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Вести из блога Анетт.Октябрь09

Суббота, 10 Октября 2009 г. 18:40 + в цитатник
Christabel_LaMott (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора

Первая песня.
Вчера я послала первую песню для моего соло-альбома Андерсу,которую я написала 3 года назад.Не знаю,то ли это,что нам пригодится,но я хочу,чтобы он её послушал и описал мне свои ощущения.

October and april single -info;=)

Сингл с дуэтом Расмус - October and April послан на радио-станции в Германии,так же в Финляндии и в Швеции.
Видео к этой песне будет очень-очень скоро!;=)
Рубрики:  Anette Olzon

Процитировано 1 раз

Дуэт Анетт и Rasmus [ОБНОВЛЕНО]

Суббота, 03 Октября 2009 г. 23:07 + в цитатник

Nightwish - Hartwall Arena 19.09.2009

Суббота, 03 Октября 2009 г. 14:33 + в цитатник
Wish_Mas_Ter (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Вашему вниманию представляю бутлег. Качество среднее и некоторые песни обрезаны. Но думаю многие и этому будут рады=)
Читать далее

Радио-интервью с Туомасом от 29 сентября

Пятница, 02 Октября 2009 г. 01:43 + в цитатник
Marjaviini (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Радио-интервью с Туомасом от 29 сентября,

Пост стащила с найткома=)

Nightwish Had a Successful Tour - Now Going to Media Silence

(Apparently, Hilma ja Onni was played on radio before this interview)

That was Nightwish and Marco Hietala performing Hilma ja Onni. Tuomas Holopainen, how long did it take to make this cover song?

- About eight hours. We made it in one day. The idea was that we don’t rehearse and think about it beforehand. We just wanted to go to the studio and play it by feeling and see what happens. So, we wanted to make this as non-Nightwish style as possible and I think we succeeded well. Pretty much every part of the song is the first take without too much thinking.

That’s amazing. You are really professional guys. When I heard the song for the first time, I thought that you’ve planned and arranged it several weeks.

- Nope. We went to the studio about 12 AM and began to think how to play the song. Marco Hietala had already planned in his head how to approach the song and you just heard the result.

Tuomas Holopainen, the two-year tour is now over. How do you feel?

- Very well, but I’m also a bit confused. The last concert in Hartwall Areena was about a week ago and I haven’t yet fully been able to start living a so called normal life. I haven’t slept much and I’ve been wondering what to do. I remember the moment when I came home a week ago. I just played keyboards whole night. I just couldn’t let go.

You visited the United States twice during the tour. How do you rate the tour as a whole?

- It had lots of ups and some downs too, but the final grade will be full A. Everything from replacing the vocalist and the massive production of the latest album gave us a lot of pressure and we didn’t know how the people will react. When I now think about the last two years, I feel very good and relieved.

Now the band members have separated from each other for a while. Was it a wistful moment or did you think that “at last”?

- The final bow in Hartwall Areena, the moment when you realized what has just happened, was a very bittersweet moment. I didn’t expect it to be such. The group has been exhausted in the last months so everyone has been waiting for this moment. The moment when you can take some distance to Nightwish. But when we went away from the stage we all were in tears. And somehow I’ve lived the last few days in that melancholy. Apparently a human being can’t ever be satisfied to the present situation. I’ve personally been waiting the end of the tour because I’ve been tired, but the day after the last concert we had a long group hug. Now I’m already waiting for the summer when we start working together the next time.

Could you tell shortly what the other band members are going to do during the break? How’s Anette?

- I’ve never seen Anette so happy than she has been in last few weeks. She seems to have a really good moment in every aspect of live. We’ll have a two-year concert break and during the break she’ll make a solo album and maybe features in some other albums. We’ll probably contact each other often and in July or August we’ll start making the new album. At the latest we’ll see each other then.

Can Anette already speak Finnish?

- She tried hard to learn it, but I think it has left to the state that she understands quite well what we speak but can’t talk much herself.

What does the guitarist Emppu Vuorinen do during the break?

- I think he’ll start making a new album with Brother Firetribe in the beginning of the next year. I don’t know how much concerts they’ll have. At the moment they are driving motorbikes in Europe. He has earned the vacation.

How about Marco Hietala, the man from Savo (Eastern Finland)?

- Marco is such a workaholic that he can’t be away from music projects. He’ll probably have 20 or so side projects going on every time. He promised to do nothing in October, but in November he’ll go to the studio with Tarot. And they’ll probably have a tour in the next year.

