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-О себе 

Contained in these pages are my reflections on what is happening in my soul and mind. Though I scarcely have time to keep a diary like this, my inquisitive nature forces me to write down what happens in my life in the hope that I might better understand it and find the answers.


I hope keeping a diary will help to show sides of the mind hitherto unseen, revealing that which makes me (us) do right and wrong.


The true catalyst is not always immediately apparent. The fact is that self discovery is a lynch pin of any recovery.
Sadly, it\'s not exactly my forte.


The clutter in my room doesn\'t even compare to the disorder inside my head. That\'s where I do hope to do some spring cleaning.



As long as you are true to the life
That you live,
This is the time to feel love.
I feel a stirring deep within,
Slowly picking up momentum
Like the tide coming in to shore
Over and under in its course.
This feeling emblazed inside,
Every nerve like a firefly
Hovering above me...


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