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—абака - »ѕ» (EP 2009)


—реда, 13 ћа€ 2009 г. 13:29 + в цитатник
ћала_ѕива (Musical_point) все записи автора —абака - »ѕ» (EP 2009)

»сполнитель: —абака
Ќазвание альбома: »ѕ» 2009
ƒата релиза: 22 апрел€ 2009
—трана: Ru
∆анр: Indie Rock/ Alt.Rock
 ачество: 320 kbps
–азмер: 24.5 mb
ќф.сайт: http://sabakamusic.com

Track List:
1.»зменить ¬есь ћир
3.Ћежачие  амни





„етверг, 22 Ќо€бр€ 2007 г. 17:55 + в цитатник
Crimewave (Musical_point) все записи автора Emily_the_Sky, по вашему заказу
ARTiST: Tiny Masters Of Today
TiTLE: Bang Bang Boom Cake
TiME: 30:30 min
SiZE: 43,3 MB
RiP DATE: Jul-25-2007
RELEASE DATE: Aug-06-2007
WEBSiTE: tinymasters.net

Track List:

01. K.I.D.S 02:06
02. Stickin' It To The Man 02:41
03. Hey Mr. DJ 02:59
04. Disco Bomb 02:13
05. Hologram World 02:51
06. Pictures 02:11
07. Radio Riot 02:58
08. Trendsetter 02:39
09. Book Song 02:18
10. Texas 02:11
11. Bushy 01:10
12. End Of My Rope 01:53
13. Tooty Frooty (Clarke's Dream Song) 02:20


With an average age of 12 and weighing in at a total of 120 lbs, Brooklyn, New York's Tiny Masters of Today are certainly one of the youngest and tiniest bands toughing out the international club scene. Comprised of siblings Ivan (age 13) and Ada (age 11) the pre-teen punk duo have been tearing it up in the UK with two sold-out singles, rave reviews plus BBC and XFM airplay. Their spring UK tour saw them playing to packed houses and magazines from Newsweek (who called their "brief, bratty" songs "remarkable") to Artrocker (who put them on the cover and proclaimed them "the future of rock and roll.") to Guardian, the NME and a host of others have written about the siblings while none other than David Bowie declared their first single УGenius.Ф
Tiny Masters Of Today's debut album Bang Bang Boom Cake, features 13 songs including their new Mute Irregulars single Radio Riot. The album was recorded in New York with production duties handled by legendary Jon Spencer Blues Explosion drummer Russell Simins and the Elegant Too. Simins, who frequently serves as the band's live drummer, plays on most of the album and there are a number of surprise cameos and collaborations brought out of the diverse New York music community Tiny Masters Of Today are growing up in. Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches), Fred Schneider (the B-52s), Gibby Haynes (the Butthole Surfers) amongst others all lend their unique talents to tracks.
With Bang Bang Boom Cake, Tiny Masters of Today have delivered on the promise of their previous singles, bringing an outrageous punk pastiche that touches on everything from hip-hop to techno to good old-fashioned garage rock. Lyrically, they still skewer politicians and adults and phonies, but somehow manage to avoid wallowing in grown-up cynicism. While there is a serious undercurrent, it is equally matched with enough hilarity to create something that is both serious and fun. Serious fun.
 (300x310, 85Kb)
–убрики:  ¬ики исполнител€
«десь можно скачать и послушать




ѕ€тница, 05 ќкт€бр€ 2007 г. 14:42 + в цитатник
Crimewave (Musical_point) все записи автора ARTiST: The Blackout
ALBUM: We Are The Dynamite
LABEL: Fierce Panda
BiTRATE: 228kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
SiZE: 66.85 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 38min 39sec total
RiP DATE: 2007-09-28
STORE DATE: 2007-10-01

Track List:
01. Tick Tick BOOM! 1:26
02. I've Got Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die 3:29
03. I Know You Are, But What Am I? 3:29
04. Spread Legs Not Lies 3:51
05. The Beijing Cocktail 3:43
06. Murder In The Make-Believe Ballroom 3:19
07. Prepare For A Wound 3:44
08. It's High Tide Baby! 3:46
09. Tops Off Party! 4:02
10. She Is Macho 3:29
11. Life & Death In Space 4:21


The Blackout are six metallic troubadours from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales. They cruised onto the rock communityТs radar a year ago with the fearsome statement of intent that was the cunningly titled six-track fierce panda mini-album СThe Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!Т and by the time they started working on СWe Are The Dynamite!Т they had already shared stages with their fellow newcomer peers of 2006, Gallows and Enter Shikari. 'We Are The Dynamite!' is an enviably tight collection of rock monster melodic meltdowns, blasted by serious metal riffage and bursting at the screams with exuberant hooks. It features nine brand new songs, two reworkings of tracks from СThe Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!Т (namely СMurder In The Make-Believe BallroomТ and СItТs High Tide Baby!Т) and quite literally eleven potential singles.
 (240x240, 15Kb)
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¬торник, 18 —ент€бр€ 2007 г. 13:33 + в цитатник
Crimewave (Musical_point) все записи автора Artist: Art Brut
Album: Emily Kane
Genre: Indie
Date: Jun-11-2005
Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Playtime: 09:10 min
Label: Fierce Panda
Size: 13,1 MB
Url: www.artbrut.org.uk

Track List
01. Emily Kane 02:42
02. About Time 03:10
03. Maternity Ward 03:18

 (300x300, 157Kb)
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