have been right at that point where you now stand
And, believe me, it will pass and fade away
May your anger help you, so you linger on
In this weird world that gave you crown of thorns
Nikki Sixx "Heroin Diaries", . - .



, 26 2010 . 14:35 +
I'm sorry to say this, baby,
But our fairy tale has gone bad
Our bed of roses is now rotten
And there's only one thing in my head

I'm sorry to say this, baby,
But I don't feel your love anymore
There's little time left to do something
Before I walk out your door

You said that you want to keep me -
But I never see that you try
And since I'm not worth an effort -
Then I guess, you will not cry

I want for us to be together,
But I can't keep this goin' alone
I'm sorry to say this, baby,
But my heart's turning to stone

Please, hear me out now, baby,
Please, listen to what I say
I'm sure that we can fix this somehow
But we need to start trying today

My patience don't last forever
And there isn't much of it left
I'm still in love with you, baby,
I hope you can say the same.


sex slave

, 27 2008 . 14:39 +
, . , , , . Heavy metal, yeah :)
[1]Nobody knows and nobody seems to care about
What's inside your mind, in your darkest and dirtiest dreams
You seem almost an angel, moving around in the daylight
But who knows what do you become when nobody sees
And you are a
(Come on, come on, come on, come on) sex slave
Hiding from any curious eye
(Come on, come on, come on, come on) sex slave
To open your secret is worse than to die
(Come on, come on, come on, come on) sex slave
Your real nature is driving you nuts
(Come on, come on, come on, come on) sex slave
But it stays on your inside 'cause you don't have the guts

[2]You can do anything, only nobody asks you to
You are eager for anything, but noone is eager for you
So you follow the standards, commanding at people lower
But you dream that someone would command at you
'Cause you are


- 2005.


just another blues

, 06 2008 . 00:43 +
When I was younger,
I thought I could never
Love someone who'd make me cry -
Now I have found out
How easy it is
When you stick with this kind of guy.
And I would give anything
Just to find out
How can I be more perfect for you.
There's no way I can guess
When you don't explain
What is it that you want me to do?
Raindrops keep falling
Through my open window
Making sure noone will see my tears.
How come that love,
With it's tender warmness,
Always has to be mixed with fears?
When I tell you I want
To be always with you
Please be sure that I mean what I say.
Now the darkness has fallen
And night will seem so long,
But then there's a bright shining day.


Tram Blues

, 10 2008 . 16:03 +
[1]You don't care where you're going
On the last tram into the night
As long as it takes you away
From the sharpness of city lights

What's going on in a girl's mind
Is impossible to understand
And now you're holding your harp
Instead of her tender hand

Let the pain out with the sound of the blues
Let it clear your mind
Love tends to turn a man into a fool
And the way back can be hard
Let your emotions out into the darkness
Let them flow with the breeze
The music will help you to stay strong
And to retain your peace

[2]The people are leaving the wagon
Soon only one couple is left
A wink, a smile exchanged between eyes -
And they have started to dance

A smile arouses in your eyes
And deep in your heart you know
Someday it will be your turn to dance
To the music of someone's soul



, 02 2008 . 12:38 +
, - , , , . , - .
, , , , - -.
[1]I've got you on my mind, pretty baby
So don't you open your heart to me
For all the years of my life
I've only brought misery
Run away while you still can do it
And don't turn your eyes at me
If somehow our sights do meet
Who knows what we will see?

'cause baby, I don't wanna hurt you
But it's goddamn rock'n'roll in my mind
It's making me go places I do not know
Doing things I have never thought about
And I can't stop writing songs about it
It's just the way I live my life
My heart's following this music's square beat
Of rock, freedom and love

[2]But you don't care 'bout my words
And my warnings are wasted on you
Your mind is set on gettin' what you want
You're so sure you won't end up blue
Don't you know that I am but a weak man,
And I cannot resist your charms?
It's too late to use common sense
When I already hold you in my arms


[3]And in time you will find that I was right:
I am not something worth dreaming of
The spark that's happened between us
Is headed down the death row-ow-ow-ow
And you'll head off, breaking every promise
I never asked you to make
But I will be forever grateful
That for some time we walked hand in hand

And you know, I've never wanted to hurt you
And my life is a merry-go-round
I'm going on and on in a circle
But at least I've got something to write about
And I can't stop singing my soul out
It's just the way I live my life
My heart's following this music's square beat
Of rock, freedom and love


, 19 2008 . 06:22 +
3 . - .





