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Яойные дорамы!!!!))))

Среда, 12 Ноября 2008 г. 23:32 + в цитатник
Цитата сообщения -noitome Yaoi Dorama*s

Вывешиваю список, найденных мною яойных фильмов. Еле нашел, и оторвав от сердца делюсь с вами)

За спасибо конечно )))

Ну за ооочень большое спасибо XDXDXD

Go! Go! G-Boys

A hilarious gay contest, a mysterious terror crisis, three loving people trapped by confusing feelings. The film plays with all these multiple layers giving an emotional yet comic dimension to the story.
A-Shin and A-Hong are close buddies since childhood. In an attempt to pay off a heavy debt A-Hong pretends to be gay to compete in a Gay beauty contest. The involvement of Jay, an anti gay cop, assigned to investigate a threat letter claim to ruin the contest and the growing passion between A-Shin and A-Hong form the crux of this comic caper.

Synopsis from AsianGayFilms

Sukitomo is a new, heart-warming film starring Takumi Saito and Hiroki Aiba of the musical "Prince of Tennis". Directed by director Mitsuhiro Mihara, Takumi Saito stars as college boxer Tomokazu who befriends his junior (Hiroki Aiba). He takes his new friend under his wing as though he was his brother, but at the same time ignores his relationship with his step-sister. However, it seems as though both his sister and new friend secretly have the hots for Tomokazu, and the two quickly become jealous of each other. Then, one day, Tomokazu finds out just what everyone thinks of him.
RH Plus (RHプラス)

RH Plus, Ayako Suwa's boys-love manga about the four male vampires who live together in a western-style manor.

Hassei Takano (Negima! Magister Negi Magi's Nagi, Boogiepop and Others' Masami) plays Kiyoi, the fatherly Getchōkan building manager who looks to be in his 30s, but is actually close to 100 years old. Kiyoi's tennants include the 21-year-old college junior Masakazu (Gokusen, Hana-Kimi's Naoya Ojima) and two 16-year-old high school freshmen, Akira (Arena Romance's Yū Miura) and Ageha (Boogiepop Phantom, Aquarian Age's Rakuto Tochihara).
The Love Of Siam (Rak haeng Siam, 2007)

Two young boys are best friends living quiet family lives in Bangkok. Their lives are disrupted when one boy's older sister goes missing on a jungle trip. The shattered family moves away, separating the boys. Years later, now in their late teens, the boys meet again. One of them is now the leader of an aspiring boy band whose managing assistant bears a striking resemblance to the lost sister. The boys must deal with their family and social lives and their feelings for each other.

Following the box-office success of Leste Chen's (陳正道) horror film Heirloom (宅變) last year, the local filmmaker has a new offering for local audiences: a coming-of-age movie about troubled youth and homosexual love titled Eternal Summer (盛夏光年).
The film opens at a seaside elementary school in the picturesque Hualien countryside when well-behaved student Cheng Hsing is tasked by a teacher to help bad boy Shou Heng adjust to school life, and the two become good friends.

Time passes and high-school life ticks along uneventfully until classmate Hui Chia comes between the two friends. The sensitive girl gradually realizes that she will never win the heart of Cheng Hsing, who has been harboring a secret love for his buddy.

Hui Chi and Shou Heng become a couple in college, but the Sept. 21, 1999, earthquake opens Heng's eyes to the true nature of Cheng Hsing's feelings.

Not knowing where the love triangle will lead, the trio takes a trip to the seaside. Secrets that have been hidden in their hearts for years are revealed and the revelations mark the end of naive youth.

The film's cinematography is simple and clean with blue tones accentuated, and the scenery includes clammy urban imagery that reflects the muffled restlessness among the three protagonists.

What is surprising about this movie is director Chen's fine portrait of homosexual love. The sex scene between Shou Heng and Cheng Hsing is treated with great care and instead of being arousing or erotic, it portrays the emotional difficulties the two characters feel and the pair's tenderness.
Takumi Kun Series Soshite Harukaze Ni Sasayaite

Takumi-kun Series - JUNE PRIDE
Original Story by: Gotou Shinobu
Artwork by: Ooya Kazumi (Oasis Project, Yume Chu, Honey 2 Skip)
* Filming is supposed to start around September 2007.

