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Forever_Aloe_Vera (Product_Forever_Living)

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Forever Living Products.

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055 (Aloe Body Toning Kit) - . , .

Aloe Body Toning Kit

Just another inch and I could fit into that dress. Another week and I could fit into those pants. How many times have we told ourselves if we had a little more time, we could shed those extra inches? Now you really CAN do it with The Aloe Body Toning Kit. A collection of specially formulated items that assist the firming and toning of fatty deposits which form on your body, the kit includes Aloe Body Toner, Aloe Body Conditioning Crème, Aloe Bath Gelee, a loofah mitt, and a roll of cellophane wrap. Improve your appearance and self-image while you enjoy the terrific feel-great-all-over experience! Each item in the Body Toning Kit is also available for purchase separately.



(Aloe Flup de Jouvence)

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. , , , .

Aloe Fleur de Jouvence

Nothing that man has created can match the natural moisturising and soothing qualities of pure aloe vera, the key ingredient in Aloe Fleur de Jouvence (Aloe Flower of Youth). To create the most effective restorative beauty regime available, we've captured the full strength of the aloe vera plant and blended it with unique ingredients to enhance your skin's natural youth and radiance.

-- All items in the Fleur de Jouvence are also sold separately


208 (25th Edition Perfume Spray for Woman) - , . , , .

25th Edition Eau de Parfum for Women

is a fresh, white floral bouquet that blends sheer petals with warm, musky woods to create a soft and deep feminine character. This unique bouquet begins with captivating floral notes of cactus flower and sparkling yellow freesia threaded with ivy leaves, for a lush green accent. In the heart, a transparent white floralcy shines through with a bouquet of rose petals, star jasmine, white lily and magnolia. The finishing touch of cherry wood, skin musk and patchouli captures the feminine sensuality and illuminates the bright floral fragrance


Sonya(Sonya Collor Collection)

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Sonya !!


209 " 25" (25th Edition Coloque Spray for Men) - , . , .

25th Edition Cologne for Men

is a fluid, aromatic fougere fragrance with a sensuous masculine blend of fruity, herbaceous and woody notes that are forever fresh and forever lasting. The topnote blends aromatic notes of crushed basil and Mediterranean lavender with a refreshing combination of iced pineapple and Calabrian bergamot. The slightly fruity aromatic impression continues into the heart, where geranium and tea leaves are accented by Granny Smith apple. The fragrance evolves to reveal a masculine base of oakmoss, Mysore sandalwood, sensual musks, Virginian cedarwood, and tonka bean.



43%   : 001002345318


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