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Rockefeller's Party


Четверг, 22 Мая 2008 г. 21:02 + в цитатник
ile-einar (_A-HA_) все записи автора Как уже известно 20 и 21 мая в Осло в Rockefeller Music Hall успешно прошли 2 концерта в формате Special Evening "3 in 1".
Порядок выступлений:
1. Магне: The swing of things, Don't do me any favours, A dot of black, Kryptonite, Running out of reasons, Come back...
2. "Савой": Star, Any other way, Best western beauty, Foolish, Whalebone, Velvet, Isotope...
3. Мортен: Send me, Darkspace, Movies, With you with me, There are many ways to die, A kind of christmas card, Spanish steps, Shooting star (Slanted floor), The one you are.
4. A-ha: Train of thought, качаем видео Take on me и пара новых песен, названия которых никто толком и не знает... Стоит отметить, что ребята сменили звучание на чистый синти-поп с жёстким и быстрым ритмом, т.е. как бы реанимировали и освежили своё старое... в принципе есть однозначный повод сравнить ето с Депешами, ранними основателями синтетического саунда. Кстати ещё, под A-ha, тем более под будущее звучание логично слушать норвежскую группу №2 -Apoptygma_Berzerk-.
Кстати 2, Магне недавно дал короткое интервью в Телетексте по Британскому ТВ, собственно такого содержания:
A-ha are halfway through through recording thier new album, planet sound can reveal.
"It's back to our earliest days together" Magne f told PS.
"We're writing and Jamming together which hasn't happened in the longest time. It's meant the album is sounding very loose, very fast. It's certainly exciting me" - Furuholmen added....
"It maybe done by the end of the year, but if we have to wait until 2009 or 2010 then so be it".

Фотки (20 мая):

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"Я малость подобен Винни Пуху..." - Magne F


Вторник, 13 Мая 2008 г. 17:48 + в цитатник
ile-einar (_A-HA_) все записи автора Магне уже начал гастролировать. 7 мая он отметился своим концертиком в Palace Grill (Осло): фотки и подробнее тут. Оказывается у него самый насыщенный график выступлений на ближайшее время, т.е. помимо 3-х концертов в Роккефеллере и одного в RAH, 23 мая в Notting Hill Arts Club (Лондон) будет выставка + концерт. Полуцаетца ему придётся "пахать" аж 5 дней подряд.
Выставки с коцертом будут ещё на рок-фестивале "Hove Festival" 23 - 27 июня. А вот интервью Магса насчёт этого мероприятия газете Dagbladet от 3.05.08 (© translated by Jakob S.):
A bit like Winnie the Pooh

Magne Furuholmen will appear at the Hove Festival with both art and a concert. He is not able to choose between those two artistic expressions.
- Hove will kind of be "the first farewell concert" of my solo project. But there may be more surprises later, Furuholmen reveals.

In addition to a concert in a tent at Hove, Furuholmen will also be contributing an art installation for the audience to experience. Furuholmen doesn't feel that he has to give priority to one of his talents instead of the other.
- No, I'm a bit like Winnie the Pooh in that respect - "Yes please, I'll take both", the multi artist laughs, and continues:
- I have been in the lucky situation that I haven't had to choose. There is no conflict between those two expressions. I'm trying to find ways to do both, and that's more of an advantage than a disadvantage, Furuholmen thinks.

Eight installations by Norwegian and international artists will be placed around the festival area at Hove. Furuholmen will be connecting these by using sound and giving the audience headphones.
- It can feel quite importunate to be at a festival, almost like a state of emergency. I wanted to focus on the social landscape that's created there and contrast it by making a very individual experience. It's not something that people have to experience, but something they can choose to explore.

His solo project A Dot Of Black In The Blue Of Your Bliss hasn't been released as an album in the traditional way. But it has been available as a free download online, and parts of it has been released together with the magazine ELLE. And for the hardcore fans, Furuholmen has painted the covers of 300 vinyl albums, which combined make up an artwork.
- I wanted to let go of a high profile in order to work with the music over a longer period of time, and let people get to know the music in a new way. It's possible that the album will be released eventually, but it was very liberating to not take the traditional route, Furuholmen says.

a-ha will release a new album in the fall. Even though Hove marks a kind of closure for Furuholmen's solo project, he doesn't think that he'll quit being a solo artist.
- Beginning in the fall, a-ha will be given priority. But I have a [solo] band that's very special, they have sort of defined themselves around me. Solo projects are very flexible, so it's possible that I'll keep doing that, the artist says.

Вот ещё одно простенькое интервью Aftenposten от 8.05.08 (© translated by Locust).

p.s. Вобщем такой график:
20 мая, 20:00 - Oslo, Rockefeller Music Hall
21 мая, 20:00 - Oslo, Rockefeller Music Hall
22 мая, 20:00 - Oslo, Rockefeller Music Hall, экстра-концерт )))билеты
23 мая - London, Notting Hill Arts Club
24 мая, 20:00 - London, Royal Albert Hall
23 - 27 июня - "Hove Festival", Tromøya (Arendal)
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