Hayama Takumi - Yanagishita Tomo
Saki Giichi - Katou Keisuke
Aikake Shouzo - Takiguchi Yukihiro
Takabayashi Izumi - Saitou Yasuka
Yoshizawa Michio - Hatano Wataru
Inoue Sachi - Aiba Hiroki
Katakura Toshihisa - Sakaguchi Ryou

Hayama Takumi (Yanagishita Tomo) is the main character of the story. He's an aloof, shy guy and avoids human contact. He claims it's a syndrome, although there might be more that meets the eye. He has the complex so bad that he even labels people, as an acquaintance, a classmate...he never has real friends he stayed with constantly. He was the usual loner until he met Saki Giichi, who befriended him, stayed stuck to him and eventually...confessed his love.

Saki Giichi (Katou Keisuke) befriended Takumi and confessed his love for the guy, keeping Takumi close whenever possible but also respecting his personal space. He's the president of the class, and he made Takumi the vice-president so they can share dorms and do almost anything together. He was raised in America and has been to lots of countries XD.

Akaike Shouzo (Takiguchi Yukihiro) is Saki's best friend (they know each other's families and sleep in each other's houses), and a member of the ethic committee. He's pretty boy number 1 in the school, according to Saki. He's first seen scolding Takumi for missing his class even though he was bad at it. Takumi thinks he's too tough. Akaike thinks Takumi is a bit dense and is almost always stuck in the middle of the two's relationship.

Inoue Sachi (Aiba Hiroki) is a 17 year old genius violinist who travels around the world performing. Takumi idolizes him a lot, wondering how a violin's melody could touch his heart. One day, Sachi was invited to play in Takumi's and Gii's school and Takumi couldn't wait to see the real thing. Gii was slightly jealous of Sachi, even though they are actually friends XD. Still, the real reason why Sachi came to their school has yet to be found out...
Boys Love

BOYS LOVE is a Japanese film coming out on DVD on November 24, 2006. The movie tells the story of Akira Mamiya, a magazine editor who meets and interviews a young model, Noeru Kisaragi, and becomes sinfully attracted by him. Their love, however, is forbidden. The tagline of the movie is "All we did was love each other, but...our love is forbidden. Why is it a "sin"?"
The Bathhouse (2005)-Phillipines

A young college student Rico, who lives at home with his close-knit family, hits the baths looking for someone he has had text and phone conversations with. When that boy doesn't pan out he explores this new world of men seeking sex. The host of the baths is the convivial femme boy Genesis who makes sure he's the only femme in the club! This bathhouse is for "men" only he says. Rico spies the older Cris, a hunky guy in his thirties. After very hot sex, with no full frontal nudity guys, Rico tries to get some kind of committment from his new trick. After all, he doesn't want to have sex with just anyone. When you meet a guy at the baths, don't expect marriage proposals!!! Anyway Rico continues to explore his newfound sexuality and desires. His life hits the rocks when he dramatically comes out to his family, but love wins out.
Made in the same guerrilla style of his earlier film, Cris Pablo once again uses striking images and strong characters to tell the story of gay life in the Philippines.
Filming on a miniscule budget, gay Filipino filmmaker Crisaldo Pablo has created a sweet, involving drama about a young gay man's coming of age. But this is not a standard British/US coming-of-age film, it's the story of gay man's sexual awakening in a Manilla bathhouse. Exotic and filled with hot Asian boys, Bathhouse is definitely a treat we loved.
Ai no Kotodama

After graduating from high school, Tachibana and Otani have finally confessed their love for each other and are living together. However, their co-habitation is totally ruined when they run into an old high school buddy, Yuki. Otani has always been suspicious of the friendship between Tachibana and Yuki. And honestly, his suspicions may not be that far off…
Edge of Seventeen