And how about Jukka Nevalainen who lives in Joensuu and manages the business side of Nightwish?

- Big thanks to Jukka for that. It’s a huge blessing to have a person like him in the band. He is a person who is sincerely interested about business and is good at it. Jukka is a good musician and friend. And it is important to have someone who understands the finance of the band.

What do you think about your fans? How they have treated you recently?

- When I watched the people in the front row in Hartwall Areena and met them after the concert, it was an emotional moment. I love them.

Media is interested about celebrities’ personal life and makes money with it. How have the journalists treated you recently? Have you seen men with cameras in the bushes of your garden in Kitee?

- I’ve seen them, men and women, with and without cameras. It feels weird. But I think that the Finnish media has treated us very well during these years. I think it depends on what kind of imago you have and how you treat the media. It’s better to work with the media rather than fight against it. But in some moments they don’t treat me very well. I would like to be at home in peace. That’s where I draw the limit.

How have people harassed you? Could you tell some examples?

- I don’t want to whine, but sometimes I have come home and seen people in my patio taking pictures of my house through the windows. And sometimes I’ve heard the doorbell ringing and found a group of people asking autographs to their CDs. I don’t think that they mean anything bad, but they don’t seem to understand that it’s not appropriate. When I’m home, I like to wear my broken Winnie the Pooh undershorts and be like anyone at home. So I don’t want to be worried that someone is taking pictures.

Has these things happened often in the last summer or whenever you are home?
- I don’t even have to be home. I’ve heard that people visit my house anyway.

Have you ever been really upset because of media?

- In these years I’ve learned to live with it. And as I just said, the media have treated us really well, much better than the prime minister recently*. But there have been some totally false front page news which have hurt me a bit. But I believe that the people will understand what’s true and what’s not.

How well do you manage to keep your privacy? Everyone knows your face.

- Well, I just try live a normal life and don’t think that I’m so special. That’s why it’s so confusing when people treat my as a celebrity. But I have to admit that I’m similar myself. A couple of years ago I saw Michael Jackson in the airport and went as crazy as the other people. So I followed him a while and took pictures. So, who am I to blame anyone?

Then some questions about you. Can you use an axe? When was the last time you sliced wood?

- It was about two weeks ago when I sliced wood for the winter. But we used a machine because there was so much wood. We cut the wood by disk saw and carried them to storage.

Are you good at making food?

- I’m average. When I’m home alone, I tend to eat noodles, tuna fish and rye bread. But I like to cook and I like to try everything new.

How about sport? Do you train?

- It’s a shame how little I’ve trained in the last few months. One of the projects during the break is to improve my physics back to the state it has been at best.

How do you train?

- Well, walking, jogging. And maybe I’ll try to ski in this winter, for the first time since army. I’ll also go to weight room every now and then.

Speaking of army, where did you serve your military service?

- In Kontiolahti. I was in the military band playing clarinet nine and half months. I had to spend only one night in the forest. So it was quite easy.

What kinds of news are you interested in? Do you read often the daily news?

- I don’t read news often. In the morning I might read the latest NHL ice hockey results and in the summer the pesäpallo (Finnish version of baseball) results. But I’m not very interested about the real news. Maybe I should, but I’m such an escapist that news tend to seem too realistic and distressing. Somehow I’m numb to the sad news from the world. If I see a news like “20 people have died in a car bomb explosion in Iraq” I just don’t feel anything. And I think that the same has happened to many other people too. It’s awful, but violence is so common subject in media and news, that people just becomes numb to the evilness of the world. And I don’t want to be numb to things like that.

You’ve told in other interviews that you like to jump to the imaginary world. Can you do that in a normal day?

- Yes I can. I have so many things to choose from. I like movies, books, Disney and sport.

So, you jump to Tuomaslandia. Do you make songs there?

- In there too. It’s not that I would hate the real world. I think that the world is a beautiful and wonderful place, but sometimes life sucks and I want to go to another place.

Tuomas Holopainen, you told me that this will be your last interview for a long time and that you are going to Australia. Why?

- I feel that I’ve been too much in the media and probably our fans too are annoyed to see us so often in certain newspapers. So we decided that we’ll keep a low profile in the media for a while. If possible, I’ll try to stay away from the newspapers, radio etc for the next 12 months.

