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—оздан: 06.12.2010
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I ll be you guiding star..


„етверг, 22 —ент€бр€ 2011 г. 03:22 + в цитатник
..especially,for you..

On the snow, he was writing her rhymes
And it's sad that the snow had to melt-V.Vysotsky

Just say my name,one word or simply take a breathe,
And I Сll be there..everywhere, to fulfill your each desire,
Atlantic ocean ,such a pitiable excuseЕThere are
No obstacles to get to you, in silly head of mine.

You tell me city, time and date of meeting,
And I Сll be there to support your weeping heart,
I Сll drink your sorrow as the sweetest treat,my dearest,
There are no forces that can keep my soul from yours,ever apart.

In unpredictable improbability of winter misty days,
The virgin snow gathering the twinkling light of Milky Way,
Look up..you see the sky unravel shiny stars- only for you!
And I am among them, to convert your troubles into happy lieu..

IТll be your snow,sky and guiding faultless star,
Your long and happy destiny, by me protected, from afar..


for no precise reason...


„етверг, 22 —ент€бр€ 2011 г. 03:20 + в цитатник
you are..all that's matter

No reason.Just because, for no precise reason.
Does moon needs reason lay at night into the autumn fallen grass?
No reason.Just because,for no precise reason,
I am watching you ,with falling heart through changing sunset brass.

No reason,rather reason simple..You- exist..

No reason, but November raining golden leaves all day.
And northern winds consume the light from stars so calm in vain,
No reason but to love AS IS.

And thatТs precisely what is taking place,
In pulsing hope.. of nowadays.


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