This nostalgic look at coming our in the Middle-America in the 1980's focuses on a young high school teenager. Eric Hunter, as he struggles with his identity when he realizes that he is gay. When Eric's summer job working in a restaurant for a lesbian manager (Lea Delaria), he discovers his attraction to men through his attraction to a co-worker, Rod. His first sexual encounter only leads to disappointment, and heartbreak, and conflicts whit his identity but soon evolves to hope as he chooses to accept himself through the support of his friends.
Crystal Boys (孽子)

Crystal Boys is Taiwanese gay TV drama, adapted from Pai Hsien Yung's novel, which uncovers the gay community in Taiwan. It was broadcasted on Taiwan's Public Television Series (PTS) channel and the series turned out to be a media hit. Crystal Boys spans over 20 episodes.
It’s one of the landmark dramas shown on television that portrays homosexual subculture in Taiwan during the 1970s and 80s. And more importantly, this drama has some of the hottest Asian Men including Fan Zhi Wei and Joseph Chang (who also starred in Eternal Summer), and Tony Yang (lead of Formula 17).
Set in 1974, the main character A-Qing (Fan Zhi Wei) is a high school student who is caught having a scandalous moment with a fellow male student in the school’s laboratory. He is driven out from home by his conservative father, a retired soldier, who expects A-Qing to follow into his footsteps and enter into military college.
Banished from home, A-Qing walks into New Park, a popular gay haunt, where he meets several good friends who support him in his journey.
Big Bang Love, Juvenile A

Jun Ariyoshi works in a gay bar. One night, one of the customers pesters him and a terrible fight breaks out during which Jun kills the man. Jun does not show the slightest sign of remorse and is put in prison. One of the inmates is a young man named Shiro Kazuki, who wears strange-looking tattoos and whose remarkably penetrating looks can kill.
From the outset, Shiro makes brutality and violence his trademark and, as a result, soon makes his way up the hierarchy of those behind bars. Jun, who is more introverted, feels drawn by Shiro’s strength and decisiveness. Shiro accepts Jun because he is the only one on the inside who sees him for what he is. They gradually become friends, and then, a couple. Determined to let nothing and no-one come between them.
Then, however, an incident occurs. A prison warder is witness to a young man strangling another prisoner with all his might in the communal hall. Shortly afterwards, the victim breathes his last. It is Shiro. The young prisoner turns around. The guard observes the inmate’s tear-stained face as he admits: “I did it.” It is Jun.

Japanese director Takashi Miike is well known for films that make a decisive break with taboos and conventions, and for his ruthlessly graphic portrayal of violence. In this film, however, he is also keen to find an explanation for the outbreak of violence. What could have caused Jun’s terrible deed?
The Man in the Lighthouse - aka: Lalake sa Parola, Ang (2007)-Phillipines

Lalake sa Parola is homo-erotic journey in finding one’s true self Mateo (Harry Laurel) has been searching for his father who left when he was five. His search leads him to Lobo, Batangas only to discover that his father is in Dubai. Awaiting his father’s return, Mateo works as the caretaker of Lobo’s lighthouse. Here, he meets Jerome (Justin de Leon), a gay man from the city. What ensues soon after the meeting is the beginning of his homoerotic journey, while Suzet (Jennifer Lee), Mateo’s girlfriend struggles for his love and attention. What begins as a search for one’s father evolves into a search for one’s self. Will Mateo, in the midst of his conservative rural community, cross the thin line between being straight and being gay?

This story is a search for oneself as seen through the lens of rural homosexuality, myths, and fairies (superstitions/belief?); and the lies that people create to escape the bitter realities of life.

It may not have the best actors, best cinematography, best story and/or best director but the film can stand on its own. The movie is like some women, you look into their individual features such as their noses, eyes, hair, etc; individually, the features are not nice but when you look at them, they still look pretty. That is like the movie, it's simple yet pretty.

There are explicit scenes of nudity and simulated sex, so it depends on your country, In Europe they'll rate it 16+ but may be in the US it will be 18+.

