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great mantra - Самое интересное в блогах

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Van_Kap (Автор -Капля_Иван)

The Great Mantra from the Himalayas

Четверг, 06 Мая 2010 г. 15:20 (ссылка)

Kirtan: The Great Mantra from the Himalayas
Producer: Mitchell Markus and Krishna Das
Krishna Das: The singers in the recordings are not “obviously very poor mountain people“, they are or were, since most of them are dead, Sadhakas, spiritual practicioners, whose practice is the chanting of the divine Name. This was the practice that they were initiated by their Gurus and they spend their lives singing it whenever and wherever they can.

This CD was created from field recordings of various of these kirtan wallas, taped by Krishna Das and Mitchell Markus some years ago for their own personal use. The sound of those original tapes has been cleaned up-no crackling speakers here!-but nothing has been added or changed. So when you press play, the heartful blessing of the Great Mantra will reach your ears intact, just as it was and is sung in the temple.

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<great mantra - Самое интересное в блогах

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