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A-ha обсуждают Мортеновский "Darkspace"


Четверг, 17 Апреля 2008 г. 17:11 + в цитатник
ile-einar (_A-HA_) все записи автора Пол и Магс обсудили новый сингл "Darkspace" по норвежскому ТV NRK. Скачать эту видявку (.flv 9 Мб). Ессно дискуссия по-норвежски.
Вот перевод на англ. (© translated by Jakob S.):
a-ha's first impression of Morten Harket's new single

Paul: I haven't...
Morten (to Paul): No, I don't think you've heard it before.
Magne: I have heard it!
Morten: Yeah, Magne has heard it.
Paul (pointing towards Morten and Magne): So they are a bit closer to one another these days...
Morten: ...in other words. He, he! What are you starting now??
Paul: I'm out of the loop!

Magne: This will be like when visual artists are commenting on each other's exhibitions, it's always like; "These are some great rooms!". That's how they begin; "It's a nice-looking gallery!".
[Paul and Morten laugh]
Magne: So you're like; "OK...thank you very much...but that's none of my doing...". And then they're like; "Where do you get your pictures framed? Cause that's some really great frames".
[Paul chuckles]
Magne: OK, then you've had three great reviews without mentioning the art itself!

Paul (listening to the song): It's really well mastered, I can hear that right away.
Magne: He, he - you're just continuing in the same vein!
[Paul laughs]
Morten (to Paul): Then I won't let you master any of my songs later!

Paul (commenting on the song): There you should have gone straight to the bridge, don't you think?
[Magne and Morten smile]
Morten: It wasn't far from it.

Paul: It's pretty strange to listen to it, because you're listening with some much baggage [from the past]. You kind of have to... It's strange...

Magne: Did I hear fuzz guitars in there somewhere?
Morten: Ha, ha!
Paul: That's gotta be... [motions with his hand to "turn it down"]
Magne (to Morten): Is that allowed? You don't have that, do you? Didn't we agree on...?
[Morten looks a bit embarrassed]

Morten (about recording solo material): My need is for this to happen without any involvement. There's a different fingerprint on it than what I represent when I am in a-ha.

А здесь насчёт того, кто прикладывал руку к этому синглу.
Оказывается сам диск ещё не выпущен в продажу, пока только продаётся закачка на iTunes. Релиз начнётся в Германии в ближайшие недели (а может 16 мая), затем в Норвегии. В немецком выпуске будет бонус-трек 1996г."All Of You Concerned" (англ. версия Jeg Kjenner Ingen Fremtid).
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