Hatachi no Binetsu (A Touch Of Fever)

A teen movie with a twist. Not afraid to show life in Japan as it really is, film maker Ryosuke Hashiguchi weaves a story of two young Tokyo hustles trying to make something of their drab lives.
Tatsuro is a sullen teenager who would rather spend his time turning tricks than going to school. Working out of a hustler bar he remains an aloof professional, never shying away from even the kinkiest of requests. His best friend, Shin, while not as good at turning tricks likes to hang around Tatsuro to pick up pointers.

The story climaxes when Shin admits his true love to Tatsuro, forcing Tatsuro to face the reality of his life and a future he has never planned for.

This is Ryosuke Hashiguchi's first feature film. In it he displays the style and talent that would become his trademark in his other films, "Like Grains of Sand" and the very popular "Hush."
Bangkok Love Story

Bangkok Love Story tells the story of Maek (Rattanaballang Tohssawat), an assassin who is sent to kill Iht (Chaiwat Tongsaeng); but—when a twist of fate brings the men together—Maek refuses to kill Iht and takes a bullet in an ensuing gunfight. Iht helps Maek back to a safe house and nurses him back to health. A bond develops and the two men become emotionally attached. Confused—since Maek’s life as an assassin doesn’t allow him emotional attachments, especially with his assigned target—Maek attempts to leave but Iht will not give up on him. And when Maek goes back to his boss to rectify the situation and Iht suddenly appears, the end result is a bloody gunfight that will pit enemies, friends and lovers against each other. The film also stars Suchao Pongwilai of Ong-Bak Warrior fame.

Bangkok Love Story had a successful theatrical release in Thailand opening on September 13, 2007 and is in competition at the 34th Brussels International Film Festival along with being featured as the Opening Night selection for the 2007 Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.
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Is_Evergreen   обратиться по имени Среда, 03 Декабря 2008 г. 04:36 (ссылка)
так счастлив, что наткнулся на этот пост...
фххх..... прям не высказать, какое ДОМО!!! ^^
Ответить С цитатой В цитатник
Моробоши_Енотик   обратиться по имени Среда, 03 Декабря 2008 г. 22:14 (ссылка)
Пожалуйста))) Я сама была безумно рада когда его нашла)
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Nanaya   обратиться по имени Воскресенье, 22 Марта 2009 г. 02:10 (ссылка)
Дааааааааааа.............я тоже ЩЯСЛИВА что наткнулась на нево...пасииииииииииибааааааааааа
 (50x50, 8Kb)
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Dante-s   обратиться по имени Суббота, 07 Ноября 2009 г. 00:12 (ссылка)
Домо оригато)))
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Среда, 11 Ноября 2009 г. 18:00 (ссылка)
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Среда, 30 Декабря 2009 г. 19:01 (ссылка)
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Воскресенье, 23 Мая 2010 г. 17:55 (ссылка)
Может кто-нибудь знает, из какой дорамы этот кадр?
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Пятница, 04 Июня 2010 г. 00:47 (ссылка)
Аригатоооо автору **
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Kaori_Kawai_Shojo   обратиться по имени Среда, 14 Июля 2010 г. 17:04 (ссылка)
Домо аригато!))
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Пятница, 17 Сентября 2010 г. 02:18 (ссылка)
Спасибо-спасибо-спасибо-спасибо!!!!!! ^_____________________^
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Soumi_Rossi_sama   обратиться по имени Четверг, 30 Сентября 2010 г. 18:25 (ссылка)
мяу *_*
спасибо за пост )))
Ответить С цитатой В цитатник
Terra_Valentine   обратиться по имени Пятница, 29 Октября 2010 г. 05:56 (ссылка)
Ох, прямо глаза разбегаются)))))) Спасибо)))
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Среда, 02 Февраля 2011 г. 01:01 (ссылка)
я посмотрела три серии теперь моей самой впечатляющей и любимой дорамы - "шёпот весеннего бриза"((((не могу ни как отойти...так хочу продолжения...может быть вы сможите посоветовать ещё какую нибудь (яойную(сёнен-ай) дораму которая могла бы впечатлить?
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Grobbi   обратиться по имени Пятница, 11 Февраля 2011 г. 20:20 (ссылка)
Arigato gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mizuki-can   обратиться по имени Пятница, 25 Февраля 2011 г. 15:16 (ссылка)
Домо Аригато!!!
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Вторник, 15 Марта 2011 г. 16:31 (ссылка)
Аригато!! Няя!! Автор кавайко!!
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lazana   обратиться по имени Пятница, 15 Апреля 2011 г. 15:57 (ссылка)
Спасиб!!! Если еще найдешь-делись!!!:drinks:
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Зубастая_тапочка   обратиться по имени Понедельник, 16 Мая 2011 г. 17:13 (ссылка)
спасииибо! *)))
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Суббота, 04 Июня 2011 г. 17:44 (ссылка)
спасибо вам большое *О*!!
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Hikari_Mutto   обратиться по имени Суббота, 09 Июля 2011 г. 12:37 (ссылка)
на http://yaoi.at.ua/ можна скачать сенен-ай дорамы с русскими сабами
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Воскресенье, 31 Июля 2011 г. 09:33 (ссылка)
Ваааай спасииииииииибо! *------------------*
*приступ кавая*
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Пятница, 12 Августа 2011 г. 08:17 (ссылка)
помогите мне пожалуйста я видел..клип на одну яойную дораму,но не знаю как называется,я ссылку оставлю посмотртите пожалуйста и кому не трудно свяжитесь со мнойо...уж больно хочется посмотреть....(

