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vintage photo - Самое интересное в блогах

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Everybody loves a clown…

Среда, 15 Октября 2014 г. 05:56 (ссылка)


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Старая добрая Англия 1960 года. Фотограф Steve Lewis

Среда, 04 Сентября 2014 г. 00:13 (ссылка)

London's East End in the 60s. Photo by Steve Lewis

The Sixties fashion explosion took a while to catch on in some parts of the East End. This young woman modelling for a fashion shoot in Stratford attracts admiring glances from a group of workers.

Fans waiting to get into West Ham football club

Meth's drinker down and out in the East End

Leslie Lucking combined the roles of Lollipop lady and mother to her daughter Tracey

David Bailey, one of the world’s leading fashion photographers in the 60s with girlfriend Penelope Tree

Rag and bone man on his rounds in the East End.

Game of cards in an East London pub.

Rag and Bone man in Forest Gate

The last man to live in a Nissen hut built during the war

Donkeys and horses were still a major part of trading activity in the East End in the 1960s. John Loftus, landlord of the Manby Arms in Stratford, bought a retired donkey which customers became used to seeing in the bar.

Street trader selling vegtables in the streets of Barking

Gypsy families on Beckton Marshes East london

Steve Lewis


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<vintage photo - Самое интересное в блогах

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