Caffeine junkie

, 02 2008 . 23:46 +

[1]Cup of coffee to wake me up
Cup of coffee to drag me out
If this is too hard to achieve
There's no point to even open my eyes
Cup of coffee to start the day
Cup of coffee to end the night
I don't need no other drug
To make this world seem shiny and bright

I'm a caffeine junkie
Coffee runs in my veins instead of blood
Yeah, I'm a caffeine junkie
Without my daily dose I'm as good as mud
I'm as calm as Mahatma Ghandi
I'm as solid as a stone
If you give me my coffee and leave me with it alone

[2]I don't care if the end is near
I don't care what's on your mind
My first cup of coffee for the day
Is more of a religious ritual
I don't know what is it that you want
But will you please stop shaking me?
One more sip of coffee on it's way inside
Now I can listen and answer and see


Dots are set

, 02 2008 . 03:33 +
[1]It feels so empty here without you
But I just couldn't take it anymore
For once I let myself tell you the truth
Next morning you were walking out my door

Now the time has come
And the choice is made
I've made up my mind
Why am I so sad?
All goodbyes are said
All the dots are set
I just want to know
That I won't regret

[2]I feel somehow unused to being free
Though it may seem the goal of my whole life
I wonder if that's how it's meant to be
Reality is sharper than a knife


[3]Guess I'm just not cut out to be involved
All my relationships are bound to die
Perhaps I should not try at all
Since every love tends to become a lie?



Oldtimer girl

, 11 2008 . 16:44 +
[1]Her jeans are torn and flowery
Her shirt is checked and worn
She never ever plaits her hair
Or wears a dressing gown
She falls asleep with Rolling Stones
And wakes up with Motley Crue
Her room is full of vinyl plates
And she's so unlike you

She's an oldtimer girl
In a rushing brand new world
She lives in a time machine
Rocking back and rolling forth
She's an oldtimer girl
Wishing for a way to go
Back where rock is still alive
And love isn't just a word

[2]She dreams of yellow submarine
To take her far away
No place with it's daily routines
Would ever make her stay
She doesn't need a diamong ring
To know that she is loved:
But let her keep on going free
And she'll be yours alright


[3]One day she'll come into the street
And suddenly take off
She'll be a Lucy in the sky
With diamonds in her locks
So she can go and be herself
In time where she belongs
And make the world a better place
Of music, peace and love




, 07 2007 . 00:09 +
" " :)
[1] - ,


[2] -

[3] -



edge of the world

, 04 2007 . 21:36 +
- :) , .
When nothing can be said that you haven't heard before
When nothing seems saint enough to be fighting for
Your eyes will open for the first time and you will know
You're living on the edge of the world

There's battle all around you, but you didn't choose a side
Ambiguous whether to attack or to find a place to hide
You're standing tall above them all - 'cause now you've found
You're living on the edge of the world

The battlefield won't stand a peaceful soul on it's ground
As every man has turned against you, you don't let out a sound
United every warrior with the drops of your clean blood
You're dying on the edge of the world


, 01 2007 . 17:38 +
-, ,


[2] ,



, 14 2007 . 12:11 +
. , , , :) %)

[1]Sometimes I feel like hiding
Deep into my hobbit hole
Sometimes I feel like binding
My hands with false sense of control
Sometimes I feel like crying
All my voice out to heaven so dark
Sometimes I feel like dying
But it all ends when I reach the bar

They say that alcohol is evil
For for now it's my best friend
Only spirit can hold my spirits up
When I don't see the trouble's end
So every time when my mood is low
I know where to begin
And if I am to stay afloat
It's only possible in a pool of gin

[2]Through different times and places
I've gone in search of joy
I've changed so many paces
That I've forgotten what I enjoy
But in all the circumstances
Even when my home's so far
I'll always manage to find a way
To another whiskey bar


Another qualm

, 09 2007 . 18:21 +
[1]It's just another qualm
Of despair and disillusion
My eyes just turn away
Not looking for a solution
I'm tired of walking on
It might be time for a breakdown
Don't want to think or move
So please don't try and shake me

I know someday
I'll get back up
I know that I
Will never stop
Once in a while
I need a pause
To catch my breath
And regain force

[2]It's just this time of year
When nothing feels worth doing
There is no lust or fear
Just the apathy and cooling
The autumn holds my grip
And I'm not quite resentful
It's just another qualm
So why do I feel so empty?


, 25 2007 . 11:34 +



, ,

- .


you left me wondering

, 24 2007 . 10:51 +
I need far too little, and you give me so much:
A careless breath, an occasional touch
Hey, baby, you left me wondering

I don't mean to dig for some thing that's not there
But if there is something, I'd really care
And, baby, you left me wondering

I am grateful for warmth and for peace that you bring
But along with it comes a strangely alarming ring
Yeah, baby, you left me wondering


, 30 2007 . 03:56 +
, .
I'm walking through the rain
Catching drops of water with my hair
My jeans are soaked again
But who would notice? I am barely there
I'm thinking 'bout my fate
And you, and things we could've had together
If once we didn't hesitate

But now there's only rain, and road, and my two feet
Roaming through this night
Making loose ends meet

It's that discerning feeling
Of life passing by
Of watching it go
I'd love to do more steering
But I don't know how
So much I don't know

I know that clouds will leave,
Sky will clear and the sun will shine
This road I'm on will end
And somewhere on it love won't be a crime

But now there's only rain, and road, and my two feet
Roaming through this night
Making loose ends meet

It's that discerning feeling
Of life passing by
Of watching it go
I'd love to do more steering
But I don't know how
So much I don't know

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