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Robun   обратиться по имени Пятница, 19 Августа 2011 г. 01:26 (ссылка)
Исходное сообщение Аноним
помогите мне пожалуйста я видел..клип на одну яойную дораму,но не знаю как называется,я ссылку оставлю посмотртите пожалуйста и кому не трудно свяжитесь со мнойо...уж больно хочется посмотреть....(


это не яойная дорама. Называеться Himi Kana. Там девчёнка заделалась под парня и поступила в школу для мальчиков.

А за список великое аригато! с завтрешнего дня начинаю пересматривать весь список
Ответить С цитатой В цитатник
Аноним   обратиться по имени Понедельник, 17 Октября 2011 г. 12:35 (ссылка)
СПАСИБО! ОГРОМНЕЙШЕЕ СПАСИБО! *глазки разбегаются*
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Аноним   обратиться по имени Воскресенье, 04 Декабря 2011 г. 23:11 (ссылка)
ваааа...... аригато гозаймасу ^^ жаль, что описание на английском, но всё равно - большое спасибо ^^ *долго искал что-то подобное.... в смысле список...*
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AkameSan   обратиться по имени Вторник, 17 Января 2012 г. 17:14 (ссылка)
спасибо большое грамотные фильмы у меня есть еще если хотите я с радостью поделюсь
Ответить С цитатой В цитатник
Alekto_Lazurnaya   обратиться по имени Вторник, 07 Февраля 2012 г. 01:16 (ссылка)
Спасибо. Как раз то, что искала.

AkameSan, Будет замечательно, если и вы подскажете еще парочку.
Ответить С цитатой В цитатник
AkameSan   обратиться по имени c удовольствием Вторник, 07 Февраля 2012 г. 20:03 (ссылка)

Ответ на комментарий Alekto_Lazurnaya

антик, такуми кун, антик, музыка наша жизнь, киндон но кое, амфитамин, без сожаленья,
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Alekto_Lazurnaya   обратиться по имени Среда, 08 Февраля 2012 г. 02:34 (ссылка)

Ответ на комментарий AkameSan

Благодарна до глубины души) Хороших Вам ночи и дня)
Ответить С цитатой В цитатник
Аноним   обратиться по имени Среда, 22 Февраля 2012 г. 20:34 (ссылка)
Вам не спасибо нужно говорить, а Мего спасибо, большое при большое*)
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