And you are going to Australia. Why there?

- I’ve dreamed about this for years. Australia and Finland are my favourite countries and now we have time to do this road trip, 6 weeks in Australia.

Can you tell who’s going with you?

- It’s a group of me and my three friends who are technicians of the band. And knowing the guys, I believe it’s going to be a wild trip.

Have a nice journey.

- Thank you very much.

Собственно что качается нашей любимой группы...

Воскресенье, 27 Сентября 2009 г. 19:22 + в цитатник
Wish_Mas_Ter (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Обещанный кавер Gregorian

Ссылка на скачивание альбома:

Anette - Suomi Safari soundcheck

Пятница, 25 Сентября 2009 г. 21:45 + в цитатник

Видео с Hartwall Areana (Walking in the air...)

Воскресенье, 20 Сентября 2009 г. 13:20 + в цитатник
Christabel_LaMott (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора

Итак,сюрпризы с последнего концерта 19.9.2009!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltu1j8MmkT8  - Walking in the air
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_gi1ZkBYrc - While Your Lips Are Still Red (with violinist Pekka Kuusisto)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuXHgosRVuE - Romanticide

Outro - The Heart Asks Pleasure (запрещ.кавер на Michael Nyman's  'The Piano Theme'. )


Рубрики:  video-concerts

Sweden lullaby

Воскресенье, 13 Сентября 2009 г. 00:34 + в цитатник
Marjaviini (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора http://anette-olzon.blogspot.com/2009/09/little-video-greeting.html

It was a long time since I made a video greeting for you, so tonight I have made one for you... enjoy and hugs!

"Прошло довольно много времени с тех пор, как я делала видеоприветствие для вас, так что сегодня ночью я сделала одно для вас... наслаждайтесь, обнимаю!"

Чудесная шведская песенка-колыбельная, рекомендую послушать. Она начинается не сразу. Анетт просто замечательно спела))ё
Мм. Один момент. НЕ обращайте внимание на странно-знакомое сочетание звуков в конце песенки. Таких слов в шведском нет!!! =)
Спокойной ночи и sweet dreams =)


Воскресенье, 13 Сентября 2009 г. 00:15 + в цитатник
Salmiakki (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Пришла в голову мысль, может немного неожиданно, но всё же. Есть здесь такие, кто открыл для себя Nightwish, озвученный Анетт, если можно так выразиться? То есть, непосредственно с альбома Dark Passion Play. И вообще интересно кто что думает про период 1997-2005?
Рубрики:  Discussion

Из блога Анетт сегодня

Вторник, 08 Сентября 2009 г. 01:34 + в цитатник
Marjaviini (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Настроение сейчас - absolutely happy

"So, the trip to Moscow was long and a bit stressy but as I said, so worth it! The fans and people were all incredibly nice and the fanclub gave me and the boys such nice gifts that we all were overwhelmed! They had made a big map with all the names of Nightwish songs and Tuomas was so touched by it and I know he will hang it on a wall in his house;=) Thanks to everyone!!!!

I didnt see almost anything of Moscow this time due to the lack of time, but I know we will come back again and then I will see to that I can see the city. I did buy a nice babushka doll and I love it;=)

The gig was great and Pain-boys played as always, amazingly good;=) Then we took the stage and I was really really excited! Almost to "on" but I was so thrilled to be there and the audience was so on and sang the songs so loud that I could have given them the microphone the whole gig;=) And as some of you already know, I dropped the microphone too...hehe! I dont know what happened but it just slipped through my hands...haha!

After the gig I met some nice fans outside and took photos etc and the warmth from all of you made me feel so happy. We then had an afterparty at the hotel and I stayed up very late this time, I normally always go to bed first, but when the feeling is that good and Pain are with us, we all have nice parties;=)

So Moscow, I can assure you that I will be back!!! And I am already longing to see all of you again;=) SPASIBA!!!"

Перевожу =)

"Итак, поездка в Москву была долгой и немного стрессовой, но, как я и сказала, оно того стоило. Фанаты и люди все были невероятно милы и фанклуб вручил мне и мальчикам такие замечательные подарки, что мы все были просто в восторге. Они сделали большую карту с названиями всех песен Найтвиш и Туомас был так тронут этим, и я знаю, что он повесит его на стену в своем доме;=) Спасибо всем!!!!

