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WW1 Model 1914 Russian Imperial Navy officer's presentation dirk For Gallantry with a badge of the Order of St. Anne.

Inscribed on the blade with the name of the ship "" (Sentinel). Maker: Zlatoust Arms Factory.

Condition: Very good original condition, all original parts. 

 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_0 (700x287, 34Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_01 (700x202, 40Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_02 (700x175, 28Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_03 (700x433, 65Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_04 (700x343, 54Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_05 (700x178, 39Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_06 (700x266, 62Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_07 (600x315, 58Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_08 (600x283, 59Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_09 (700x313, 60Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_10 (700x245, 48Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_11 (700x112, 28Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_12 (700x119, 34Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_13 (700x205, 58Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_14 (700x196, 59Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_15 (700x238, 62Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_16 (700x144, 53Kb) 66_anna_dirk_chasovoi_17 1 (700x263, 71Kb)

Russian Imperial Navy WW1 era officer's regulation dirk . Inscribed on the blade with the name of the ship "" (Crab), a Submarine Mine Laying ship. Maker: Zlatoust Arms Factory.


Straight double-edged steel blade with inscribed with engraved ship's name "" (Crab) and the cipher of the Emperor Nicholas II on one side and malker's name " . " (Zlatoust Arms Factory) on the other side. The ivory grip ends with brass ball-shaped pommel. The ends of the crossguard are rounded and bent in opposite directions. TWooden scabbard is covered with black leather and has brass fittings and rings.

Condition: Very good original condition, showing very some wear on the ivory grip and brass fittings.


Russian WW1-era Imperial Navy officers with a similar dirks 


 n2_naval_dirk_00  (700x215, 23Kb) n2_naval_dirk_01 (700x223, 26Kb) n2_naval_dirk_02 (700x160, 24Kb) n2_naval_dirk_03 (700x130, 18Kb) n2_naval_dirk_04 (600x281, 50Kb) n2_naval_dirk_05 (600x255, 42Kb) n2_naval_dirk_06 (600x252, 44Kb) n2_naval_dirk_07 (600x174, 41Kb) n2_naval_dirk_08 (600x109, 43Kb) n2_naval_dirk_09 (600x127, 49Kb) n2_naval_dirk_10 (600x138, 49Kb) n2_naval_dirk_11 (700x181, 41Kb) n2_naval_dirk_ref  (480x436, 75Kb)


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