Я почти ничего не видела в Москве в этот раз из-за недостатка времени, но я знаю, что мы вернемся снова и я смогу увидеть город. Я купила замечательную куклу-бабушку (омг-прим.авт.) и влюблена в нее.

Мероприятие было классным и ребята из Пейн играли, как всегда, потрясающе здорово;=) Потом сцену заняли мы и я была действительно возбуждена! Almost to "on" но я была так взволнована и публика была настолько в теме и пела песни так громко, что я могла отдать им микрофон на все шоу;=) И, как некоторые из вас уже знают, я даже уронила микрофон...хехе! Я не знаю, что произошло, но он просто выскользнул у меня из рук...хаха!

После шоу я встретила нескольких милых фанатов снаружи и фотографировалась и т.д. и тепло от всех вас сделало меня такой счастливой. Потом у нас была афтерпати в отеле и я оставалась на ногах допоздна в этот раз, я обычно иду ложиться первой, но когда чувство настолько замечательно и Пейн с нами, у нас получаются отличные вечеринки;=)

Так что, Москва, я могу заверить вас, что я вернусь!!! И я уже мечтаю увидеть всех вас снова. СПАСИБА!!!"

Я в экстазе;=)

После бала

Воскресенье, 06 Сентября 2009 г. 08:41 + в цитатник
Marjaviini (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора C добрым утречком!
Ну что? Как впечатления?
Фото0021 (700x525, 86Kb)
Рубрики:  photo-live

Письма счастья для Nightwish

Среда, 02 Сентября 2009 г. 22:56 + в цитатник
Swanheart69 (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Итак, близится день X.
Найтком предлагает такую возможность, особенно тем, кому, к сожалению, не удастся попасть на концерт - написать письма с тёплыми словами, пожеланиями.... Естественно - на английском, а кто знает - на финском и шведском (для Анетт), ибо придётся тогда покупать для группы ещё и русско-финский словарь XDDD

Итак, у кого есть желание написать группе что-нибудь, можете передать мне, а я - товарищам из Найткома)
Чем больше, тем, думаю, им приятнее будет)
Думаю, в пятницу я могу встретиться со всеми желающими, где-то в 16.00, м.Чистые пруды, в центре зала.

P.S. И да, содержание писем я буду проверять)) чтобы не попались письма с очередным "Туомас - ты подлец"))

Блог Анетт с 24-30 августа.Сольное творчество!

Вторник, 01 Сентября 2009 г. 23:43 + в цитатник
Рубрики:  Anette Olzon

Блог Анетт от 19-23 августа

Суббота, 29 Августа 2009 г. 04:04 + в цитатник
Рубрики:  Anette Olzon

Nemo, Stargazers & Elvenpath Piano Versions

Пятница, 28 Августа 2009 г. 22:18 + в цитатник
Salmiakki (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Там вообще на youtube-то куча, но эти по-моему самые-самые=)

Рубрики:  various video


Блог Анетт с 15-18 августа

Среда, 26 Августа 2009 г. 20:51 + в цитатник
Рубрики:  Anette Olzon

Naamah - She Is My Sin

Вторник, 25 Августа 2009 г. 22:29 + в цитатник
Salmiakki (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Раз уж начали про каверы =) Как вам?



Gregorian исполнят Meadows Of Heaven?

Вторник, 25 Августа 2009 г. 14:40 + в цитатник
Swanheart69 (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора 25 сентября выйдет в свет новый альбом Gregorian - "Masters of Chant VII". Это новость официальная уже.

А вот трек-лист официальный сайт не разглашает, хотя на некоторых сайтах и в гостевой книге официального сайта трек-лист показан в таком виде:

1. Meadows Of Heaven (Nightwish)
2. One (U2)
3. Forgiven (Within Temptation)
4. Sweet Child Of Mine (Guns`N Roses)
5. Face In the Crowd (Lionel Richie)
6. Carpet Crawlers (Genesis)
7. Arrival (ABBA)
8. Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
9. Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum)
10. Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)
11. Molly Ban (Irish Trad.)
12. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
13. Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol)
14. Don¹t Leave Me now (Supertramp)

Что ж, посмотрим :)
Рубрики:  Something interesting

Давай, я уйду, а останешься ты?

Четверг, 20 Августа 2009 г. 19:42 + в цитатник
MagicEvenstar (Nightwish_fans) все записи автора Плэйкаст на мои стихи и 'While Your Lips Are Still Red':

Рубрики:  Fans
Something interesting


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